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Hongkonger + Londoner UX & Visual Designer / WordPress Developer / Photographer / Tennis & Football Lover / Forever-Beginner-Piano-Drummer

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Company retreat in St Albans day 2 #uxdesign


Nice catch up with Amanda @mandyliveshere - "Of course you're a Brit. You're just a bit exotic." 😂 Love it. Thanks so much. #GoodFriends

Sun up and read - an hour of reading break in the park at the middle of a work day. Thanks for @aitchchan 's arrangements 📚☺️☀️☀️

諗過約Mike食tea聚下,但瞓到好晏冇時間約人,結果幫阿媽去黃埔買米時撞到Mike 😅 (sorry涼都未沖)

Once in a lifetime - my first time seeing Federer in Wimbledon Centre Court ... and he beats Nadal in an epic to revenge on that iconic 5 setter loss 11 years ago. How lucky I am? Life is complete now ~ Oh yes saw Djokovic vs RBA too but it's just a bonus match 😄 Come on Roger, beat Djoker on Sunday please. Thanks @simonnpitts for accompanying me today 😎 #fedal #Federer #Nadal #djokovic #3GreatChampions #ThanksForMakingUsLoveTennis #wimbledon #200poundsLastMinuteTickets #ResaleValue10000pounds

So #giorgi ended up lost 1-6 0-6 in round 1. Oh come on we don't have much expectations in your game but put some effort in it please ... #usopen #tennis #camilagiorgi