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i’m good luv, enjoy

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if you said daphne from scooby doo, you were correct! if you said velma, so close 😆 ~outfit made by me & my mom hehe (bought the dress then altered it) 💜

daphne was a lil tipsy yesterday so sorry for these rusty ass shuffles 😹


gimme yo fuckin money 💸

ready to get freaky at deaky, who’s with me 🙋🏻‍♀️

hi happy hump day ok bye

scrub a dub dub

see y’all tonight at the pearl 6:30-9:30 for our shapes and shuffles meetup 💯

ready to move all night at freaky - just 24 more days 🤩

see y’all at the pearl tonight 🧡 i’ve just recently been getting back into shuffling so a lot of my moves seem repetitive. that is something i am going to be working on ☺️🙌

a reminder to stay in school

it’s been a while

cone guru to our shuffle meet up every monday 7-10 at the pearl ❤️ better see y’all at 303 pearl pkwy!!

weekend wya

don’t forget to come to the pearl today for our shuffle meetup :) 6-9 love y’all

i need u more than u want me (gipsy - @wearemoksi)

quick he’s coming, act natural

miss my sister in plaid 😿❤️

summertime sad(that it’s over)

lowkey feeling like a goddess (lowkey goddess @sacharobotti) 💚

sweet like candy 🍬

what should i be for freaky deaky?! i need suggestions 😩


flowin 🧜‍♀️

I look forward to mondays 💗 if you’re in SA please come to the pearl every monday from 6-9, even if you don’t know how to shuffle, we will happily teach you! all are welcome 🤗

it’s international doggo day, so everyone say hello to my best friend mylo cyrus

Another day, another river to float 🌞



bad bitches only

sundaze fundaze

sunday candy


i licked it so it’s mine

how I sleep knowing I’m single and nobody’s cheating on me

what’s on your mind?

Who wants to be my sub