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🎸Guitars/Mandolin/Banjo/Ukulele . Touring Musician . DM me for Guitar Lessons, Career Consultation & Guitar Tracking! .

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80’s vibes today.

One chord solo challenge. Just going for it.

Stream of consciousness playing. Just go for it.

Dig this Larry Carlton solo on “Kid Charlemagne.”

All the thangs you are

Roll em

The Bronx

Hotel room shedding. @gregskaff here’s one of those Marco Pereira tunes I’m working on. Great stuff.

I consider it a great privilege to play this instrument.

The man himself.

What a treat playing for this wonderful occasion. @musicaloccasions


New addition.

Tonight we get funky, yes?

Keep working on new opportunities!

Hangin’ with this Brent Mason solo on Travis Tritt’s “Southbound Train.” Love this solo!

Here’s the second solo on “Southbound Train.”

Not better way to break in this strat than with some Hendrix

Love this thing.

One if the greatest recorded guitar solos ever recorded. #Rosanna

Getting ready to head out into rehearsals for this tour!

We be getting funk down here. #mammamia # funkyqueen #spank

A great song works on any instrument. Here’s a tune by Xavier Rudd I’m arranging for a wedding gig @musicaloccasions @mtrerise

People. Here’s my arrangement of the classic tune “isn’t she lovely,” by Stevie Wonder. Still working out the kinks but I think I’ve got a pretty solid and musical arrangement. Enjoy!

Happy to announce I’ll be filling the guitar chair for the national tour of A Bronx Tale starting this fall!

Looking forward to a great summer of playing these two shows!

Finally learning this beast

I love love love Jimmy Bryant’s playing. Digging in hard into Western swing lately. Here’s the head of sugar foot rag at breakneck tempo playing along with the one and only Brent Mason.

Been working on this choro for a while now. It’s super tuneful but deceptively challenging. Enjoy!

Dusting off that rust!

Probably one of the greatest pieces Bach ever wrote, period.

Brazilian Samba. Garoto!

Warming up some Eric Johnson. What a beast

Little Wing. One of the cornerstones of electric guitar playing as far as I’m concerned. Let’s get on it.

All the Disney magic