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Pottymouth mom, horrendous housewife, peen queen, and connoisseur of boxed wines. As seen on @herviewfromhome, @todayparents, and @sammichespsychmeds

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I’ll just be here. Waiting. With the kid. Don’t miss me too much. Love you. I’ll be right here. . . . . Go follow @momsconfession! #momsconfession

#beechnutpartner Since my husband and I absolutely LOVE to eat, it’s no surprise that our little man does, too! . Throughout my pregnancy, I was so cognizant of what I put into my body, and now that our son is here, we continue choosing healthy foods for him. . That’s why we absolutely love picking up Beech-Nut Naturals from @beechnutfoods at Target! They use real ingredients that are gently cooked, with no artificial preservatives. Not to mention they’re insanely delicious and non-GMO Project Verified. They make trips to Target even BETTER! . I only want the best for my little dude, and that, of course, includes food, too! #ad #RealFoodforBabies #infantfluencer

Oh babe no, don’t say that! You do a great job! ᴶᵏ ⁿᵒ ʸᵒᵘ ᵈᵒⁿ’ᵗ . . . . Go follow @momsconfession! #momsconfession

HAAAAAAAAAA yeah no Forget baby #2, this can apply to just asking if you’re having A baby anytime soon! . . . . Go follow @momsconfession! #momsconfession

Whose favorite part of the day ISN’T when it’s time to eat?! . When it came time to introduce our little man to solids, it was a no brainer what brand to choose! . There is so much to love about Beech-Nut Naturals from @beechnutfoods. They use real ingredients that are gently cooked, with no artificial preservatives. Not to mention they’re insanely delicious and non-GMO Project Verified. . I may or may not sneak a little taste for myself (spoiler alert: I DO.) #ad #infantfluencers #infantfluencer #beechnutpartner #RealFoodforBabies

No jk my husband is super helpful. Except when he has to poop. Which is often. And takes a long time. . . . . Go follow @momsconfession! #momsconfession

My version of tummy time. I also felt like this trying to get to the bathroom before the epidural fully wore off. . I absolutely love floor playtime but I could do without the pins and needles throughout my feet and legs after 10 minutes . . . . Go follow @momsconfession! #momsconfession

REAL TALK: That shit is scary, no pun intended. . I was mildly frightened at the meconium after birth, and got very used to the bright yellow breastmilk poop, but poop after solid foods? OH. MY. GOD. . I don’t understand how something so small and adorable can create such monstrous shits? It’s not like he eats a ton either, but you wouldn’t know it judging by what exits him. . My husband, of course, is impressed. Me? I’m left flabbergasted. . @heidimurkoff, I think it is VITAL that a poopy chapter be included, so we aren’t left with nightmares! . . Were you warned of the solid food poo? . . . . Go follow @momsconfession! #momsconfession

I find it easier to just keep my eyes closed and pretend I’m anywhere else but engaged in one of these conversations. . Have you found yourself in any of these? Sending positive vibes if you haven’t yet. . . . . Go follow @momsconfession! #momsconfession

I’m not here to discuss a man shaming a woman, as that’s a completely different story, but I really want to address women shaming other women. . WHY??? . I’m confident that we have all experienced this in one form or another. I know I have. I was judged for my decision to deliver in a hospital, choose an elective induction, to have an epidural, exclusively pump, you name it. . Why is it anyone’s business how I give birth or mother MY child? I couldn’t see it, but my husband can confirm that my baby came out of MY vagina, not yours. Therefore, your opinions on my choices are not warranted. Opinions aren’t warranted on the choices of other women, either. . In today’s climate, women need to support one another. It’s disgusting how quick we are to knock each other down. We NEED each other. We NEED to build each other up. We may not agree with some decisions, but we have to respect them. . We’re all in this motherhood game together, and while we may not row the boat the same way, we’re all headed to the same destination. . Peace and love, girlfriends. Peace. And. Love. . Have you ever experienced mom-shaming by another woman? How did you handle it? . . . . Go follow @momsconfession! #momsconfession

Just a reminder. . I think it is important to remain cognizant of what is caring and what is judgment. When it comes to her body, that should be a no-brainer. How and where a woman labors and delivers her child, is HER choice. Whether she chooses medicated or unmedicated is HER choice. Whether she breastfeeds or bottlefeeds, breastmilk or formula is HER choice. . We all enter into the journey of motherhood in different ways, but we all end up in the same destination. . Our experiences are all different, also. While I believe it is fair to share our experiences, and perhaps share our cautions with one another, the decision one makes is up to them. . Everyone, of course, is entitled to their opinion, and I believe it so healthy to express those opinions, but there is a fine line between innocent dialogue and blatant disrespect. . We need to stand together, mamas. We need each other now more than ever. We are strong, badass women. We are better than that to treat each other in such a way. . Parenthood is crazy, but the craziness is easier to handle when you have support behind you. . . . . Go follow @momsconfession! #momsconfession

I just don’t understand. . I truly love my husband, more than I could possibly express in words. He has such amazing qualities but unfortunately, finding things is not one of them. He likes to ask me, without looking first, if we have more of something (like mustard, for example). Or, ask me if I’ve seen a specific bow tie of his. Again, he doesn’t look FIRST, he automatically asks me and of course, I find it and it’s been in front of his face the entire time. . Ugh, I love him so much. . . . . Go follow @momsconfession! #momsconfession