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Męczymy się... W domu temperatura przekracza 27*C, a to dopiero początek i pierwsze tak ciepłe dni. Nikt nigdy nie przekona mnie ,że kiedy temperatura na dworze przekracza 25*C to jest fajnie... 😥. Od zawsze powtarzam ,że nie cierpię upałów i chyba moje zdanie w tej kwestii nigdy się nie zmieni.🤷 Zdecydowanie mogłabym żyć mając wieczną wiosnę 🌱🌤️.18- 20*C, delikatny wiaterek i mogę iść na koniec świata 😂. A wy team gorące lato czy ciepła wiosna?❤️🌱 #wycieczka #spacer #wyjazd #zoo #rodzina #mama #mamaicorki #corka #dziecko #dziewczynka #siostry #polskamama #parenting #spacwrowka #mlodamama #instadziecko #mojewszystko

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Ava is super happy to be a big cousin again. This time to gorgeous little Olivia. Huge congratulations to Charlotte and Jamie. Can’t wait to steal your baby away for play dates.

It ain’t always been easy and at times it’s got pretty dark but together we made it to One! Happy Birthday to the dribbilest, nosiest, cheekiest little moaning myrtle we know!

Happy 1st Birthday to Cecilias Partner in crime and my hilarious little niece. We love you so much.

Today Cecilia took her first steps. About time; she needs to be able to run from her sister.

How is the little whirlwind 4 today! She may make my life living hell at times but I wouldn’t change her for anything. She’s my strong headed, talkative, sassy queen and I can’t wait to see what adventures she’s going to get up to as she start school in September! Good luck to the teachers is all I’ll say.

Happy 30th anniversary to a couple who have fought to get to where they are today. Thanks for giving me you your morals, your work ethics and more importantly your support. Here’s to another thirty years of not murdering each other. 🥂

What it's like to be a parent: It's one of the hardest things you'll ever do but in exchange it teaches you the meaning of unconditional love.

Some things don’t ever change.....Who needs friends when you have teddies.

Did you know that nappies take 200 - 500 years to decompose. @suleika78 made me aware of this and it honestly shocked me! It shocked me so much that @tomsavedfilm and I are starting to make a few changes to our lives to try and be a bit more green and eco friendly. Of course we had to start with the nappies so we have made the switch to- @kitandkinuk nappies and wipes as the nappies biodegrade in 3-6 years which if I’m honest is amazing considering the other statistics. Not only this but but for every 10 nappy subscriptions they get they purchase 1 acre of the rainforest through the world land trust. It may be more money for nappies but I honestly couldn’t live with leaving more nappies than I already had decomposing for 200 - 500 years...can you???

That’s it 4 Years of childcare done and she’s off into the big world of school. Now we sit back and pray we have brought her up enough to find her way at school. Always remember Ava-Mary; You are kind, you are brave and you are important.

She made a flying visit, I miss her. @aarmtong move her back to the UK please. Ta.

Chloe and Cecilia, Blue eyed beauties.

When Ice cream is life...

This little beauty is getting Married tomorrow. She’s the most carefree, childish, loving and thoughtful person I know. She’s marrying a pretty decent guy too. Can’t wait to help you tie the knot tomorrow and for you to start your new adventure as The Bateman’s!!

I missed the obligatory 9 Months in 9 Months out post by 2 days. But ya know that sums up my life right now.

Ava-Mary has finished taken part In her First Ballet show. When I asked her what it was like she said ‘different.’ The highlight was collecting her from the chaperones and them telling me that she is such an adorable little girl and another said she was so sweet and her ‘chat’ was great. Really needed to hear those things as recently she’s been pretty testing. Proud Mumma day.

My little Dumbo. 🐘

Another June done at work and it was full of tears, late nights, takeaways and the mental breakdown of an entire department. However yesterday we smashed our target and celebrated with Gin. Now I can return to being a mummy to these two, who decided to get chickenpox in the last week of the busiest month of the year at work. I am lucky to have a such a huge support system so this mainly a cheers and thank you to the family that helped take care of them and made smashing our work target possible!!!

3 years...things may have changed but we still sit silently on our phones next to each other.

Works been crazy, life’s been hectic, emotions are all over the place, then I look at this pictures and everything just feels that slightly bit better. My own little Girl Gang.

Can’t believe this pickle is already 7 months. I think I’ve been in denial about the fact she’s not a new born anymore and now she suddenly looks so grown up.

This crazy bunch of kids are some of my favourite little humans.

Full time working and full time parenting doesn’t all ways go to plan. Here I am proving that as always I am acing this parenting life. Today after my baby alarm decided to sleep in it was a mad rush for the door which resulted in my three year old eating her Cheerios out of a sandwich bag- what a hearty breakfast. I didn’t feel bad until I heard her little voice in the back go ‘mummy I’m thirsty can I have some milk.’ This post isn’t a beg for comments of ‘ your doing a great job’ or ‘she’s happy that’s all that matters’ it’s more of a post to say here I am being open about my parenting fails and not feeling bad about them but laughing. She enjoyed the treat and told me ‘not to tell daddy cause he doesn’t like eating in the car’ I made it to work only 5 minutes late and I think that is the real accomplishment here. ACING IT.

Today I got to look after three of my nieces and nephews. This meant we had 5 kids, I loved it! I mean I knew I was handing them back! But it was so lovely watching Ava with her cousins and being able to allow her to create the memories that I now fondly think back on that I had with my cousins and aunties and uncles. I say it often but I’ll say it again, I love my big family!

The department I work for, Residential Property and the Real Estate department at @hcsolicitors just won Property Law Firm of the year at Thames Valley Property Awards. I’m so proud of my team and the department. We work god dam hard and it’s great to see it recognised!!!!

There are so many photos I could post from today. This however is one of my favourites. Enjoy.

What a legacy he has left behind. He is not gone only living on forever in each of us.

Magical Memories were made.

It ain’t easy this parenting malarkey but moments like this make it all worth while.

Happy Birthday to this dynamic duo. I have truly enjoyed watching them grow up and am so lucky I get to be their Aunty.

I know it’s seen as cannibalism, but does anyone else ever want to just eat their children up?

Ava-M loves a good coffee morning. She is growing up, she’s in her first ballet show this year and she starts school this year. She drives me god dam crazy sometimes, however, she makes me laugh. She told Tom and I today we are always patronising her ( must be her new word she’s learnt) and she asked to call her godfather Andy really randomly. She also is now lifting Cecilia ( much to my delight) and has two favourite songs, one being ‘ we are never getting back together’, of course I am super proud of that. I honestly can’t remember when I blinked and she grew up.

Cecilia Joyce Eldred, what a gal.💕

To the toughest, most organised, most thoughtful and selfless lady that is my mother. May I only be able to raise my girls as well as you raised yours. Happy international Women’s day.

Id keep you safe Id keep you dry, don’t be afraid Cecilia I’m the satellite and you’re the sky.

It’s time for me to give my Rainbow baby over to childcare and return to the world of work. It’s only be 4 Months but I honestly could not be more in love with little Cecilia, she is so special to me and it’s going to be tough handing her over tomorrow. Parenting a baby this time has been such a doddle, however, dealing with my strong willed three year old has not. I love Ava-M to pieces though and it’s been great being able to enjoy sometime with her whilst she’s older, especially with her starting school this year. It feels like I’m returning to reality tomorrow but I know I’m doing it to enable me to make wonderful memories with my girl gang. I’m not crying guys.....I swear.

When your cousins look this dam good and you realise you’re the runt of the litter.

Proud of this guy becoming captain of the men’s golf club. Also proud he gave us great genes, high five Grandad woof woof.

Happy Mother’s Day to the worlds most spectacular women. A week doesn’t go past with out at least one phone call to this women. We used to argue like crazy but she is my best friend. She’s been there sleeping next to me after a bad a break up, she’s picked me up dusted me off and set me on my way again after some of my toughest moments. She’s a shoulder to cry on, someone to laugh with (belly aching laugh), and a women who loves me truly unconditionally. she’s taught me to work hard for I want, that parenting is about having time to yourself too and that family is truly the most important thing. I won’t ever be able to repay all the things she’s done for me and for Thomas but all I can say is I am proud you are my mum and I love you to the moon and back.