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I’m just catching up on the #goldenglobes and was brought to tears by the legend that is #CarolBurnett . I was lucky enough to ask her a question during a Q&A performance many years ago and then was able to meet her and chat briefly after the show. She was kind, generous, and gracious. She has inspired me in comedy and in life. I couldn’t be more proud of Ms. Burnett. #inspiration #comedy #comedygold #rolemodel #CarolBurnettAward

Hype medias

After workout treat. My very first time trying these bowls. Tried the pitaya as base(aka dragonfruit). Yummy. Thanks guys for recommending this place. #lazybirdacaibowls

New Jersey road trip.

Hiking through the valley of fire

Prepping my lunches. Adobo pork and chicken, pork bbq and luto sa gata (pork in coconut milk). Eat with banana and tomato. Ready for the week. #pinoylunch #pinoyfood

Congratulations Kristle and Thomas. Mwah!

Birthday breakfast. Taquitos, flank steak and mexican sides.

Lobster dinner. We had steak too but let's discuss the lobster. Super fatty, creamy sooo good.

Touring Lowell National Historic Park. We were able to see the cotton mills, ride the trolley and check out the visitor center. So many places to see but not enough time.

Dunkin donut time!

Bansons, Ramirez and moi. Miss you already.

Life is good😘

Hahahalloween fever

Hubby getting some swimming done before it gets too cold.. I'm the designated swimming buddy.

Holiday spirit at work

Balcony dinner. Leaving hilo Hawaii in a few hours. What a way to end our Hawaii trip before heading back to sea.

First meal of the day. Pork BBQ, garlic cauliflower rice, half of an avocado, spinach omelet and berries. #lowcarb

My super tasty Brunch. Jalapeño poppersand scrambled eggs cooked in butter. #ketobeginner

It's been a very rainy week. What a surprise when I saw this huge rainbow on our way to Santa Ana. #rainy days #coolrainbows

Pillsury rolls with franks and mozzarella. Fast and easy snack for hubby. #yummysnack #easysnack

Clear skies this Easter day. Hope this Easter brings new aspirations and hope. #lax #coolview