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i woke up to Taylor’s post this morning (yesterday her time) and seeing the ugly truth that’s been revealed, and how heartbroken she is, made me feel the absolute worst i’ve ever felt. i’m in my lowest point today entire day knowing what has happened to her. for all 13 years of her career, i’ve been here for around 9 to 10 years and i cannot even believe all the albums and songs, that are of her hardwork and dedication, that i’m emotionally attached to along almost half of my entire life, isn’t owned by Taylor Swift herself. i feel like an entire piece of trash for her so let alone how horrible she feels and i just really hope i could do what i can to help. after class today i saw several projects going on to show support, and i want to use my platform and what i can and do something to tell her i would stand by her forever if that means until the last second of my life. so i made this painting. also go sign the petition, link in bio ✨ . the idea and concept of this painting is inspired by @adeexart , her hugging/owning all of her dreams, tears, and hardwork which should be the only right, acceptable case. and i added in my elements and made her with all of my love. . @taylorswift, as a tiny little creator/artist myself, successful or not, i still cannot imagine if my work was to be taken advantaged by someone else this way in a span of years. you in our hearts deserve every bit of work there is that you put out and i hope you know that we love you so much, and is so proud of you for speaking up. forever having my endless love. 💗 . feel free to repost and show taylor some love and support 🦋 #taylorswift #westandwithtaylor #istandwithtaylor

... we all know now we all got crowns 👑 you need to calm down 🌈✨ (swipe -> ) ... i loveeeeee this look so much i just gotta paint it 😍 though i haven’t/cannot decide whether i should get the pink or yellow coloured shades! 💗💛 hope you guys like her! said this a billion times but love love love Lover’s era color scheme 🌈🦋 yntcd and the video makes me so happy 😍🍟 the summer vibes ☀️ . (just gotta include my 22 red heart glasses and mcdonald’s teapot set) thank you @taylorswift @todrick ❤️ . tag @taylorswift please if you have a second 🦋 . . . #taylorswift #taylorswiftpainting #taylorswiftdrawing #swiftie #drawing #portrait #painting #watercolor #watercolour #watercolorpainting #lyriclettering #letteringpractice #handletterer #watercolorist #moderncalligraphy #calligraphy #typography #artistoninstagram #etsy #reptour #reputation #rep #glitter #art #etsyseller #etsysellersofinstagram #ts7 #lover #youneedtocalmdown #yntcd

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Trying my hardest to look scary😬




مهما حاولوا يغيروا حبي ليكي ولناسك مش هيعرفوا❤️❤️

Gazing. Thoughtfully. 🙄

Hmmm... shirt? Or black strappy thing?

Some smiles are just very contagious.


Mixing it up during recovery...

HBday my friend 🎂


Ready to go!

Holiday uniform 🤪



Believe, work hard, and it’ll happen.