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haven't been posting much here lately because of work and personal reasons, but! i just got links awakening and i'm so excited to play :)) #linksawakening

here's rant art cause i've been really bad at processing my feelings for a while and i don't really have the time to do anything which sucks, i've been working so much it's stressing me out on top of other personal things i'm stressed out about that i won't talk about here, i don't really like drawing as much as i used to considering it's what i did everyday and something i used to enjoy but nowadays (for the last 7 months) i kinda just don't find myself doing it anymore it's hard to get back into so i find new ways to do it i guess? i'm just really frustrated too about everything and there's not much i could do about it and it's something i can't really fix. anyway, if you read this cool thank u if not also cool thanks for looking at my art i appreciate it :) i also just have a hard time dealing with negative emotions because any time i've expressed them it's been [redacted] so i never do and then it ends up hurting me so there's that, i may have talked abt more than i wanted to but ANYWAY that's all folks thanks for coming to my ted talk #rant #portrait #poscapens #paint #art #artist #doodle #sketch #drawing #sketchbook #painting #sad #sadboy #sadboyhours #softboy #artistoninstagram

semi hiatus // it's really hard to make art lately while feeling like shit, due to my current mental state i might stop doing full pieces for a while but i'll probably post sketches and covers from time to time, commissions are currently closed though, i'm kind of just going through a lot right now but thank u guys for supporting me :> #artistoninstagram #hiatus #art #doodle

i'm dumb i also bought posca pens so i'm gonna see what i can do with those, i've been in a rut for the past few months so drawings been hard, doing anything has been hard but i think i'll try a little harder to do more when i get some off time #work #doodles #sketchbook

heyo! ignore this if you want (rant) // so lately i haven't been really wanting to draw or even do covers or post at all to be honest, i don't normally post this kind of thing here but i think i'm gonna take a break from posting here, i don't feel motivated to draw anymore especially since i've been working it's just not something that i find makes me feel happy i'm doing okay i just don't find that i'm really doing anything with it and it used to be something fun i would do but ever since the year started i've been going through so much it kind of just left me idk !!! i'm just rambling anyway that's kind of it nothing i do turns out right or i don't really like this is more of a hobby it used to be something i shared but nowadays i just don't have that i'll be back at some point most likely, my mental health hasn't been very good either, so i avoid anything art related because of that