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i’m good luv, enjoy

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hi happy hump day ok bye

scrub a dub dub

a reminder to stay in school

it’s been a while

quick he’s coming, act natural

Another day, another river to float 🌞

see y’all at the pearl tonight 🧡 i’ve just recently been getting back into shuffling so a lot of my moves seem repetitive. that is something i am going to be working on ☺️🙌


Who wants to be my sub

Should I go to ultra this year? 💛🤔 (pigalle - @djsnake @wearemoksi)

Mood all 2019: chase a check, never chase a dick 💸

don’t forget to come to the pearl today for our shuffle meetup :) 6-9 love y’all

bad bitches only

Hi my name’s Myranda & you’re watching Disney channel

What it do boo

how I sleep knowing I’m single and nobody’s cheating on me

Should I go crazy or should I go stoopid this weekend?

weekend wya

i need u more than u want me (gipsy - @wearemoksi)

miss my sister in plaid 😿❤️

sweet like candy 🍬

summertime sad(that it’s over)

thought it was an ocean, it’s just a pool

You got me burnin 🔥


Y’all are always hyping me up, I appreciate y’all 😿💖 I wish my internet friends were my friends in real life cause y’all are much nicer than people I actually know LOL