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This is why you should write down EVERYTHING and create a path for yourself. I started my job with a web design agency Oct 9th. My major job out of retail into something I fell in love with. I soon gave myself a new path of getting a promotion and a raise. I wrote that down as well. Less than a year later it happened. Push yourself and tell yourself everyday that you WILL do the next big thing. Believe in yourself. That’s all I do now.

This girl deals with me daily and that says a lot. So thankful for the help for the busiest days of Supercon and helping me make my first ever experience a blast!

Apparently it’s #nationalcatladyday ?? If it’s not then who cares?! Everyday is cat day!

I haven’t posted in a few days, because I can’t seem to get anything nailed down. This is an old one, but I am still a fan and recoloring to make it 80s is my favorite part. What do you think? - - #drive #ryangosling #procreate

Procreate added an animation feature and...its incredibly awkward to use.

So many magnets!! (And one button)

Revisited an older piece. I’m not great at drawing backgrounds so using these photos helps me have a more solid piece and forces me to be more creative with the images I draw on top of them. #overwatch #dva #nerfthis