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Philippe Coutinho🤙❤
Philippe Coutinho🤙❤

Lovers Club Barcelona😍🔴🔵 I love Philip Coutinho😍😍 Welcome to Philippe Coutinho❤😍

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Let him say what he wants .. will leave, May 25 after the Cup final is his last day with Barcelona. #valverde_out🚫🚫 ‏‮yysatnafxacrab ‬‏‪ #fcbarcelona #campnou #ViscaElBarça

This is the beginning of the failure through Valverde, who knows nothing about the training launch and Suarez, who can not run in the original rest in the team only because Messi and his friends if not Messi Lugan Luis Suarez out of the team for a short time and Nati Busquets, who does nothing in the middle and his mistake is disastrous we must change this team The fragile and the players do not know what logo they wear and come to Sergio Roberto isWho commits many mistakes and it is not the size of Barcelona and not fit for the boxes of Barcelona not a player✖✖✖ @fcbarcelona 💔 @luissuarez9 ❌❌❌ @ivanrakitic ❌❌❌ @5sergiob ❌❌❌ @jordialbaoficial❌❌❌ @sergiroberto ❌❌❌

After a long time here we are💙❤

Visca Barca Greetings to Catalunya💙❤

Ready to win💙❤

It is time to return to the level❤👊


Today's training is ready for the Vietnam match🇮🇶🙅‍♂️😍

happy New Year🎁🎉🎉

Always with you @yasinahmed @aliadnankadhem

@osamarashid8 Good luck❤❤🤲🦁

No place for you in Barcelona❌❌

الف مبروك congratulations @osamarashid8 @rebinsulaka

هلا باأسيا انذار دك بأسيا للساحه وصلو الابطال 🦁😍Hala Asia warning ways to Asia arena heroes arrived @osamarashid8 @iraqi_team1

😍 Victory for Iraq🇮🇶 @osamarashid8 @saad_natik

The Maestro😎😍 @osamarashid8❤

All of us with Iraq victra for Iraq🇮🇶

They made a great game, but luck did not make us win a generation for the future @osamarashid8 @berti_88_

Well done men💁‍♂️

رسميآ : للاول مره بتاريخ العراق لاعب عراقي من الدوري العراقي الى دوري الايطالي مباشرتآ مهند علي ميمي الئ نادي يوفنتوس الرديف بعقد يمتدد الئ 3 سنوات 3.46 مليون يورو مع المتغيرات والحوافز 1900 دولار سنويآ #المصدر #علي #رياح

Match of the day😍

The magician with the legend❤

The Clasico War🤜🤼‍♂️

We stand in the middle of the road, we love their presence and we fear their absence,

Some changes💪❤

Ready for the Clasico❤

Match ❤ day

Squad list❤