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NH emcee plotting my escape from Corporate America

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💫 . 💫A través de la inmersión en nuestra realidad interna, poco a poco nos damos cuenta de que ahí se encuentra todo lo que necesitamos para poner fin a nuestro sufrimiento y alcanzar así la plenitud que tanto anhelamos. . 🖇Porque, ¿De qué sirven los triunfos externos si no sentimos alegría en nuestro corazón?, ¿Qué valor tiene que la sociedad nos aplauda si no nos sentimos bien con nosotros mismos? . ➡️Más allá del autoengaño, sabemos que sin paz ni equilibrio nada de lo que hagamos en la vida será sostenible y carecerá por completo de sentido. . 💢Romper esa cáscara de ignorancia que nos hace creer que lo sabíamos todo con respecto a nosotros mismos y nuestra existencia. . 🔎Al basar nuestra autoestima en querer aprender, nos convertimos en verdaderos escépticos, explorando personalmente lo que desconocemos para descubrir lo que no sabemos. . «Conócete a ti mismo» . #profesión #descúbrete #Aprende #Elcamino #haciati #tuinterior #conocete #autoconocimiento #desarrollopersonal #nuestra #realidad #autoestima #explorar #integra #sentido #valorar #triunfos #exitos! #Bienestar #saludmental #aprendizajediario #liberatuvida #sientetebien #quierete #escuchaconsciente #namaste

✨El principio fundamental es el problema del que no queremos hablar. Es el que encierra la solución.✨ . ❓¿Cuántas veces callas aquello que deseabas decir?, ¿Cómo te hablas a ti mismo? . ➡️Preguntas que te pueden resultar muy esclarecedoras hacía ti. Hacia tu cuerpo. ¿Cómo lo cuido físicamente?, ¿Le doy el descanso necesario?, ¿Le doy tiempo a recuperarse?, ¿Lo escucho?. Cuando me levanto con una dolencia, me pregunto ¿Qué me está diciendo ese dolor? Y muy importante. ¿Lo cuido intelectualmente? ¿Busco nuevas informaciones? . ✨ Una dolencia en muchas ocasiones es evidente lo que nos quiere decir. Ya que no nos permite en muchas ocasiones seguir realizando lo mismo. Nos frena o nos impide continuar. Ejemplo un dolor de rodilla. Se trata de la articulación más grande y compleja del cuerpo. Un dolor o lesión que te impida caminar, quizás lo que te impide es seguir por el mismo camino que estas yendo. Existen respuestas para todas las dolencias. Algunas más complejas y otras más obvias. Tan solo se trata de escuchar lo que tu cuerpo te dice. . 💊Y dejar de callarlo contastamente con medicamentos que no solucionan el "problema" tan sólo silencian de manera temporal algo que aparecerá en otro tipo de dolencia. . 📄Si quieres saber la biodescodificacion puede ser una buena herramienta para ti. Puedes descargar su diccionario gratuito. . #nocalles #Aprende #expresarse #emociones #esimportante #comprender #dolencias #enfermedades #síntomas #escuchate #preguntate #informate #prueba #experimenta #reflexiones #aprendizajediario #biodescodificacion #herramientas #autoconocimiento #Bienestar #quierete #cuidate #pazmental #escuchaconsciente #namaste #gracias

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Listening to some @wyndoran drinking some @familysfavorite coffee and taking my sweet ass time getting ready for work this morning. 7 more days!!!! It's so wonderful when your friends are starting business and supplying you with great coffee, music and inspiration as I transition out of my job after 17 years. Unfortunately I do have to get moving... For a few more days at least #7MoreDays #Observa #vibeyoga #coffee #beautifulmusic #twoweeksnotice #lounging #goodmorning

Some work inspired art from Feb 2018. (Ink on sticky note) Back then I knew I was unhappy but I never imagined that I would ever actually do anything about it. I've been on quite a journey over the past few years. Walking away from the career that I've focused on since graduating college has been the biggest decision of my life and is one that has taken two years of meditation and soul searching to gain the clarity and confidence to finally do it! It started by asking myself two questions: Who am I doing this for? What does a happy, healthy and fulfilled life look like for me? Save your money, find your passion, quit your job! 6 more days! #2weeksnotice #quityourjob #Observa #vibeyoga #FuckThisJob #fuckthisshit #followyourpassion #OutlookCalendar

Tonight!!!! This is my final week at my corporate job after working there for 17 years and I'm excited to share some of the songs that I've written over the past few years as I've gone through this huge life change. My day job requires me to be well rested and focused and going out to do shows always makes me feel alive but also makes the next day painful. Through the years my career always seemed to suffer when my music was going well and my music always seemed to suffer when my career was going well. Finding the right balance has always been a challenge. One more painful sleep deprived day of work coming up! Come out and rock with me tonight to make it all worth it. #Observa #mc_observa #hiphop #nhhiphop #mondayoftheminds #motm #undergroundhiphop

Listening to @cesarcomanche educate the students at #ramapocollege yesterday about the difference between Hip Hop culture and rap music inspired me to return to this spot at the #ramaporeservation to do my flow today. A lot of people are associating #hiphopyoga with shaking your butt and black lights for some reason. You’ll see the year 1996 on the board behind Cesar in the second picture, this is around the time that Rap music went mainstream, people started using Hip Hop and Rap interchangeably and we started to get a more controlled message in our accessible and consumable rap music. Four pillars of Hip Hop culture: DeeJay Graffiti writer B-boy/B-girl Emcee Today’s spot was special with energy coming from nature, the old abandoned building and the Graffiti art. Made me think that my Hip Hop yoga classes should really be called #rapyoga and other hip hop yoga classes might more appropriately be named #bootyshakingblacklightyoga Who am I kidding, it’s much easier to just use the term #hiphopyoga then to educate the masses. #graffiti #hiphop #hiphopculture #graffitiart #nature #yoga #yogaflow #bricks #abandonedplaces #vibeyoga #happyfriday

Fall yoga classes at Sue's in Rollinsford NH starting this Sunday October 20th from 10:00 - 11:15. $5 - $10 suggested donation. All levels vinyasa flow, good music, feel good Mark your calendars for upcoming classes on select Sunday's at 10: Oct 20th Nov 3rd Dec 1st & 15th Sue's is a creative space located at 3 Front St in the Rollinsford mill building in the back of the building next to the library. @sues_space_rules_ #yoga #rollinsford #nhyoga #vibeyoga #Observa @vibeyoga603 #vinyasaflow #crescentlunge #fallyoga

The scrunchie making continues!! This video is kind of creepy if you play it with the audio. You know what’s not creepy? SCRUNCHIES!!! @cesarcomanche and I will be at @thecloverbar in Holyoke MA on Friday 9/27 and then at the Cellar UN fest in Hamden CT on Saturday 9/28 and we will both have custom scrunchies for sale. Skip the last drink and buy a scrunchie instead. You will thank me in the morning. #scrunchies #sewing #slowmotion #slowmotionsewing #Observa #hiphop #nhhiphop #newenglandhiphop #unfest2019

Observa - Corporate Zombie (Official Video) now up on YouTube Link in bio Directed and produced by the Halliday Twins @parker_halliday and Catch me tonight at 9:00 at @pressroomnh with @newfamellc @sarahviolettemusic and @reneecoolbrith perform Corporate Zombie along with other songs off my new Beaten Path album #nhhiphop #hiphop #Observa #corporatezombie #Zombie #beatenpath @blitzandty @4missgail @hollygood108 @prod_by_8_bza

DM me to find out more about the Puerto Rico Yoga and Service Retreat that @connectwithlisa and I are hosting in January. EARLY BIRD SPECIAL ends September 30th!!!! Posted @withrepost • @connectwithlisa Dreading the end of summer? Give yourself a tropical winter getaway and help others in the process by joining @mc_observa and I in January 2020 on our Yoga and Service retreat to Puerto Rico. Register by end of September for the early bird discount. Details at our website (link in bio). . . #retreatyourself #puertorico #yogaretreat #yogajourney #isladelencanto #mindbodyspirit #gratitude #discoveryourself #discoverpuertorico #adventure #puertoricoyogaretreats #sunset #prlovesyoga #puertoricoyoga #puertoricoholic #beherenow #yogainspiration #Wellness #wellnessretreat #namaste #goodvibes #vibeyoga #volunteer #naturelover

Only 11 days left to get the $1,600 early bird special!!! Price goes to $1,750 after September 30th! Get more info and register at Add a comment or DM me with any questions Join @connectwithlisa and I in Puerto Rico for our 7 day yoga and service retreat from January 12th - 18th, 2020. This trip will focus on yoga, service and community with daily yoga and meditation, three days of community service, trips to the El Yunque rainforest and the Cueva del Indio and will conclude at the celebration of San Sebastián in Old San Juan. #vibeyoga #puertorico #service #community #yoga #yogaretreat #mindfulness #yogaonthebeach #vacation

Well well well.... look at what came in the mail! My Beaten Path album release party is Friday July 12th in Nashua. Hit me up for the address. If you can’t make the party albums will be available for purchase starting on July 13th for $10! Special thanks to @prod_by_8_bza for the sick beats on Track 5,6&8 @cesarcomanche for recording and mixing the album and for dropping a verse on Track 6: Two Weeks Notice, activist Bill Cuff for sharing his wisdom and inspiration for Track 11: Proact, for the dope album art and @rachfergs for the album design Proud moment over here 14 years in the making:) #Observa #hiphop #beatenpath #nhhiphop #rapper #emcee #album #AlbumRelease #newenglandhiphop #dope #proud #hustle

New batch of Observa scrunches just in time for my shows this weekend in SC and GA. First batch sold out fast and I just used up all of the Observa custom fabric, get em while they last! Shoutout to mom for keeping me company and offering up a few sewing tips in the process. They are perfect for the end of the night after you’ve been dancing and sweating and you just want to throw your hair back AND show support for an underground artist. Skip the last call and buy a scrunchie instead, you’ll thank me in the morning. Cop a scrunchie at my show this Friday for Friday Night Delights with Tavo and Friends at @velofellowgv in Greenville SC or Saturday 11am-1pm at music and a meal presents Hip Hop Yoga with Coach K spinning live at 555 Whitehall St Atlanta GA. @amberlynndolan orange or blue? #scrunchies #scrunchie #sewing #Observa #merch #hiphop #nhhiphop #beatenpath #fridaynightdelights #musicandameal #fashion #supportartists

Let the weekend begin!!!!! So excited to be hosting my Beaten Path album release party and Corporate Zombie music video debut at my house in Nashua tonight with the main man who has been partnering with me throughout this entire album 8-bza. Special thanks to @drentparty @sethongraystreet and @homiejuankenobie who will also be performing with me tonight. BBQ at 6 Show at 8 Video debut at 10 Tomorrow night I’ll be rocking with the super dope @newfamellc and @sarahviolettemusic at @pressroomnh in Portsmouth NH #nhhiphop #beatenpath #AlbumReleaseParty #hiphop #Observa #weekend #friday #Nashua

Next round of shows will be a little closer to home! I’m really excited for this stretch for a few reasons: 1) I was asked to perform at a fundraiser dinner for Unlimited Possibilities @up_do_it_now an organization that is doing amazing things across the globe to fight social injustice. 2) I get to perform with @cesarcomanche :) 3) It’s long overdue but I am finally making my way up to @mondayoftheminds Spread the word, Come out, share energy, feel alive, buy a Beaten Path album (now streaming), buy a scrunchie #nhhiphop #rap #hiphop #nhmusic #beatenpath #Observa #livemusic #rapper #beatenpathalbum #yorkme #holyokema #HamdenCt #portlandme

Strong Women Wednesday #SWW shout out to my homie Megan Thigpen-Grieser for always supporting and lifting up those around her. If you ever have the pleasure of hanging out with Megan you will leave feeling awesome about yourself and then you might even get a card in the mail from her making you feel even more awesome. It’s also impossible to find a picture of Megan alone without friends or family surrounding her saying a lot about how much Megan values other humans. Megan became friends with my sister Mary when they both starting coaching together at SCAD in Savanah GA and they have been close friends for at least 15 years so I had Mary give me some reasons why Megan kicks ass: 1. She's literally always up for anything. As a full time graphics designer and mom of 3, she'll still stay out all night dancing, and be up first thing in the morning to hit the beach at sunrise. I'm pretty sure she'd bail me out of jail too, no questions asked.  2. Megan is the first to celebrate the success of her friends. 3. She's raising two tenacious little ladies and now a little man who is growing up in a strong women world where Meg is Queen Bee. 4. Megan has made a career of being creative. From her time at SCAD supporting the athletic department with her design skills, to her kick-ass career at Newall/Rubbermaid and now keeping the creative juices greasy with brands like GUNK, I admire that she's able to stay true to her artistic roots.  Keep on keeping' on Meg. Until the next SAV weekend xoxo. #SWW #StrongWomenWednesday #support @scaddotedu #workingmom #design #supportwomen #rideordie

Strong Women Wednesday SWW shout out to Pam McPhee for demonstrating how to be an amazing leader while still being incredibly companionate and for being such an inspiration for me on my personal journey. Why Pam is awesome: 1) Many of us have ideas of things we want to do that we are passionate about but don’t know how to act on them. Pam fearlessly moves forward on her ideas focusing on the benefits it will bring to others and trusting that the universe will guide her. 2) Pam is a founder and executive director at the UNH Browne Center where she uses her incredible knowledge and experience to help individuals and groups develop their own deliberate culture through inter- and intra-personal skills development. 3) Pam has also founded Windhorse Leadership where she connects her love of horses with her passion for helping others grow and develop. 4) Every time you talk to Pam you feel calmer and inspired to follow your passions. You also will likely leave the conversation with a few recommended books to help you on your journey! Thanks for being such a great mentor Pam! #SWW #strongwomen #StrongWomenWednesday #windhorse #unh #followyourpassion #vibeyoga #womenentrepreneurs #inspire

Strong Woman Wednesday “SWW”shout out to my yoga teacher Sarah Jones @sarahjonesyoga for being one of the friendliest bad asses I know and for bringing yoga into so many peoples lives. Why Sarah is so amazing: 1) She will kick your ass with a smile on her face. In yoga teacher training if someone complained that something was hard she would just say “I know, right?” In a really sympathetic voice that was basically saying life is hard, are you going to work through it or not. 2) Sarah has helped me so much on my personal yoga journey to be confident and learn how to let my light shine. When I recently questioned if I should take more teacher training she reassured me that I already had all the tools I needed. She is an amazing mentor for me and so many other yoga teachers. 3)Sarah went back to school to become a family counselor while starting a family and still teaching like 300 yoga classes a week and is now an amazing counselor. 4) She finds humor in everything around her and is so much fun to be around Thank you for helping me and so many others learn to find share our light! #SWW #StrongWomenWednesday #strongwomen #yogateacher #Mentor #nhyoga @sarahjonesyoga #yogateachertraining #findyourlight #empoweringwomen

PR 2020 Yoga and Service Retreat - Meet the teachers! Lisa and I have different teaching styles (Lisa focusing on alignment and I focusing on flow) but both believe in finding ways to allow students to listen to their own bodies. Lisa knows her way around the island having lived in Puerto Rico for over a year working with various local charities and helping to facilitate volunteer groups. Find out more at #puertorico #pr #yogaretreat #pryogaretreat #puertoricoyoga #puertoricoyogaretreat #pr2020 #vibeyoga #yogateachers #yogaflow #warriortwo #MountainPose #yogaonthebeach #yoga @connectwithlisa

Strong Women Wednesday “SWW” shout out to Janet Coppola aka Mom for always speaking her truth and acting as a strong role model for my sisters and I. Mom raised us to be confident and to always be able to provide for ourselves. Why Janet is a bad ass: 1) She had a successful career as a physical therapist and continued to learn and stay up on the latest research throughout her career 2) It wasn’t always easy and mom was not concerned with keeping up appearances when things got tough. She showed me that it was normal to be angry, depressed or sad at times but you still have to get off your ass and go to work. 3) She is in tune with how the people around her are feeling and always seems to reach out when you need her the most. 4) She always speaks her mind. No need to guess what Jan is thinking. Thanks for raising @blitzandty @mrsheslep and I to be strong independent women! #SWW #StrongWomenWednesday #strongwomenwednesdays #wecandoit #mom #sisters #empoweringwomen #independentwoman #flex #strong #strongwomen #vibeyoga

I’m teaching yoga at Sue’s in Rollinsford today at 11! I’m excited to share my playlist with lots of good music that has recently come out!!! Hope to see you there. Sue’s 3 front st Rollinsford NH $5 - $10 suggested donation 11am - 12pm #sues @sues_space_rules_ #yoga #nhyoga #suna #sunb #rollinsford #yogaflow #communityyoga #community

Super excited for @quanstar1976 and @familysfavorite opening their first location in the We Suki Suki food collective in East Atlanta Village TOMORROW!!! I had a chance to check out the space and sample some of the coffee when I was down south touring with @lovecoachk and @quanstar1976 last month and was able to take home an lb of beans (which were checked by TSA on the flight home) Made up a batch of @familysfavorite grand mariner coffee in my cold brew coffee maker and have been enjoying it all week. Love to see my friends making moves and keeping me caffeinated! #supportlocalbusiness #blackownedbusiness #support #atl @wesukisukieav #coffee #MakingMoves #grandmarnier #grandmarniercoffee #entrepreneur #getit

Catch me in Nashua tonight at @revolution_bar_and_restaurant with @who.iam_live @betweendreamsband and Faith Ann. I’ll be doing a full set of rapping as well as jumping in on a few funky songs with Who.Iam. There will be a mix of synth, acoustic and hip hop to scratch all of your musical itches tonight. Tomorrow night I’ll be mixed in with all types of artists at Jupiter Hall in Manchester for M.A.P. Music Arts and Poetry live art pop up. I’ll have copies of my Beaten Path album with me for sale at both shows. 📸 @melgonzalezom #Observa #nhhiphop #nhmusic #nhart #hiphop #Nashua #manchesternh @jupiterhallnh #beatenpath #tgif

Had so much fun filming my Corporate Zombie music video yesterday with the Halliday twins. and @parker_halliday I was so impressed with how creative and professional these young women are. They know exactly how to play off of each other’s strengths. I can’t wait to see the finished product. I’ll be debuting the music video at my album release party on Friday July 12th. Hit me up if you want to come to the party or want a copy of my “Beaten Path” album. Thanks to everyone who came out to support the video shoot yesterday @blitzandty @prod_by_8_bza @4missgail @hollygood108 , Pete, Robyn and Pat #Observa #beatenpath #corporatezombie #musicvideo #nhhiphop #Zombie #zombiemask #keyboards #strongwomen #directors #hallidaytwins #observahiphop #hiphop