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Looking for a more clickable social post? Use numbers. Research shows that headlines or posts with numbers generate 73% more social shares and engagement. Sounds like 73 reasons to start using numbers See what we did there?! 😉 #meetedgar

Are you upcycling your content? You could be missing out if you’re not! Check out our latest episode of Social Posts to learn 5 easy ways to upcycle your content so you can get more out of it. Find & subscribe to Social Posts on iTunes or Spotify

The frustrating reality is that we can NEVER know if something is the "right" decision. We just have to give it a shot and see what happens. But so often I see myself and others slowing ourselves down, trying to "outthink" a problem. Instead, here's what I like to base my choice on - choose what you really want. Choose what sounds fun. Choose what sounds exciting. You'll never know if hiring that new person will be "right" or not, no matter how long you think about it. But you can know if it feels like something that brings you down or lifts you up. If it lifts you up, give it a shot. If it works - great! If it doesn't - move on. #FounderFriday

Hey Podcasters! 🎧 Have you tried using suggested variations + show notes to create 5 social media posts for your episodes in literal seconds! 🐙

Entrepreneurship and creative life is hard. Remind yourself why you started in the first place. ☺️

Don’t be negative, unless it’s in a headline (yes, we’re serious 😉). A study by Outbrain showed that headlines with negative superlatives (never, worst, stop) earn 59% more clicks than positive titles. And that goes for social posts too. Try experimenting with different phrases and wording to maximize those clickthrough rates!

There is NO silver bullet in podcasting... (or in anything really 😉) BUT there are some things you can do to promote your podcast and reach new audiences because with so many podcast options, you have to promote your podcast to grow! We shared 10 ideas on our blog! (link in profile)

Are we at the start of a tipping point into a social media world where, dare we say it, vanity metrics cease to exist? Probably not 🤷‍♀️ BUT changes are happening and you need to know them! You can listen to this episode of Social Post at the link in our bio!

We tend to have a fantasy that we'll come up with the one magic strategy that can skyrocket our business. That is rarely true. 🤷‍♀️ Eben Pagan says “a successful business is made of up of doing the right actions every single day.” So what actions are you taking today? 💥

#soundon 🎧 How often do you check your link clicks in Edgar? We recommend checking your link clicks at least weekly. That way you can measure your most popular posts and have a better understanding of what your audience wants.

"I think I'm going to start a podcast" ADMIT IT, you've said or thought that phrase! (And we hope you did because we love a good podcast!) 🎧 There is plenty of room in the podcast world and launching a podcast can be a smart move. If you are planning on launching a podcast, we shared everything you should do *BEFORE* you launch so you can get initial downloads and subscribes on launch day. Have a read at the link in the profile and let us know: have you ever thought about starting a podcast? 👇 Let is know below with👍 if yes and 👎 if no

I think the problem a lot of people trying to get started have is that they do all this planning and build up and in that time have ZERO public activity. It is crucially important that we continue this and schedule it to make sure it happens. Minor and major, everything adds up and snowballs. 💥 #FounderFriday

Listen in to this episode of Social Post to learn what makes a post "click worthy” 🙌 You can find the full episode in Apple Podcasts or Spotify. Just search for Social Post!

It's not easy being an entrepreneur but you know what? It's worth it 🌟

Starting our own podcast has turned us into podcast lovers! We want to hear your favorites! 🎧👇

A little #marketingtip! If you are launching a course, start marketing it before you're ready to sell it! You want to build excitement for this course. Start sharing little snippets of it or share the first section as a "free 7-day mini course." This will help you gauge interest in your course before you commit and start generating leads so that when you are ready to launch, you will see sales quickly!

Curated content has SO MANY benefits but most people don't see them. Why not? Well, we share why and how you can see more benefits in this episode of Social Post available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify 🎧

When you first start a business you follow the rules - frankly, you aren’t sure what else to do!? Then once you figure out the system, you start to break them. After that you go one level further - not only breaking the existing rules but creating your own entirely. What systems have you put yourself in, even though it doesn’t really do anything for you or your business? What thing that you are “supposed to do” would absolutely free you if you stopped doing it? #FounderFriday

To celebrate the relaunch of our customer referral program, we’re hosting a month of bonuses and giveaways called OCTOPALOOZA! 🐙 🎉 During the month of October, for every friend you refer to Edgar, you'll receive $15 off your monthly invoice each month that you have a referred pal with an active account and your friend will receive $15 off too! PLUS we're doing all types of fun giveaways this month, including a $250 Amazon Gift Card giveaway! Find out all the details at the link in our profile 🥳

Introducing #SoloBizSummit, an in-demand digital event for solo business owners, solopreneurs and freelancers! Get “free forever” access to 20+ actionable sessions to watch at your own pace. Grab your free pass at the link in our profile!

We are thrilled to announce Solo Biz Summit speakers!!!! Meet Dani Meyer of @foodbloggerentrepreneurs ✨ Dani is a blogger, business and mindset coach and strategist. She’s teaching the Pinterest strategies that sent 900,000 organic page views to her blog! Reminder: you get lifetime access to every single session on-demand when you sign up! Get your free pass at solobizsummit.com or visit the link in our profile.

Solo Biz Summit Speaker Spotlight ✨ Meet Elisabeth Willits, copywriter and editor for @aweber Liz has sent hundreds of emails to millions of subscribers and she knows the best of the best when it comes to email newsletters. If you want to grow your business with email, be sure to check out her session at #SoloBizSummit You get lifetime on demand access to every single #SoloBizSummit session like this one when you register! It’s 100% free!! Get your free pass at the link in our profile!

Today’s #SoloBizSummit Speaker Spotlight is @thisischrystan 💥 Chrys is the founder of Chrys Media and the host of the Hack Your Online Business podcast! She’s going to be sharing how to get started with Facebook Messenger Marketing. Every session of Solo Biz Summit will be available on demand forever so don’t miss out and sign up at the link in our profile!!

We're a hard-working bunch of humans (+ 1 octopus 🐙) working together (remotely, that is) to build an incredible social media tool and we're having fun while we do it! We are so honored to be #GPTWcertified by @gptw_us 🎉

Influence ≠ likes Yes, Instagram might start hiding public like counts BUT that doesn't mean you still can't be an influencer or have influence over your audience. Having influence means you can influence your audience to take action and that action doesn't always mean a like. If you can influence people to visit your website, comment on your posts, share your content and buy your products or services, then you're still influencing, no matter what those likes say. 💥

We love this wisdom from the #FemaleFounder of @Blogilates! Create value + build community, that's the secret to success. ✨

Since the launch of our Social Post podcast, we have been learning a lot about how to market podcasts and one thing we learned quickly was that to get as MANY as clicks and listeners as possible to your podcast by experimenting with post types! Share the link, create an audiogram, record a video, create a quote graphic. Mix up these different post types and add them to your social calendar to keep consistently promoting your latest episode.

Yes, we know lots of people will see this but we're talking to YOU! Whether you made some money, ended something that was bringing you down, or embarked on a new path in your business, YOU are a stunning success. What if you could see yourself through my eyes? It's so easy for us to gloss over our own accomplishments. It's part of the entrepreneur's curse that we're constantly striving for more. But I want to encourage you to take some time this weekend to give yourself a big HELL YEAH and do something nice for yourself (doesn't have to be big). #FounderFriday

One word to describe entrepreneur’s life: BUSY We get it, we’re right there with you as a startup! You’re juggling a million things and trying to stay focused on this BIG goals while also, you know, trying to sleep and be a normal human. This is literally the reason our founder, Laura Roeder, created Edgar because she wanted a smarter way to schedule social media that would save her even more time! If you feel like you’re always on a time crunch and social is constantly taking a back burner, read our blog for social media scheduling tips to make your life easier (Link in profile)

🎉We are thrilled to announce that we're taking part in the Boss Project Summit sponsored by Dubsado and hosted by Boss Project next month! This is a free virtual summit with sessions from 26 experts including our very own Digital Content Manager, Maura Hughes who is hosting "The Feel Good Way to Sell on Social!" 💥 Don’t miss out and save your spot at the link in our bio.

Back end look at our Recurring Schedule in Edgar. 👀 The recurring schedule allows to you set up your social media schedule so that it's always filled and you are always sharing varied content. A recurring schedule can help you if you share regular updates such as: - The same weekly specials - A weekly blog feature - Your Facebook group has themed days like "Tip Tuesday" or "Win Wednesday" OR if you have a library of past content like - Months worth of blog posts - Months worth of podcast episodes - Months worth of YouTube videos Either way, the recurring schedule makes it so you're always on top of your social media calendar with minimal time and effort! #meetedgar

Let’s be honest: creating content is HARD work but you have to keep consistent content out there to build a digital business. So how can you constantly create without burning yourself out? Two words: content upcycling. This easy and effective strategy is a content creators secret weapon! We’re sharing everything you need to know on it next week in our free training: Content Upcycling: Your Cure for Content Burnout. Sign up at the link in our bio! #meetedgar

Let's be honest, email is not that exciting anymore. People won't just hand over their email address just so they can get more emails in their inbox. You've got to impress them! 🤗 Luckily, we laid out everything you need to know about email marketing in our 3-part blog series, at the link in our profile!

Reaching your goals requires discipline - requires that you sit down and hammer out totally dull, unglamorous work. But willing to put your all into this work and get it done is what sets YOU apart from those who stall, from those who don't reach where they want to go. 🙌 #founderfridays

*just keep swimming* Hey, the entrepreneurship and side hustle game is HARD! But you started for a reason and we want to know WHY! What made you start your business? #MondayMotivation

“Growing” a business means you’re in a constant state of growth! You’re constantly trying new things, pushing yourself, learning new lessons. It never ends. And THAT is the fun of it all! Embrace this journey, embrace your ever-changing state, and learn to laugh when you hear your mind telling you to stay put. #FounderFriday

How much time do you really spend on creating your content? 📝Whether its a blog, video, email newsletter or podcast, are you seeing a return on investment on that time? What if you could see more out of your content by following a simple formula? That's what we're sharing in our next webinar happening on June 25th! Learn how to maximize your content's ROI and see more results from your content! Save your spot at the link in our profile!

What would you do if you had an extra hour in your day? ⏳ How would you spend that 25th hour?

Very important question for you: what's your donut of choice? Chocolate, glazed, Boston creme or jelly filled? 🍩 Edgar thinks he can choose all of them since he has 8 tentacles. 🐙 #nationaldonutday