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Update: The woman on the left stole Otis. She lived 10 feet away from me (until I moved out last week). She’s the resident manager so she had access to all resident keys. Link in bio for more info and to hear from Good Samaritan, “Steve”.

Otis turns 8 years old today! 🎉🎂✨ Something that crossed my mind when he was stolen was “I won’t be able to take care of Otis in his senior years” and it still brings tears to me thinking about it. Grateful we get to spend this birthday and many more together 🖤 #birthdayboy #libra

‼️Window is officially CLOSED to comment/donate for “Steve’s” birthday‼️ Many of you have been asking how you can help the Good Samaritan “Steve” who is the reason Otis is home (read link in bio if you’re not caught up). He doesn’t want much or any recognition and I want to respect that. BUT... I found out his birthday is this weekend and I want to rally the Otis Army to make this day extra special for him. • I’m happy to share any messages and well wishes you’d like to send him. Please comment on this post with your message and where you’re from and I’ll print out every single comment for him. Also, if you want to pitch in for a gift, you can send it to my CashApp: $kellyfitchh (yes, two h’s!), Venmo: kelly-fitch, or PayPal: PayPal.me/KellyFitch • I’ll use the $ for gift cards and follow up on Saturday with a photo of my CashApp + Venmo + PayPal account totals along the gift card receipts. Please comment/send $ by this Saturday, Oct 12 by 11am Pacific Time to ensure it gets included. Thank you for spreading human kindness ❤️🙏✨ • Ps. Please note this gift is from YOU to “Steve”! You being Strangers, friends, and even animals. I already got him a gift but wanted to open up the opportunity for anyone else who wants to help celebrate this incredible human. ❤️

Everyone, meet “Steve”, our hero who saved Otis exactly a month ago today❤️ 347+ of you wrote incredibly kind notes and collectively contributed $2,019.20(!!!) towards gift cards for “Steve’s” Birthday. 🎂🎉 He couldn’t believe it. He was speechless going through all the sweet notes, and at that point he didn’t even see the gift cards which put him in total shock! (they were in the back of the binder). The gift cards will help tremendously for days and months to come and the notes will remind him of all the people who appreciate him on a daily basis. “Steve” wanted me to tell everyone thank you for your generous act of kindness and said to continue to be kind to others. This gesture will stick with him for a lifetime. • Thank you all for supporting “Steve” and understanding the incredible human he is. I hope his story will continue to inspire others to be a little kinder to people and to do the right thing and help someone when they need it instead of being passive or ignoring the opportunity to make a positive difference in someone’s life. I have so much gratitude for each and every one of you. ❤️🙏

Hope you all have a pugtastic Sunday 💚🌿

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the cutest one of all? 🤣

When people ask if pugs shed 😰

Good morning ☀️

Auntie is in town from LA and I don’t want her to leave 😭




Do the right thing. Otis needs his medication and to be home. 🙏 $15k reward.

WE GOT HIM. I’m speechless. Shaking. Emotional. The man who found him is the angel we all prayed for and I can’t even describe what he did to make this happen. A complete stranger who owed me nothing gave me my entire world back and jumped through hoops to get him off the streets and back to me. I will update more later— at the vet now making sure he’s ok. THANK YOU to every single person who searched/shared/commented/hung flyers/and dropped everything to help me. I have no words. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

The last 2 days have been a rollercoaster. Coming home to an empty apartment with no knowledge of where Otis was located was the most gut wrenching experience and a total nightmare. I went into complete shock and felt completely helpless. While I was in complete devastation, friends, coworkers, neighbors, and strangers, stepped in and went into full solution mode. An Otis Army was built within hours. Friends designed flyers, created emails, fled to my home to be with me, shared his story on social media, reached out to the media, got flyers printed, dispersed in all directions of SF to post them on every corner, raised money, and everyone was thinking about Otis and wishing for the best from all crevices and corners of the world. I truly never thought I would see Otis again. Reviewing the Nest video a million times of what I thought was the last time I would ever see him was so difficult. Thinking about where he was sleeping and the fact that he likely didn’t have access to food or water broke me. The Otis Army we created was powerful and gave me hope for humanity at a time when I had very little. To see so many people come together for Otis meant the absolute world and gave me the strength I needed. It was the power of all of you and the Good Samaritan who wants to remain anonymous who called me at 5:30am and skipped his shift at work to help me navigate the encampment where Otis was spotted. It took about 2 hours to find Otis because he wasn’t where he was originally. I wish I could share more about this incredible human but he asked me not to and I want to respect his wishes. The reunion was tear-filled by everyone involved— including the people from the encampment. They explained that he was dumped there by a woman who “no longer wanted her dog” and they couldn’t believe someone wouldn’t want something as cute as him. 💔 The people who had him at the encampment were not the ones who stole him. I immediately took Otis to the vet and he was in good shape besides a little dehydration. He got a spa day bath, extra breakfast and extra dinner and slept like a baby in bed with lots of cuddles and blankets wrapped around him. (Continued on next post....)

(... continued from previous post) What’s next? Otis is now staying somewhere safe out of SF temporarily with people who love him dearly so I can focus on bringing justice to the sick person who committed this crime. I had a follow up meeting with the police today. I spent the day gathering some extremely strong evidence and I’m feeling confident that we will find justice. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for everyone who helped Otis get home. This was a team effort and a true miracle💛✨ In gratitude, Kelly

Walk: 🙅‍♂️ Treat: 😍🙌

Who wants to drink coffee with me? ☕️

Happy Monday! ✨

Sleepy in chair 💤

Lost 1/2 a lb so I’m weighing in at 19.5 pounds, my lowest weight in 4 years! ✨

Safe space = in a bag

Beauty sleep can happen anywhere and it must not be interrupted

Happy Pride! 🌈💜 No matter who you are or who you love, this puggy 💖’s you. #pride #equality


Otis got a crown and he is living like a kween. From refusing to walk until it rains treats, to sitting on a plush rainbow thrown, to posing like a royalty, he is milking this crown for all its worth and we only bought it 30 minutes ago 😂 (Thanks @serendipitysf1 for the perfect 👑!)

Mood 🤪

There is a 100% chance I’ll protest when we leave the bagel shop

Laying in mom’s lap enjoying summer weather and a beautiful sunset 🌞✨

A pugs superpower is getting endless amounts of attention no matter where they are. For instance, walking by a bar and making new friends without even stepping inside 😂🍻🥃🍷🍾

Have a beautiful day, friends! 🌼

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again... our local businesses are *THE* absolute best and we are so lucky to live in this special community❤️ Dita from @thebalm made homemade pumpkin and peanut butter treats for Otis in this adorable jar so he can enjoy them when the Balm isn’t open and he protests/has a meltdown that he can’t go inside😱😭😍❤️ Thank you so so much Dita!!!❤️

Nom nom nom nom nom nom

Update: Finally found the perfect combo to combat this insane heatwave + stop panting🥵: 1. Lay cold wine bottle across entire stomach to keep it cool❄️ 2. Use canned rosè for an icy pillow ⛄️ 3. Put frozen rice bags on top of the body and on the sides for ultimate cooling🥶

This Bay Area heatwave 🥵