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Get well soon! @neymarjr 🙌💫

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Thank you everyone for this 2019. On January 13th my previous account @neymarjr.sr got deleted all of a sudden . At first l was like wth we gon doe now . But little did I know what y’all were the best supporters ever and gave me soo so soo much support . This year on this platform was a hectic one but we all made our ways through and here we are , on the edge of 2019. I would thank some special people for me on here who i could always count on for whatever reason and whenever . @neyvibe : well Sam here we are , we’ve been acting weird to each other lately but it won’t deny the fact that you had so much impact on my life this year . I went from never talking to you to spending hours on dm to talk to you about whatever there is to talk about . I want to thank you for making my 2019 a lot better . I want to thank you for always being there for me , I want to thank you for always listening to me whenever there was something wrong❤️. @okaydaniii : Daniela , faith really led us back to eachother like there is no other way cause what happened between us was faith. I want to thank you for always being there for me , to talk about me about life and difficult life choices . For always giving me advice whenever I needed it and that I could always count on you. I know what uni is a very difficult place but trust me , you’ll get through it . It’s a lot but as they say “ Hard work pays off” just know that I really really love you , I really do❤️ . @neymarsfr : well I went from bullying you to having light night conversations with you til 4 am 😭 . Sometimes you’re really stupid like really stupid and it’s FUNNY . Anyways ily hoe , please don’t do stupid things , come to me first. Just like yesterday 😎. And that’s it for lo gang @vuittonass I just don’t know you that long but just know I fw you , I really do😗. @neymaraf : My one and only day 1 . I can’t thank you enough for everything you’ve done for me , when my account got deleted you helped me so much , you asked around for people to help me and have me tons of support . I’m so proud of you Milica , I’m so proud of you for being able to run a fan account for 4 years straight ! I’m so happy that you reached your 100K goal

Managed to get a pic of yesterday without his dread😎

Comment goodluck for me so that I can pass my test thank you 🤝

I’m sorry but this is NOT a coincidence anymore, this may sound ridiculous BUT someone is behind all his injuries, this can’t be happening again wtf. Get well soon ney ❤️🕊

Neymars face says it all . It is what it is and we just tneed to accept it ❤️

Stole clown’s pics because I can and maybe because it’s her bday🙈

repost since this got deleted and MY SHADOWBAN IS GONE I AM SO HAPPYYYY , Sorry my feed is messed up . Dont worry amma fix iT

- i want you⁣ ⁣ Ac infxrit⁣ Dt tagged :)⁣ ⁣ #uclgrp #brasileiraogrp #multisoccergrp

This acc= dead its @enej0tah now , I will spam here with pics and old edits I guess

Old edit of when I was @neymarjr.sr ok lol follow @enej0tah

Never gonna be a multi again :)

Swipe to see blah blah you already know what I mean ———>


I made this when Neymar was supposed to go to real 🤡 , btw just because I didn’t put a watermark means that you have to steal it🤭

I know they’re rich but they looked extra rich today🥵 (swipe for an old edit , I don’t have a wm but don’t you dare steal it clown)

If looks could kill baby🥵⁣⁣ Old edit no wm DONT steal thx😙


⁣underrated ̶𝔉̶𝔯̶𝔦̶𝔢̶𝔫̶𝔡̶ 𝙍𝙚𝙡𝙖𝙩𝙞𝙤𝙣𝙨𝙝𝙞𝙥 Ac fawkylie⁣ Dt tagged⁣ {hey guys , I am still shadowbanned but I don’t want to be inactive so I am posting this now. I’ve been trying ways to get out of shadowban so now it’s just the matter of waiting. So I won’t post for a whole week. But if the shadowban is gone after this week I will post my giveaway, but for now I can’t :(. Please don’t unfollow and if you’d like share this in your story :). If you want to contact me , request my spam . ( not accepting everyone tho) thank you guys lots and see you in a week loves❤️}

Feliz aniversário Bruna Reis Maia Marquezine⁣ Eu te amo muito , mas que você pode imaginar ⁣ I freaking love you Bruna , even though you aren’t with ney anymore. I’ll never stop stanning you my queen⁣ Meu rainha 👸🏻 ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ [ #brunamarquezine #brumarquezine #brumar #omgpage]