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Having the most amazing week away with my family. I needed to switch off and have time with Ollie and the girls, we couldn’t have chosen a better place. It’s like a sanctuary here. We’re off to dinner now and I’m wearing the blossom dress from @stylecheat it’s one of my faves. Swipe up on my story. Make sure you’re following! We have some big things happening over the next few months and will be baring all in our stories! X

It’s Monday, a positive and fresh day to start whatever you want to start. Everything starts on Monday! My recent holiday with my family really gave me time to really enjoy the tiny things the girls do that often go unnoticed, they’re actually amazing. Im so proud of them. From today I’m not going to look at my phone between 3:15 and 7pm. I realised that while I’m busy answering emails and looking at other people’s lives I’m missing mine! What are you going to start today? x

Finally a label that designs clothes I want to wear! @stylecheat I’m so glad we created you 🥰 As a brand we want to create clothes that you all love and will wear again and again for a really affordable price. Please comment letting us know what you’ve been looking for and let’s see if we can bring it to life! Also please follow us on insta, we’re going to be sharing our journey and showing you what goes on in our crazy office! 💃🏽😁 #iamstylecheat #stylecheat

On Friday night we hosted our very first @stylecheat event and it was such a success! I got to meet some amazing people and just want to say a huge thank you to everyone who made such an effort to make this night so special. I’ve put a few of my fave pics from the night here but head over to @stylecheat to see all the behind the scenes and videos! #stylecheat #iamstylecheat

✨Style cheat X ASOS✨So excited to announce that @stylecheat is now available on @asos we are all so proud to have achieved so much in our first year and will continue to give 100% and work as hard as we can to make style cheat the go to brand for all women! #hardwork #dreambig

I’ve realised I don’t post as much as I used to, I think I’ve been so busy in the holidays with the kids and @stylecheat that I’ve just not had the time, but I’m going to start making more of an effort. I think I was doing really well at inspiring a lot of you to start your own businesses and make your own money so im going to continue! This was a lovely piece written about me and @lexipanayi in the Sun last week. I’ve copied the link in my profile so you can have a read! Please ask any questions you have about Style Cheat or starting your own business below! 💕 #dreambig

Happy Friday people! We’ve had such a busy week in the @stylecheat office, I’ve found it a bit of a challenge juggling the girls being off school, working, trying to give them attention, trying not to be answering emails while I’m with them, all the Mum guilt! 😫Thankfully I have the most supportive family who have all been helping me so much! I’m so grateful because it really is such a challenge! How do you all manage working in the summer holidays? Even if you don’t work... how do you manage them 🤣 #schoolholidays #workingmum

Weekend brights and starry nights in the Beau set from @stylecheat ✨

This has been my biggest WOW moment since we launched @stylecheat . Seeing our own huge billboard at Westfield! We have Digital billboards in 5 of the UK’s biggest shopping attractions. swipe to see them!! I can’t believe we only launched in May, this is only the beginning guys, so excited for what’s ahead. Please take a pic and tag us if you see any of our billboards when you’re out! 💕 #pinchmemoment #fashion

Today all Mimi’s dreams came true and she had the party she had been looking forward to for a whole year! She wanted a Unicorn Glitter party with a Real Princess and I think we did pretty well! Huge thank you to @princessperfectionappearances for the most magical princess experience, @oliveboroughs for arranging a Real unicorn @darling_ducklings_sweet_co for amazing sweet cones @lexipanayi for your doughnut wall and our whole family and all Mimi’s school friends for helping make this day really special #BirthdayParty #princessparty #unicornparty

In a city full of lights, make sure you shine the brightest 💫 I hope you are all on the road to making money and living your dreams. If you’re struggling to think of ideas or need some inspiration then please comment or get in touch and I’ll help you. Btw my dress is from @stylecheat ,the dream I’m currently living 🙌🏼 #ThinkBig #BeBrave #beyou #iamstylecheat

Happy Sunday! I wanted to show you another inspiring company which has grown thanks to @ebay_uk Check out @secondglancecosmetics , they are a great example of how eBay can help you start your own business. This company is run by husband and wife, they started selling in markets and have now joined eBay’s retail revival programme and it’s really helping to expand their business. Their make up brushes are lovely! I’ve linked their eBay shop in my story so you can have a look and get some Inspo! #ad #sundayinspiration

SPICE GIRLS ✌🏼💕 Last night was a once in a lifetime. We dressed up, we partied, we drunk (a bit too much) we danced and we watched the @spicegirls I had the time of my life. Good friends having good times! Thank you girls and Happy Birthday Lu! 💕 @luisazissman @claredaviespage @billiefaiersofficial @samanthafaiers @luciecave @carolannebrunt @kkluxurytravels @mummahilda @lindseylashexpert @imogenrosehart @ruthharknessloftus

I’m hoping I can provide you will a little motivation and sunshine on this drizzly day! Who is dreaming of starting a business, have you considered eBay as a platform? Or have you co soldered taking your current business to eBay to capture a global audience? eBay has 180m buyers in 190 markets! The buyers are right there for you! No need to spend a fortune on Facebook ads or google advertising, eBay has done all the hard work, so you just have to list and sell, it sounds too good to be true, all that for just a small fee. Honestly you have to try it! #ad #HappeningOnEBay Photo credit @chrisdwyerphoto_

Hi everyone! I wanted to introduce you to @goodstartjones, you have to check them out! Such an inspirational company and example of how eBay can help you start your own business. Paul Jones had never planned to start his own business, it happened when he made a school bag for his nephew, everyone on the playground wanted one and then he realised he could turn his creative flair into something big! He makes over 6K a month from selling these rucksacks, and with eBay’s Retail Revival programme, their business is growing and growing. Check out my most recent story where I’ve linked to their eBay store! If you could choose to start a business selling something on eBay then what would you choose? #ad

Who dreams of having their own business but doesn’t know where to start? This is how a lot of people felt before coming to my master class today. After hearing my story and understanding the basics of eBay they left feeling fully informed, motivated and ready to set up shop! It doesn’t take a lot guys, just a little research, some self belief and loads of determination. Anyone can do it! Let me know what you want to do and what’s stopping you. Let’s see if I can help. #ad #HappeningOnEBay

I’m so excited to be working with @eBay_uk this weekend and hosting my own Masterclass on eBay Selling! I’m going to be at the eBay pop up shop in Wolverhampton from 12pm on Sunday. There will be lots of homegrown eBay businesses which will be selling, including @goodstartjones and @secondglancecosmetics I’m so excited to meet everyone and find out more about businesses on eBay and sharing everything with you! #ad #HappeningOnEBay

Hi guys! I’m doing two eBay Selling Masterclass this Sunday at 12pm and 3pm at the @ebay_uk pop up shop in Wolverhampton. I’m going to be talking about how I started out on eBay, walk you through how to list and I’ll be answering all your questions! You can book by clicking on the link in my bio, or swipe up in my story. Limited tickets so hurry! I can’t wait to meet some of you there! So excited! #HappeningOnEBay #ad

After years of dreaming and talking about we finally did it!! I’m so excited to announce that will go LIVE today at 10am! This has been the most exciting journey for me and the whole @stylecheat family. We are ready for you fashion world! Watch us smash those glass ceilings! 🐆🙌🏼 #iamstylecheat #stylecheat

Stepping into the working week like a boss. Your own boss! Have you started building up your pot of money? How much have you made? If you haven’t already started then start tomorrow! I’m here to help you live the life you want to live. Tasks for tonight are to write your to-do list, organise the house, washing etc this evening, do any life admin you have and get an early night ready to start the day feeling fresh tomorrow morning! Snap it, list it, sell it! How much easier could it be? @ebay_uk #ad #HappeningOnEBay

How lovely was the weather today! Everyone was in a happy and positive mood and it felt great! Obviously I took the opportunity to have a glass of wine al fresco! My eBay challenge is going really well! I’m up to £680 in three weeks and still have about 30 items due to end on Sunday! I’m so looking forward to celebrating with the girls in a secret location this weekend! Selling on @ebay_uk means being able to afford things like weekends away! Keep watching my stories to see where we go and what we get up to 🤗😜 #HappeningOnEBay #ad

Today was a day for brunching at my friend’s @luisazissman absolutely dreamy house! I took some of the @stylecheat collection and everyone loved it! I had the nicest time and made some lovely new friends 💕The best bit about the day was when one of the ladies thanked me for inspiring her to sell on @ebay_uk ! She had followed my tips and made over £500! Not only did she find it so easy but she is finding earning her own money really satisfying and she’s going to start running it as a business! She’s going to be very successful! I hope you guys are starting to realise your true potential and starting to dream big too! #ad #HappeningOnEBay

Morning team! Who’s excited for the bank holiday weekend? What have you all got planned? Hopefully you will all be able to do extra nice things with your @ebay_uk earnings! I’ve used mine to come to Marbella this weekend and having such a great time! It feels like a free holiday! We’re going to a beach club today, make sure you’re watching my stories to see what we get up to! Btw my dress is from @stylecheat #ad #HappeningOnEBay

My face when I hear that @ebay_uk has capped their fees to £1 for all listings over the bank holiday! This is the best time to list those expensive items people!! Snap, list, sell and save money by paying no more than £1 selling fees on up to 100 listings until Monday! Terms below: Applies to final value fees on up to 100 listings Item must sell within the first listing period No insertion fees apply Private sellers only Starting: 00:01 Friday 3rd May 2019 Ending: 23:59 Monday 6th May 2019 UK users only #ad #HappeningOnEBay

Family is the most important thing in my life, but I would be lying if I said I’ve found it easy. In the beginning I really struggled with confidence, I couldn’t string a sentence together, I was shy and looked down when people were talking to me, I felt lost. I wondered what was wrong with me... was I depressed? I quickly realised that this was because on the journey to becoming a mum, I’d somehow lost my identity as a career woman. Where did that confident, money driven, go getter go? Not making my own money and having to rely on my husband was something that had to change. I decided to make some extra money every week by selling our old stuff on eBay, in my head I thought of it as a business and I ran it as a business. Soon enough I was able to afford lovely things for us. Holidays, fun trips and little luxuries! It felt so good and made me happy. And now I see so many of you guys making money, it’s actually amazing! Being a mum is hard, but a lot of that is down to how you feel inside. If you’re unhappy, you will naturally find it harder. Find something you love doing, make money and be happy #ad #HappeningOnEBay

Sunday’s are for getting cozy on the sofa and listing your items on eBay! Tomorrow I’ll be getting my cash converter out and filling it with stuff I can sell from my living room! The Living room came number 3 in eBay’s room ranking research, so I’m going to give it a go! What have you got to sell from your Livingroom? #HappeningOnEBay #ad

So many people DREAM about success while the successful people are out there making it happen! It takes hard work and self belief - 2 things that surely everyone is capable of. Who’s going to make it happen? ⬇️ here’s to a richer 2019 (in every way possible) x

So flattered that anyone would write an article on what I’m doing! In May I decided to start an eBay challenge to help mums make extra money. Fast forward 8 months and I have 13,000 followers, a new blog and a business dedicated to helping mums make money and work from home! I love you guys so much and seeing your successes makes me so happy! I hope you all have a lovely weekend! #mumpreneurs

Don’t forget these 6 little points tonight to ensure a smooth start to the week! I’m hoping this week is more productive than last! Let me know any other tips you guys have in the comments!

I’ve had the most amazing week away with my gang! Dubai is the perfect family destination! It’s so child friendly, the weather is perfect and the service is second to none! It makes me even more determined to earn money and be successful so I don’t have to sacrifice wonderful holidays like these! x

Happy Friday evening mummas! I think it got to about 3:25pm and I started really looking forward to this moment 🤣🍷 Tell me I’m not the only one who dreams of Friday nights with wine and a take away. Literally counting down the minutes! Today was fun but hectic #workingmumlife

Happy international women’s day to all the women out there! These are just a few of my girls. It was taken on my hen...and now I have the hen of all hens to plan for the little hottie on the right! She is a control freak with high expectations 😆 so not knowing anything about it is killing her (and me...I mean I don’t even know anything about it yet 🤣) help a sister out... where are your top hen destinations?! Comments below ⬇️

On Friday my dreams came true when we shot our first @stylecheat Collection! We worked with such an amazing team which included Make up artist, Models, Stylist and Photographer! The messages of love for the collection from you guys are unreal! We’re going to do a pre order for my followers on some items to make sure you all get what you want, so please comment your favourite pieces from the shoot in my highlight. Style Cheat has been born from passion, hard work and determination and every time we’re finding things difficult or can’t see how we’ll make deadlines we just remind ourselves why we’re doing this and remember that its meant to be hard, because if it was easy then everyone would be doing it! If you want it, go and get it! x

Couldn’t let the day go by without a post dedicated to my mummy! Happy Mother’s Day My gorgeous Mummy! You do absolutely anything for anyone and just want to make people happy, we really appreciate everything you do for us. Lots of Love Natalie, Mimi & Sofia (and Ols obvs 🤣) xxx

Spring is here! Let’s start decluttering, and while we’re doing that let’s start making money! Join me on a 4 week journey starting tomorrow and let’s see how much money we can make from unwanted items in our home! Set yourself a target amount to make in a month and let’s see if we can make it happen! I’m saving for a girlie holiday away in May! Let me know what you’re saving for in the comments below ⬇️ #ad #HappeningOnEBay

Day 1 of my money making challenge with @ebay_uk and I’m starting with the Playrooms! eBay has done loads of research and it’s been revealed that more than a sixth of Brits believe that the playroom is the biggest money maker in the home – where they can earn up to £171 million from their tots tossed aside toys! I’m excited to see how much I can make in here! What’s your guess? #ad

How brave am I trying to clear out the play room in the Easter holidays?! 👀 have you tried involving the kids in a spring clean of their toys? They want to keep Everything! Especially those crappy magazine toys! I’ve been searching for named brands like Lego as they sell really well on eBay! Keep following my stories to see how I get on! #ad @ebay_uk #HappeningOnEBay

How is everyone’s @ebay_uk challenge going? Did you all manage to upload your items last night? If not then list them on Thursday evening on a 10 day auction! They will end on a Sunday. It’s so important to get the timing right when listing. The busiest time for buyers is Sunday evenings, so schedule your listings to end around that time. Avoid times when most people will be busy, such as weekday mornings, or any big events such as sports matches or TV finales! Hope that helps team 👊🏼👌🏼 #ad #HappeningOnEBay

Let’s talk postage! I get so many questions about how to price the postage for certain items. It’s so important to get your postage right. The last thing you want to do is under charge and be stung at the post office! You can use the postage estimator on the Royal Mail website or pop into your local post office to get a good idea. You can also make yourself a cardboard version of this post office tool (next pic) which they use to check the sizes of letters & parcels. If you get get a small item through as a large letter then that’s so much cheaper than sending it as a small parcel! @ebay_uk x #ad #HappeningOnEBay