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Thought this watch would look amazing against the colors of Sedona. Oh, and a big congrats to @eugeneandresson for reaching gold status 😂

Received this lovely Citizen 52802-Y Crystal Date from March of 1968. Check that case back! 🤤

Bezel matches the wine 😉

Ginza Edition makes its way to the Southwest...

1964 Citizen Auto Dater Uni in the Arizona sun...

Ha - Moonshine gold, more like Miller Lite gold! Cheers with the 🍺 I’ll be drinking until the 100th Anniversary of the Moon Landing due to paying for this one. 😂

Sitting outside in front of the fire this morning in Napa...gorgeous here.

Alt and New 😂 Btw - Germany, your beloved train system (and transportation in this country overall) is currently a dumpster fire...

Yes, this is wine country but I was able to realize a longtime beer goal today. Finally tried #plinytheelder today and it was fantastic. But...not gonna lie, the @bearrepublic Racer 5 listed just above on the menu is still my all time favorite. Horses for courses 😉

First pairing with a suit...pfff to those who feel the gold Speedy doesn’t work with all things.

Happy Sunday! Go check out @uptimewatch newest #lazysundayvideoserie on the UG Compax “Nina’s”! Neat stuff!

All that Cabernet Sauvignon behind...it’s in safe hands. 😃

Damn 14mm wide clasp reminds me of a stick of Dentyne cinnamon gum - I like Dentyne. Just awesome...no silly wrist roll video here. Soak in that clasp!

Happy Sunday! Check out @uptimewatch and the newest #lazysundayvideoserie on the Seiko Time Sonar 7015 featuring a piece from @wigglywigglyworm Awesome!!! Here’s mine - straight out of Japan courtesy of my buddy @jewpanese.dude 👍🏻

With everyone posting pics of old Rovers, old Jeeps need more love. Check out these lovelies here in rust-free Arizona 👍🏻 A Jeepster Commander and a Station Wagon

A very warm welcome to a newcomer...this must be one of the most gorgeous watches I’ve ever laid eyes on...just beautiful!

Yeah, F off with your stupid EDC shots. That’s what it really looks like when you go to Hungary (and anywhere else) and return to your hotel room after getting routed at dinner... 🥂

Things are getting pretty corporate here @fratellowatches ! @dan.t.mueller is leading a team conference call tonight and the rest of us are pummeling him with questions or goofing off. As an example, I took this darkened pic of ST1 which looks like the 321 in Platinum...if I close my eyes 😂

Fall is here and I couldn’t be happier 🍂😃

So this is a pretty cool one that just arrived and fits within the Citizen diver lineage. The Seven Star Deluxe 520017 Y from February of 1969. A pretty cool way to display the day and date. Another sweet case back.

A cloudy Friday, but a Friday nonetheless!

I’m a bit nervous as to whether the Gold Speedy is up to the task of timing my chicken grilling later 🤞

Many people talk M3 but the E46 330ci ZHP is pure magic - stemming from the final period when the Roundel made driver oriented cars. Fight me but I love driving this when visiting my family.

Monday...sitting shotgun on the A9...

And then there were three...three different Alpinist references with three different cases. Interestingly, the 850 on the left is an automatic. The others are hand wound. Lovely...

First #speedytuesday with this one - definitely not the last

Ok, one more of the gold Speedy and I’m done. I couldn’t help but group these like colors tonight once I grabbed my bottle of Knob Creek and an Iittala Ultima Thule glass from Finnair - a design that also happens to turn 50 this year. 😋

Seiko SBCM023 Perpetual Calendar Diver today...this one didn’t struggle with September’s 30 days 😉

Not a bad looking GP at all...enjoy your Saturday

Damn - those liters add up! 😬

Off to the Wiesn!

Morning light here in Germany...

From 1964, the Citizen Auto Dater Uni AU140801...just landed. What a stunning watch!

A tough one to shoot - Battle scars and all - a huge thanks to @seikoboutiquefrankfurt for going the extra mile to get this 6159-7000 from 1968 back on the road. Running beautifully now!

Loads of new shoes arrived from @mylocaltime - here we have a J12082 Silverwave and a 6217-7000 World Time. Both are Pre-1965...and they’re surrounded by other Seiko goodies from before mid decade 😃

Seiko 6117-6400 World Time from 1970 is attached to the wrist courtesy of a cool vegan strap from @acejewelers The watch is finally running well courtesy of @seikoboutiquefrankfurt 😃

A better shot of the Citizen Auto Dater Uni from 1964...a unique one for sure.

Welcoming the rightmost Seiko Champion J13040 to the fold - the brand definitely had it going on in the early 60’s. Thanks @ryanbk1974 for sending!

51 years on, I guess this one is enjoying its retirement 😉

Citizen Auto Dater Uni from 1965...one of my absolute favorites.