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Always loving you. #mylove #truelove. @mdga_

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Never knew daddy, heard he had a 72’ Caddy.

May leading lines allow our paths to cross again.


and I miss you dearly..

“The mind is like an iceberg, it floats with one seventh of its bulk above the water.”

❄️ Winter is coming❄️

Whoever finds the 📺 emoji is the 🐐..

The composition accidentally worked out.

Can’t say new year, new me. Already planning & curating 2020.


Tired of feelin’ trapped in my damn mind 📍

Nostalgic and Modern. Thanks for the amazing view. @thenomosoho

Hey Arnold!

Accurate message from the autofocus

Docked the boat at Tulum just to smoke, listening to music at the Mayan ruins.

C’est bon 🎯