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Newbie Pro(g)r(ay)mmer Anda depresi? Matius 27:5

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Alhamdulillah, this is my new setup. Why am I using Manjaro as opposed to pure Arch? Well I had no time to configure Arch within 2 days on this baby. Anyway, these are her specifications. KaiTro * i5-8300H * NVIDIA GTX 1050 4GB * 15881MiB * 1TB HDD + 24GB SSD She is Replacing RaTu just because KaiTro has a good gaming GPU, a bit better CPU and lighter than RaTu. Not to mention, the open source drivers are better in KaiTro than RaTu. KAIsora (my name) + acer niTRO 5 (my Laptop). kaisoRA + dell latiTUde e6530. #archlinux #manjaro #linux

#termux no Captions besides this is what I'll do when I'm Bored....

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Trusted on 88 servers, if you want invite my bot please use this link: and don't forget to click vote button. #masamibot #discordbot #discordapp #discordjs

Hmm... 🤔🤔

I hope to die after graduation. #2019mati