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モルガナイト | Furry weeaboo Twitter: @Senkofan86 YT: Senkofan86 Reminder that lolis are the best thing in the universe

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Flat Remix Gnome Theme! Likes my #linuxsetup for the project God of Gnome on new Manjaro 18.1 Juhraja #linuxdesktop #followme Please 🐧♥️ ✓ 😉🎮 Like & Subscribe, please! 😉♥️ --------------------------------------------------------------------- OS: Manjaro 18.1.0 Juhraja Branch: testing DE: Gnome 3.34.0 Theme: Adwaita Creamy Icon: Adwaita ++ Gnome Shell Theme: 2019 Custom Conky: Personal widgets SSD: Samsung 860 EVO 500gb MoBo: Asrock 140 ProS CPU: Intel i5 Skylake Unlocked 4,6 Ghz GPU: Nvidia GeForce 1050 Ti --------------------------------------------------------------------- #adwaita #instalinux #instatech #linuxsetup #godofgnome #intel #skylake #nvidia #geforce #geforcegtx #1050ti #gnome #mydesktop #desktop #top #de #linux #manjarolinux #manjaro #2019 #pc #adwaitacreamy #new #papirus #papirusicon #opensource #intel #nvidia #gnome3 #GNOMEShell

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おはよう This was me except I have a legit copy with product key, I do have some burned copies too in that container I got from goodwill.. I tried one of them lol one day it had some picture of a woman at the beach.



Aww man but I want to go to sleep! #2b2t

He fr just vibing

Sure it may just be a Boomer site now but at least I can install it every once in a while to look at my time capsule of OLD posts

This always happens every once in a while... My wifi card must be acting dumb...

Should I email them, ask if it's OK that I use this account? Lol they've watched like 500 episodes of Naruto shippuden #leakedaccounts

Not changing the parts directly related to the hingle/screen ribbon cables

I think I saw that woman in a ytp once but yay new vinesauce

Daylight savings?

Like seriously he has like Pokémon moon ultra moon heart gold soul silver white white 2 platinum a bunch!

Only took like an hour... Had to redo the covers over the triggers and take it apart again later to get the little donut looking things in where the screws for the battery go. It's real complicated but ywah

If I'm to advertise anything it's @Senkofan86 on Twitter if you want to know what I really think in my mind

Dat windows xp tho

Number 10: Thanos plays the violin

Old flashcards... My handwriting has definitely changed #日本語 #オタク #おたく


Literally me today on oldfag, then I decided to kill everyone else. #2b2t #oldfag #constantiam

Ok here's my three reasons: they look cool, click very nicely, and since there serial it won't take up one of the only 2 USB ports there are on there. I just got some allowance too so I might be able to get a new power supply or a new battery for the laptop so it might actually be enjoyable to use. XD

So I finally got the shell for the DSi in the mail... It feels pretty cheap but i was hey whatever.. I tried really hard to take it apart but the screws are pretty worn so I guess imma have to wait till I can get some proper screwdrivers from my dad's (ik I should have some already but my room's been having a lot of rearrangement) it was so hard I ended up breaking apart the original battery cover but oh well, for now I'll just have it with the new battery cover on. Very nice tho I have a really pointy stylus now so that already makes this a big win. It's OK tho I need to go have fun riding around in the car anyway enjoy being outside on the weekend...


OK I got my backpack back sorry I overreacted I just panic real easy sometimes