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🐤Breeder of exotic birds based in New York City specializing in rare color mutations . For all inquiries please email us at 🐣🐣🐣

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Diesel and Phebs! Love these two . Diesel is from my original foundation stock and Phebs is a baby from one of the first Mint clutches here at #marksparrots

A stunning Yellowside Green Cheek Conure in the hands of @eightisaflock . Such a beautiful bird. Next season will be phenomenal! #marksparrots

Happy Saturday everyone. Here’s Phoebe one of my 2018 hatch Mint babies receiving the royal treatment . I cant wait until next season ! It will be spectacular #marksparrots

Class is in session! Two of my 2019 hatch babies living the dream with @ghione_zoo #marksparrots

@babyhedwig has more of a social life than i do ! Lol always great to see him interacting with so many new people. Socialization is extremely important for a Parrot . Remember in the wild these birds live in flocks with as many as 50 birds! #marksparrots

What an amazing view . Check out @babyhedwig . One of my stunning 2019 hatch Pineapples living an amazing life in his new home #marksparrots

Since the breeding season has ended ive been reading alot more lately. Looks like @apolonio.el.cuaquero has too. #marksparrots

Wow Wow Wow such an amazing picture! @babyhedwig is a Pineapple Green cheek conure that just went to her new home this week . Pineapples are one of the most popular Green cheek mutations by far and also one of my favorites . The Pineapple mutation is a combination of the Yellowside and Cinnamon mutation. This mutation was developed in the early 2000s . #marksparrots

One of my 2019 hatch babies with @ghione_zoo enjoying a nutritious meal. A balanced healthy diet is important for not only physical health but mental health as well . #marksparrots

Very grateful for another year and also this wonderful community. It is amazing being able to share my birds with the world . #marksparrots #mark

Many already know this but Febreze IS toxic to birds .

@rendhar78 is enjoying her spectacular Mint Green Cheek Conure from #marksparrots . Hes such a playful little one

@ellisbirb is up early preparing his spear for any possible intruders Lol .Happy Monday. Have a great week! #marksparrots

Safe to say @orange_blah_blah loves her Green Cheek from Mark’s Parrots! Is everyone ready for next season ??? I have some spectacular pairings planned and will be sharing them with you all #marksparrots

Apolonio is on top of the world in his new home . Hes such a chatterbox! I believe he will be an excellent talker in the future. #marksparrots

@lauren and Her lovely Mint Green cheek Conure from #marksparrots .

@elizabethpearson is enjoying her beautiful @cocobeanbird from Mark’s Parrots . Perfect match! #marksparrots

My three beautiful Suncheek chicks sitting pretty while i clean out their cage . #marksparrots

The Mint is a combination of the Turquoise and American dilute mutation. Both of these beautiful mutations are recessive so that means both parents must carry the gene to produce these babies. I have two clutches of Mints being handfed right now so i will be able to make unrelated pairs. Message me if you are ready to add this stunning rare mutation to your Pet flock or your breeding program . #marksparrots

Isnt she lovely? One of my 2019 hatch Pineapples . Such a beautiful bird . Shes living an amazing life at the @ghione_zoo #marksparrots

My beautiful clutch of Mint and Yellowside Mint Green Cheek Conures. One Yellowside Mint is available! #marksparrots

Ricky loves his beautiful bird Pína from @marksparrots . It’s definitely a bond that cant be broken 😊 #marksparrots

How could you not want to add a sweet Yellowside Green cheek to your flock. Im now handfeeding an adorable chick . Message me for a sneak peak!! #marksparrots

A spectacular Yellowside Mint . The Yellowside Mint is a combination of the Yellowside, American Dilute and Turquoise mutations . I actually have one more available. Message me for more information. #marksparrots

🎶 I believe that children are the future 🎶 Lol . Lovely seeing the next generation interacting with birds. Especially birds from @marksparrots 😃 #marksparrots @ghione_zoo

@marilizvet enjoying her wonderful bird Pína . I love seeing updates on babies from @marksparrots . It totally makes my day #marksparrots

Two babies from #marksparrots thriving at the @ghione_zoo . I absolutely love these two, they were a joy to raise .

My very last Mint Green cheek of the season . If you have been dying to have a Mint Green cheek conure now is your chance to get one for my End of Season Special price 😎 . DM me for more information #marksparrots

A beautiful Turquoise Dilute aka Mint for @rendhar78 . This little boy is spectacular #marksparrots

@yasz_caiiano is loving her new Green Cheek from @marksparrots . Such a lovely photo. Its amazing being able to meet such wonderful people. #marksparrots

“Hey Dad is our cage cleaned yet? You said 5 minutes “ 😂😂😂 #marksparrots

Two beautiful Suncheeks heading to Virginia ✈️ . From NYC TO VA #marksparrots

Such an exceptional bird . This baby will be going home to @amy_rossetti in just a few days 😁. #marksparrots

Lovely seeing babies from @marksparrots absolutely thriving in their new homes . Ive met some amazing people this season and im looking forward to the next! #marksparrots