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"At Barça, we play beach football, keepy ups, tic, tac, toe, celestial football" Win, lose or tie, Barça till i die! #MessiFC ❤️❤️❤️💉💉💉

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De ahora en adelante, habrá que olvidar el pasado y apoyarle como un jugador más del equipo. Ya sabéis que yo no quería su fichaje, pero la verdad es que es un jugadorazo que nos puede aportar mucho. BIENVENIDO, ANTOINE!!🙌🏼 @antogriezmann

De ahora en adelante, habrá que olvidar el pasado y apoyarle como un jugador más del equipo. Ya sabéis que yo no quería su fichaje, pero la verdad es que es un jugadorazo que nos puede aportar mucho. BIENVENIDO, ANTOINE!!🙌🏼 @antogriezmann

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15 years of GOAT-ness! I can't find words to describe his greatness... The man is just a mere supernatural footballing god!!

FRENKESSI IS REAL!!! - AHHHH THESE ARE THE KINDA PICS THAT MELT MA HEART!! - Also for guys, get yourself a girl who looks at you the way Frenkie looks at Leo (;

In the midst of Ernieball being at it's peak, it's so fucking good to see Messi get the real kind of recognition he deserves. It was honestly about time.. And i Had to come back for this. There was no way on earth i was gonna miss this. - @leomessi YOU ARE THE GREATEST OF ALL MOTHERFUCKING TIME AND THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ANYONE CAN DO ABOUT IT. FELICIDADES y I LOVE YOU (':

‼️LISTEN HERE PEOPLE‼️⁣ ⁣ Back in 2015, Messi was robbed and his wonder goal against Bilbao in the Copa final didn’t win the Puskas award. This time however, his magical goal against Betis has been nominated for the FIFA Puskas award. So move your asses, click on the link in my bio (if you haven’t already) and vote for him. MOVE BITCHES!!!

For a while now, there has been a raise of a loud noise from the radicalized modern day feminists and even some females footballers regarding equal play and equality in football in general. So I thought it's time to give my opinion on that matter, in two parts/posts. [Part 1] - This matter is not as simple as most people think it is or as simple as most people make it to be. You have to dig really deep into this matter in order to get a better understanding of it. However, since the majority of the noise generated is because of "equal pay", let's address that issue first. In bussiness, there is something called as a 'supply and demand'. The woman who play football aren't paid as much as men who play football, not because they are a different gender, No not at all. They are paid much much lesser than man simply because they dont generate as much money/profit as men from broadcasting, sponsorships and etc. - Now you might say: Oh, but it's the fault of the broadcasting companies that aren't broadcasting the woman's matches. Well not really. If a broadcasting company decides to show any of the woman's football matches, they need to make an investment in order to be able to broadcast that on TV and as a result of making an investment, they profit from that by recieving a percentage of the amount generated by the broadcasting of matches. But the problem is, majority of the time those broadcasting companies profit very little to none from broadcasting the woman's game. Because people in general, associate football to physicality and competence and man in general, being more physically strong and more competitive than woman attract more viewers. Therefore if the broadcasting companies make an investment to show the man's game, they benefit alot more from it unlike the woman's games. - Alot of people need to understand that football is a game, a source of joy and fun to us fans but it's nothing but a bussiness to the broadcasting companies, clubs and the richs who make investments in it. they care about their profit and return on their investment and the womans game, unfortunately, doesn't give them that.

Goodbye instagram. it was fun while it lasted. • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Gonna be off it for a while. Idk if i'll come back or not. logging out. May we meet again.

Neymar this, Neymar that, Neymar here, Neymar there, Neymar is on the verge of signing for Real Madrid, Neymar is closer than ever to signing for Barça. Shut the fuck up. Bring our boy back home already!! @Fcbarcelona

Our boy is coming home and there is nothing you haters and Real Madrid can do about it 🙃

Prince Leo.

According to [Le-Parisien] P$G have rejected Barça's loan offer for Neymar which included a buy out option for 2020. - @psg you fuckin cunts jus let us have our boy back already smh..

In the past couple of days the board has apparently stated that every single #valverdeout and #bartomeuout comments under their posts were nothing but bots. The ignorance of this board, Bartomeu and Valverde is so fucking toxic. There is no order in our club. Every single individual is trying to run the show. We are not bots. We care. We want the best for our club. We want our club to be "Mes Que Un club" once again. We want to stick to our identity, style and essence. We want beautiful attacking football. And if this board thinks we are bots for wanting those things then we'll show them in real life that we.are.not.bots! - Join the protests against our corrupted board and Bartomeu outside of Camp Nou on sunday, 30th June, 2019. - Please share this post to raise awareness guys!

[GOAL] Samuel Eto'o: "Hazard has to win the Ballon d'or. He hasn't been valued enough but now he is at one of the best teams in the world and all eyes will be on him. He is close to Messi's level and I hope that he plays Barcelona when he is not at 100 percent". - Man said he is close to Messi's level LMAOOOO.. STOP BUYING THOSE CHEAP ASS BAGS OF COCAINE & WEED FROM MARADONA @setoo9 ! I never really liked you anyway so you are cancelled.

During the ups and downs, during sickness and health and even when you’re making your dream come true, I’ll always be by your side! ❤️❤️❤️

The Defender of the 2018/19 season: Gerard Pique, Matthijs De Ligt or Virgil Van Dijk? - Gerard pique, AKA, The Hulk as I like to refer to him, is one of the top three Vital players for Barcelona. He is also one of the a few defenders in today's footballing world that perform at the highest level consistently while also being clinical up front. And last season wasn't any different. With that being said, Pique is one of the most consistent & Elegant defenders of all time. Aging like a fine wine while mastering the Art Of Defending. Despite being 32 years old and playing week in week out, the Spanish international doesn't tend to show any signs of decline. - The former Ajax man, The golden boy, the new kid in town. Call him whatever you want. but at just 19 years of age, De Ligt was arguably the most important figure for the Eredivise side last season. From being exteremly clinical upfront as a center-back to nearly captaining his team to the Champions League final. A very mature defender and a leader. It's insane how at just 19 years of age, he is already one of the best there is in his position. After signing for Juventus, we should be seeing a more complete version of of the Dutch defender in the upcoming seasons. A Bright future ahead of him. - The tall, gigantic backbone of Liverpool. Van Dijk, or as many others like to call him, VVD, is one of the most complete defenders of this generation. The Champions League winner possess's every attribute a defender should possess. He was one of the most important figures for Liverpool last season while also being regarded as one of the best players in the world during the last season. however, personally, I don't regard him as one of the best players in the world or in the last season. Simply because he isn't a complete player but a complete defender which are two different things. Nonetheless, The Dutch defender still has a lot of room for improvement and we should be seeing more of him in the future. - Eventhough it was really hard to decide, my pick for the defender of the 2018/19 season has to be Gerard Pique simply because of his distrubution to a team with defensive issues.

It's official. Coutinho joins Bayern on a one year loan deal with a buy out clause of €120M. He didn't have the greatest time of his career at Barça. After realizing Barça were interested in him back in summer of 2017, he handed in a transfer request to Liverpool and even paid a certain amount of money out of his own pocket to make his transfer to Barça happen. To make his dream come true. He finally arrived at the club during the winter transfer window in January of 2018. He couldn't play in the Champions League during that campaign as he had already been participating in that competiton with Liverpool. He some what lived up to the expectations of the club and the fans in his first couple of months at the club and impressed the most in the match VS Leganes getting his first hat-trick with the Blaugranes shirt. During the 2018/19 season however, things took a different turn. The Brazillian midfielder had lost his confidence and was failing to impress and be as effective as he should have been considering how talented he was. He left all of us wondering, what's the reason for his underwhelming performances week in week out. Some blamed him, some blamed the coach. Where in fact, the reasons for his ineffective presence on the pitch were both him and Valverde. Although he had a couple of good performances, the fans hoped that things would improve with time. But unfortunately, time only made things worse. Our former #7 started to see more time on the bench than on the pitch and was quite low on morale and confidence. He seemed like he didn't enjoy playing anymore and a part of that would be due to the personal insults against him from our fanbase. Nevertheless, he ended his long and disappointing 2018/19 season at Barça with 11 goals and 5 assists in 53 games. An exteremly talented player who was at the right place in the wrong time. He unfortunately didn't fit into Ernie's plans and that automatically translated into him having alot of underwhelming and disappointing performances which lead to him being called a flop. He will prove the haters wrong this season and I hope to see you back at Barça next year Phil. Good luck for now! @phil.coutinho

After a disastrous ending to our 2018/19 campaign and not a convincing summer in terms of our pre-season performance, we kicked off the 2019/20 season with high hopes - once again. But friday's match was one to forget. But why did it end like that? Why was it the way it was? - Well the answer is simple. Because we have lost our identity and We don't have a real plan & direction to move forward. It's not just the players being too comfortable or Valverde being the coward he has always been. The wound is much much deeper than that. The board are the root of this problem. They are the once doing everything they can to rip appart the identity and the style for which the club was once known for and they are using Valverde's boring & predictable style of football as a tool to make that happen. We have one of the most powerful and talented, if not the most powerful and talented squad in europe. However, Valverde doesn't have the ability to extract every bit of talent out of our squad. His personality doesn't allow him to do that. - I believe in second chances. I believe that if you don't give second chances to people, they will never have the chance to learn from their mistakes. But it's past that now. This is Valverde's third chance. He is proving to us that not only hasn't he learned from his mistakes but also that he, will, never, learn from his mistakes. He should have been sacked and changed after that disastrous Copa Final loss. We can't change the board as that's a very complicated task but we can change the manager and have refreshed & new ideas. Unfortunately, the board's decision to not do that was a huge mistake and we will certainly pay the price for that later on in the season. But from what it seems, we are in a treat for yet another boring and a 'Messi-Dependant' season.

OFFICIAL || After just spending over one year at Barça B, Mousa Wague gets promoted to the first team as a back-up RB to Nelson Semedo and will wear the #16 jersey, formerly worn by Samper. - The Senegal international is a quick, agile, tactically well disciplined and an adventrous right back. His offensive side is just as good as his defensive side since the young defender often likes to make runs forward & down the flanks or even cut inside to have a shot at the goal or to cross in the ball with his weak foot. - Although Wague isn't exactly a La Masia product as he has only spent over just a year at Barça B, his promotion to the first team is well deserved especially considering the fact that the right-back spot is the weakest spot in the team right now and is in desperate need of a competition. I'm certain Mousa will provide a healthy & friendly competition for the Portugese and infact, I won't be surprised to see the young defender start ahead of our #2. - Wague, along with Frenkie, Griezmann and Neto, will be the fourth new face in our team for the upcoming season. This move shows that the board is planning a long-term project and I'm certainly personally very happy about this. Hwever, this long-term project should, definitely, include Puig and Carles Perez as well. But as of now, we can only wait and hope for that to happen.

To all my followers and everyone else from El Paso, Texas and Ohio: Gutted to hear about what has happened over there.. Please stay safe and take care! 🙏❤

◆ OFFICIAL ◆ After 18 years of playing the beautiful game, Fernando Torres has decide to retire from football. Here are his all time stats: [Club and National team] 879 Apps 294 Goals 84 Assists 8 trophies The footballing world will miss you! Gracias y mucha suerte El Niño! @fernandotorres

Good morning guys! The GOAT celebrated his birthday with both his family and the Argentinean national team last night! - Fun fact: That was also the cake for him to celebrate winning his long awaited international trophy! ;)

OFFICIAL || Barcelona and Zenit have reached an agreement for the transfer of the Brazillian forward, Malcom, to the Russian side. Malcom will wear the #8 and the agreed fee for this operation is €40M + €5M in variables. - He was one of the most unneccessary signings in the past decade simply because neither did the club want him nor had Valverde asked for him. But as Barça fans, not only do we have to thank him for his short service but apologize to him as well; for the way the club treated him from the very beginning until the end. The club hijacked him in the last moment when the player was on his way to Roma which was not a Barça-esque move at all and then didn't give him much chance to prosper much at our club. If the club hadn't done that, he would have turned out to be a very important figure for Roma. But signing for Zenit at this stage of his career is just a downgrade and I hope to see him in one of the top 3 leagues in Europe very soon. A talent like him deserves better. - Thank you for your service and also very sorry for the way you were treated by our club. Good luck! @malcomoliveira_97

Just a quick reminder for y'all who forgot how pretty our away kit really is 😊

The rise of the king.

Alright guys, for the first time in the history of this beautiful game, FIFA has announced that the fans votes on the best players will be taken into consideration too. therefore it's time to show the haters who really deserves every single individual awards. It's time to bring justice back into football. Y'all can go to the link in my bio and vote for Messi. - DO NOT VOTE FOR VAN DIJK !!! - Because there is already many braindead retards who are putting him ahead of Messi so you voting for him will only make things harder for Leo. - Oh and yea, if y'all wondered what my votes were, those are my votes. - Go to the link in my bio, Vote for Messi and comment under this post that you have voted for him if you are a real member of MESSI FC.

@frenkiedejong ❤️❤️❤️💉💉💉



@frenkiedejong ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


Good morning guys! The king was met and greeted warmly by players from a Brazillian football club yesterday. He also recieved a special club toy (??) And a club jersey as a gift. - I dont know the name of the club which those players were from. If you know it, let me know in the comments below ;)

It's time Leo. It's time to do it for the footballing world. It's time to do it for the haters. It's time to do it for Argentina. It's time to do it for yourself! It's your time to shine my king! #godsavetheking

On the 24th June of 1987, a little boy was successfully born after some complications in the Garibaldi hospital in Rosario. 32 years later, that little boy named Lionel Messi has grown up to be the greatest player to ever play the beautiful game. - A very special day for a very special person in my life. I remember watching him for the first time on T.V when he played his first ever El Clasico and sealed the game for Barça by scoring his first ever hattrick againts the white trash putas. I was just left in awe of the beauty of his natural talent. I was left speechless. I couldn't hide my smile everytime he got the ball. I couldnt contain myself because of how happy i felt watching him. And I still have the same level of excitement and passion for watching him play every single time he goes out there on the pitch. His magic with the ball, hyper active dribbles, elegant touch, gods eye vision, cruise controlled passes and deadly finishes like a dracula on his feast day just makes me, happy. Its almost as if the football is his best friend and he can communicate with it. His consistency is insanely unreal. The level's and the standards this man has set for himself over the years is so high that he can literaly plant 10 trees into the field, play a game, lose and people would still blame him. Those who don't agree with the fact that there is only one and only one fucking GOAT, and that is, Lionel Messi, either dont watch him at all or have no knowledge about football what so ever. - Feliz cumple mi amor!!! Feliz cumple idolo!!! Thank you for giving me a reason to smile every single day. Thank you for making me happy with your beautiful football But most of all, thank you for everything you have done for the footballing world. You are & will always remain THE GREATEST OF ALL TIME. now please stop getting old Leo my heart is gonna break seeing you get old :"( #Messi32 @leomessi

Good morning guys! According to reports in Argentina, Lionel Messi's restaurant in Rosario is offering shelter and free hot meals to the homeless people during the current cold weather in Argentina. - Every single day, I find another reason to love you more than ever. A role model in life and not just in football! TE QUIERO MUCHO IDOLO!!! @leomessi

Goalkeeper of the 2018/19 season: Marc-André Ter Stegen, Jan Oblak or Alisson Becker? - After having spend his first two seasons at Barça settling in and working extremely hard for a starting spot, Ter Stegen has now become one of the most important figures in the team. Not only has he been a goalkeeper and the last man standing but he has also been an extra man and an extra leader on the pitch. Having made an incredible amount of 118 saves, 26 clean sheets while only conceding 43 goals this season proves that the 27 year old is currently at the peak of his career. His attribute of making just a few mistakes Clearly put him ahead of the other two nominees. Moreover, the scale at which he is improving makes him arguably the best goalkeeper in the world of football at the moment. - Jan Oblak, A solid shot stopper who unlike Ter Stegen, is limited to what he can do on the pitch due to the Philosophies of his fellow coach Diego Simeone. One of the key attributes of the Slovenia international is his ability to jump high and stop balls coming from a distance. His weakness however, lies in 1v1 and tight spaced situations. But, we don't tend to see much of his weakness as Atleti's low & compressed defensive blocks makes it nearly impossible for the opponents to have many 1v1 situations. nevertheless, it's unfortunate that after keeping 24 clean sheets while only conceding 38 goals, Oblak's season ended trophyless. - Alisson Becker, A very vital player for Liverpool. Although he might not possess Ter Stegen's technical abilities or Oblak's shot stopping abilities, he is a great balanced goalkeeper. The Brazilian international is strong willed, brave and fearless. Moreover, the fact that in his first season in the Premier League he has kept a total of 27 clean sheets while only conceding 34 goals shows that the 26 year-old is on verge of marking his name in the world of football and i'm certain that after winning the Champions League this season, we will see a more complete version of him in the upcoming years. - They are all solid goalkeepers but my pick for the 2018/19 goalkeeper of the season is Marc-André Ter stegen. What's yours?

From Higuain to this... unbelivable! THANK YOU THANK YOU @lautaromartinezz10

OFFICIAL || After being appointed as the head coach for the Spanish national team back in July of 2018 and having managed Spain in 10 official matches (winning 8 and drawing 2), Luis Enrique has stepped down from his position due to unofficial personal reasons. The Spaniard will be replaced by assistant Robert Moreno. - There are several rumors stating that his daughter has had a very bad accident which made him make such a decision. I honestly dont know what he or his family is going through right now but im forever grateful for his time at our club and I hope both him and his family are doing okay. Te quiero lucho! Ánimo!

Tonight, we go again. A do or die, for one last time! #godsavetheking

Back in the summer of 2018, The club presented an offer for Griezmann to Atletico Madrid and after a lot of drama from both parties; The club & Griezmann, it became crystal clear that Griezmann would remain at Atletico Madrid for yet another season. - Fast forward to the present, after Griezmann announced his decision to Leave Atletico Madrid just a while back, the club then moved forward with the negotiations once again as they looked to snatch the french forward to the Camp Nou. Although there hasn't been any official news of an agreement between the clubs and the player, it's certain where the #1 destination for the french national is this summer: FC Barcelona. - There is no denial to the french forwards quality and abilities. The 28 year old is agile, quick to react, a natural goal scorer who can also play as a second striker and a winger which automatically makes him the managers favourite. His versatility (eventhough it's not a bad thing at all) is the reason as to why i'm not fully satisfied with this transfer. with Valverde remaining as our manager for yet another season, will Griezmann's arrival actually make him the coach's favourite? The sole reason for this purchase is to have a back up striker for Suarez or even a starter instead of Suarez when he is off form. But, will Valverde bench a big name like Griezmann over Dembele when Suarez is a starter? Will Griezmann's arrival have more of a negative impact on Ousmane's development than a positive impact on the team? There are so many skeptical and unaswered questions, but only time will answer them all. - Speaking of time, it's July 1st, 2019. Which means Griezmann's release clause will officially be dropped down to €120 million and that is exactly what our board and Bartomeu have been waiting for. So prepare to welcome him Cules, because it's just a matter of time before Griezmann is officially a Barça player. - Bienvenido! @antogriezmann

Griezmann WHO?