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Be constructive or destructive. You choose.

Complaining, blaming, fuming and yelling doesn’t help. The obstacle will still be there after your emotional rant. Let’s face it, obstacles will arise. Learn to navigate around them. Keep it simple. Put all your energy into navigating navigating through, past, around. Make your destination matter more than the obstacle.

This tree captured my attention about the cycle of life. I was so inspired and immediately what I was worrying about became trivial. Every life has a cycle. There is an end. I am trying to make my journey the most magnificent one I possibly can.

Perspectives are plentiful. Choices are abundant. Choose wisely along your journey.

Not where we were or where we want each other to be. Here. Now. Regardless of what got us to this point, let’s meet each other where we are NOW. Let’s truly listen with genuine curiosity and seek to understand each other. We don’t need to agree and we don’t need to argue. Let’s just meet each other where we both are in this moment. And from this place, move forward in connection and with a shared understanding.

If you are looking for great results, work continually towards achieving them!

No matter what the conditions are around you, your actions and reactions have an impact on the flow of the current.

Your way. My way. And infinite other ways. Expand your perspectives and you will enrich your life and your relationships.

Your presence and energy either stokes the spirit of another person or extinguishes it. Be conscious of your impact. Fan people’s flames.

Reflect on this for more than a quick second. Be responsible for your actions. Your action or lack of action impacts the conditions you find yourself in.

The moment we stop practicing, the moment we stop competing, the moment we stop training, is the moment things begin to derail. Living on purpose and training in alignment with your goals is a daily decision personally and professionally. Ask your team / family / partner: How are we practicing, training, and competing every day? What does this look like today and every day?

Locked in position and not willing to move, we have now created another barrier to overcome. Be open to ideas and other ways to move forward together. Alignment may be more attainable than agreement. Blame has no place in a relationship.

Clean up your own ship before leading your crew.

Simple and beautiful. Play follow the leader with the sun. Here is how the game works: Rise with intention and shine all day. Period.

How you see things is how they appear. Dark to light. Negative to positive. Bad to good. Closed to open. Same situation, different perspective. Your perspective makes all the difference.

Get in the game. It’s your life.

Even if you don’t agree with someone, you can open your mind and get curious. Listening to a different perspective is fascinating and expansive.

Looking back is fine. What trails you is not what guides you. Be the co-captain of your ship. Navigate towards your best self.

Listen. Get curious. Seek alignment. Bridge gaps. Continue on.

Show up. Lean in. Work hard. Add value. Serve. Give. Contribute. Always try your best. ... or not. You always have a choice.

Now. Be here now. Our individual time clocks are running out. We don’t get forever. Now is a good time. Now.

The elevator is always out of order is a great mindset to consider... starting now.

Continue to lean into the space between the present and the future. Get curious about what is wanting to emerge and allow the flow and unfolding.

In the middle of the action @slanggould with a winner down the middle against Argentina 🇦🇷. #shethenorth

Canada 🇨🇦 wins against Argentina 🇦🇷 on Election Day and heads into the top flight to compete against USA 🇺🇸 on Wednesday. Canada now in the top 6 countries of the tournament. @slanggould @tennisbc @tenniscanada

Your one life happens once. One life to create the experiences you want. Live on purpose and create!

No conditions. Simply add value.

Be in a position to help. Take care of yourself so you can always be of assistance to others. Be an asset to those around you.

This is super inspiring. I am embracing every single moment I am alive. Join me in celebrating the awesomeness of living.

Beyond self...out there...and beyond. Curiosity can be infinite.

Go there before you leave here. As your time on earth counts down, go where you want to before it is too late.

Especially people in your family and on your team at work. You know what it feels like when you are told what you “should” do. “You should ... “ Even when we speak to ourselves we use the word “should”. Consider removing it from your language and see what a difference it can make in your life and the lives of those around you.

Optimism is a muscle worth training.

Perspectives matter. Initially I was in full judgement mode about how lazy and inconsiderate some people are...and then I switched perspectives to one of gratitude. When I showed up to grocery shop, there was a cart right beside my car. Perfect! Thanks to the inconsiderate and lazy person who was potentially considerate and went out of their way to make my shopping experience so easy.

You’ve got the app...remember to add lication,,,,action for short.

It can be hard to exercise. Sometimes I really don’t want to go. Now, I simply go and do it and then think about it. I used to think about it first and sometimes not go. Now I go every time because I switched off my brain. Get out of your own way. I hope this helps. Don’t think about it, try it.

It’s about the AND. Change happens to you (out of your control) AND you can will change to happen (in your control) Focus on AND an get into the flow.

Listen! Allow! Flow! Adjust! Communication matters. Get better at it. Period.

The way you experience situations is impacted by your perspective. You can always choose another one. There is an unlimited # of perspectives available to you at anytime.

Life is running out one day at a time. This is super motivating and inspiring. Let’s do this! What a gift we have to be alive. Cheers to maximizing every moment.