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the splendor + misery of bodies, of cities. [brooklyn|tehran]

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Great night with awesome friends! La pasamos súper chevere😬 Ojalá se repita. “It’s not where you go, it’s who you go with.” #bandams #friends @bandamsoficial @george03slp

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29 yrs & 9 cities later, 3 visions of faz to cybercelebrate my favorite person’s bday ♥️🍃🌾

all these yrs of research & no one told me about iran’s 🍆 cemetery...


تو خودت قند و نباتی 🍬 #شیرین

the sun’s in libra & the moon’s in aquarius & my gemini dad’s super chatty today; here he is, on film, mit marx #☭

clouds, like a procession of mourners / seem to be waiting for the moment of rain. a moment / and then nothing

hi new york—if you’re around this sunday, i would love to share w you the inimitable @abbyla_levine’s latest work, unfolding between 2 pm to 12:30 am @fridmangallery. i’ve been obsessed w abby’s brilliantly conceived pieces since i saw this version of “slow falls” back in june 2011; that i now get to partake in an exorcism of carl andre’s work alongside a beautiful cast of dancers & writers is wild. for more details visit @abbyla_levine: “Carl Andre liked to say, “My work doesn’t mean a damn thing. There’s nothing hiding under those plates.” We respond, “Lift them up. Let’s see.” Restagings No. 3: Fall (C.A.) at Fridman Gallery. This Sunday, 10/13, 2pm-12:30am. Link in bio. Contributing Artists: Sareh Afshar, Chloë Bass, Kyle Bukhari, Esy Casey, Donna Costello, WooJae Chung, Atiya Dorsey, Rebecca Fitton, Camilo Godoy, Carolyn Hall, Greta Hartenstein, June Lei, Clarinda MacLow, Maho Ogawa, Kristopher KQ Pourzal, Janet Passehl, Vitche-Boul Ra, Londs Reuter, Elisa Santiago, David Thomson, and Edisa Weeks.” 🖤🖤🖤

“bad news is always true” ♥ #JohnGiorno

1. francisco goya, the third of may 1808 (1814) 3. azadeh akhlaghi, bijan jazani in evin hills 1975 (“by an eye-witness,” 2013) 2. “On August 27, 1979, 11 men who had been convicted of being ‘counterrevolutionary’ by the regime of Iranian ruler Ayatullah Ruhollah Khomeini were lined up on a dirt field at Sanandaj Airport and gunned down side by side. No international journalists witnessed the killings. They had been banned from Iran by Khomeini, which meant it was up to the domestic press to chronicle the bloody conflict between the theocracy and the local Kurds,* who had been denied representation in Khomeini’s government. The Iranian photographer Jahangir Razmi had been tipped off to the trial, and he shot two rolls of film at the executions. One image, with bodies crumpled on the ground and another man moments from joining them, was published anonymously on the front page of the Iranian daily Ettela’at. Within hours, members of the Islamic Revolutionary Council appeared at the paper’s office and demanded the photographer’s name. The editor refused. Days later, the picture was picked up by the news service UPI and trumpeted in papers around the world as evidence of the murderous nature of Khomeini’s brand of religious government. The following year, Firing Squad in Iran was awarded the Pulitzer Prize—the only anonymous winner in history. It was not until 2006 that Razmi was revealed as the photographer.” ( *9 of the 11 murdered were kurds.

yr little venice bitch 🐜 #TBT

💅 (1967)

(i’m not actually here)(but then neither is rita) happy bday to rita!! 💛💙🎈 if you love her plz forgive me for being 99.7% antisocial this summer brbbb (how cute is she tho?!)

finally coming back up for air & closed captioning my lungs. hi.

ps talking surveillance capitalism on a post-show panel tonight & there are still some tix left @—*looking at you* is apparently a super secret immersive play, so all i know is it’s a big cocktail party where “edward snowden meets casablanca.” 830 tonite! (runs thru 9/21)

10957 days of the stunning squish i named sahar!! 😭🎉👯‍♀️💅🎈✨

semester’s out ✌️

a dream 💘

#fbf to 1997 ✨✨✨

waited 20 long months to feel this finality & didn’t even realize the ethereal abundance it would carry w it 🌈 *so much *finally** (also fun fact: my lawyer’s repping anna delvey now lol)

hbd to my timeless maman—sorry for all the times i sacrificed yr lipsticks for my childhood “wall art” 💕✨💖 (تولدت مبارک عشق‌ترین!)

“cause the ink in my pen don’t work in my notepad” 🎶

space is a practiced place >> there’s no such thing as place 🤷🏻‍♀️ #fullmooneclipse

knocking knees since 🖤

back to skholè 💅

هر سال از پی بردن مجدد به این که هنوز هیچ روزی مثه نوروز احساساتیم نمی‌کنه جا می‌خورم؛ سال نوتون مبارک خوشکلا، با کلی حس گرم و نرم! 🌸🐽🌺 (set my hair on 🔥 right after taking this—aries szn is for sure here *beware*)

this is me, posting my 1st multi-post before i can reconsider. bc despite everything, some of it just keeps getting sweeter—happy 4shanbe soori, happy full moon x vernal equinox, & happy 1398! 🔥🌕💞

🌉 @reetzmart

fashen, but then make it fashion 👠👠 @hushi5 @center4iraniandiasporastudies

pop-up yoga, they said. i’ll bring my phone, i said.

in college you used to call us “shabakeh 4” 🔊🔡 miss us yet??

dream in jeans & leather / back in the garden, hi now, bc we’re older 🌾

🦈? ᗣᗣᗣ•••ᗧ? @osmancanyerebakan’s contingencies up thru 4/21!

J-A-V-L-A-R-A-V-I-A-T-I-O-N (still stuck on last nite’s noise w #voncalhau! collective ♥️)

secure donation link in bio (25 chf ~ 100,000 tomans) —————————— posted @withrepost • @sahafshar کار درویش مستمند برآر/که ترا نیز کارها باشد | گلستان/مازندران/شیراز/لرستان/خوزستان و هزاران شهر و روستای‌ کوچک و بزرگ 💔 | به یاری سیل زدگان بشتابیم: | __________ Two million people are in need of humanitarian aid in Iran after heavy floods in 25 of the country’s 31 provinces: With the current exchange rate, even a small donation in gbp or usd will go a long way to help people who have lost everything. #iranflood #iran #redcross