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Ladies and gentlemen, we got him. I’m very happy with the transfer. Yes, we all have to admit that at 80M, he is overpriced. But oh well. On a personal level, I love Maguire as he seems like a genuinely great guy and a top professional, as well as being a great meme. But on the field, he’s a top CB and exactly what we need. No more Phil Jones! Welcome @harrymaguire93 ! #welcomeslabhead #welcomemaguire #harrymaguire #maguire #leicester #manunited #manchesterunited #manu #RedDevils #pogba #PaulPogba #degea #martial #rashford #lindelof #football #respect #wanbissaka

That’s it. Yesterday the transfer window closed, and here are my thoughts about our summer. It’s a disgrace. An absolute disgrace from Ed Woodward. But first, the positives: Our defence is now very strong. Also, all the signings we have actually made are very good signings. Finally, we sold Lukaku. Now, the negatives. Our midfield is EVEN WEAKER than last year, due to Herrera leaving. Again, we haven’t bought a RW. Again, our midfield next year will be completely devoid of attacking creativity if Pogba is marked. The deadwood of the club are still here, despite Ole promising they would go. Look at Arsenal. THAT is an ambitious summer, an ambitious rebuild. The club should be ashamed that the ‘Massive rebuild’ we were promised didn’t happen. Still, I am looking forward to next season, as if we play how we did when Ole first got the job, we could be in with a shot for top 4. #united #manunited #manchesterunited #manutd #RedDevils #transfers #transferwindow #pogba #football #mufc #rashford #marcusrashford #degea #maguire #harrymaguire #PremierLeague #manu #lindelof #davesaves #wanbissaka #lukeshaw

This is the team I would field against Perth today. This game is not important at all so youth should definitely be given a chance, and we are all excited to see @daniel_james97 and @a_bissaka play in a united shirt! Rashford should come on if Greenwood is struggling but otherwise I think we should see what they’ve got. Lindelof should ply so we have a platform in defence to build off. Who do you guys think we should play? #manutd #manutd #manchesterunited #manunited #rashford #DanielJames #wanbissaka #pogba #football #preseason #perth #rashford #lindelof #degea

As a result of Pogba’s agents comments, we have again been linked with Sergei Milenkovic-Savic, a 24 year old midfielder for Lazio. He would likely cost about 80M and plays similarly to Pogba. Pros: Young Technically gifted Physically strong In a position we need to strengthen Cons: Might struggle in Prem Hasn’t had a fantastic season Expensive Redundant having him and Fernandes I would actually love this transfer, but I think it is highly unlikely as I think we will get Bruno Fernandes instead. What do you guys think? #MilinkovicSavic #lazio #manchesterunited #manutd #manunited #pogba #MinoRaiola #transfers #midfield #rashford #lindelof #matic #degea #lingard

According to numerous sources, we are close to agreeing a fee for Harry Maguire, an English 26 CB playing for Leicester in the premier league. This deal is looking like it will cost 80M. Pros: In his prime Top quality defender In a position we need to strengthen English Very unlikely to be a flop Cons: Extremely expensive Other options out there I am not as enthusiastic about this transfer as many other united fans, however I do think that it would be a good signing as Maguire is a quality player. My only problem is with the frankly ridiculous fee of 80M. For that money we could potentially get Fernandes and Alderweireld. What do you guys think? #harrymaguire #maguire #englandfootball #manu #matic #manchesterunited #manunited #manutd #pogba #lingard #rashford #degea #transfers #leicestercity #leicester #lindelof #martial #PremierLeague #football

We are close to signing Wan-Bissaka for 55M. Obviously this is absurdly expensive but he is a quality player so 🤷‍♂️. Thing is, with him in the team, we have 3 good defenders from 4 - Shaw, Lindelof and Wan-Bissaka. If we get one more decent CB, that is a very good back 4. The only negative is how the transfer will affect Dalot, who more than deserves his place in the squad... What do you guys think about Wan-Bissaka? #wanbissaka #manu #manunited #manchesterunited #football #transfers #pogba #rashford #lingard #lindelof #degea #crystalpalace #Shaw #bailly

Pogba has said in a recent interview that he is interested in ‘moving on’. Is he our best player? Probably, but not consistently. I say if he doesn’t want to be here then get rid of him. No player is bigger than the club. We can get 100M for him and by Neves and Tielemans, and that midfield would actually be better imo. What do you guys think about the comments he’s made? #pogba #manu #matic #manutd #manchesterunited #manunited #rashford #transfers #football #ggmu #RedDevils #degeasaves #degea #lingard #alexis #sanchez

Man Utd are apparently interested in Thomas Meunier. He is a 27- year old RB currently playing for PSG. Here is what I think about the deal: Pros: In his prime- doesn’t have to develop Physically strong Cheap as only 1 year left on his contract We need a decent RB Wouldn’t ruin Dalot’s development Is apparently a United fan Cons: Not a long term buy Could be rubbish and slow I think this transfer is a great idea, but I’m not sure if it’ll actually happen. He’ll come in and immediately shore up our defence, he’s much cheaper than Wan-Bissaka AND I don’t see the point of having Dalot and Wan-Bissaka, they could just ruin each other’s development. For 25M or less I reckon we should do this deal. What do you think?

Man united have reportedly bid 40M for Aaron Wan-Bissaka. He is a young English RB playing for Crystal Palace. Pros Young English Solid defensively No more Ashley Young Room to develop Very unlikely to be a flop Cons Expensive Inexperienced Could hinder dalots development Bad at crossing Overall I feel that he’s a bit overrated and expensive, meunier would be a better option. If we can get him for less than 50M I think it’s a good deal, other wise not 🤷‍♂️. What do you guys think?

According to recent sources, Lukaku has agreed terms with Inter Milan. I really hope this is true, as this deal would benefit the player and the club for these reasons: 1. We play much worse with him up top as we just play long ball 2. We can get a lot of money for him which we can use to strengthen the squad 3. He’s an inconsistent striker who has fallen behind Rashford in the pecking order I wouldn’t go for a swap deal for Perisic, I’d only go for a swap deal if they give us Skriniar. I hope he leaves tbh, he was never right for the club. What do you guys think?

If you’re a united fan who’s been watching the recent transfer news, you will know about this guy- Daniel James. Apparently we are on the verge of signing him, so sorry for not doing this earlier. Pros: Young Quick and skillfull Can play RW Adds depth to squad Could be great super-sub Very cheap (15M) so minimal risk Cons: Could be an absolute flop This seems like a great signing to me that actually makes sense. Even if he turns out rubbish, it’s only 15M so it’s no biggie! However, If Sancho was a flop, that’s 100M down the drain. Imo we should definitely sign him, and I’m looking forward to seeing him in the United shirt next season (hopefully). What do you guys think about him?

Cool, this club is a joke and obviously this is beyond embarrassing. Ole shouldn’t have been given the contract so early - why was Young playing? Or Jones? We got a bit unlucky I thought, but tbh I’ve had enough of this. Mason Greenwood is sick tho. Ole should have played more youth, as this game didn’t even matter. #rashford #sanchez #PremierLeague #lindelof #greenwood #manchesterunited #manu #pogba #matic

£100 for Sancho. I don’t think this will happen, but we have been linked with him all year. Pros: Perfect player to fill RW position Very young Huge potential- could be one of the best in the world Has been brilliant this year English (so good for England national team if he plays with Rashford, Greenwood etc) Skillfull and quick Cons: Extremely expensive Could be a one season wonder Would take time to adapt to the prem Could stunt Greenwood and Chong development This is a transfer I would love, but it is one that could massively backfire. He’s in a position we neeeed to strengthen, but we need depth and Sancho would be hugely expensive- we could get 2 great players instead. What do you guys think? #rashford #sanchez #PremierLeague #lindelof #Sancho #manu #manchesterunited #manunited #transfers #pogba #matic #degea #ggmu

What is this team? It’s a disgrace! Dalot should be in over Young, this game doesn’t even matter! Why no Chong? Ughhh

Apparently we are interested in signing Inter winger Ivan Perisic. Pros: Good physically and technically Fills RW spot we need As he is older he allows Greenwood/Chong time to develop without being in direct competition. Cons: Expensive Inconsistent Had a poor season this year Old so not much time to develop Overall I would be disappointed with this transfer. He’s not one for the future, and he hasn’t even been that good this season. What do you guys think? #rashford #sanchez #PremierLeague #lindelof #manutd #manu #transfers #Perisic #manchesterunited

My preferred team for the game today. Rashford was alright last time out, as well as Alexis (vs Barca, not city). Would rather have a youth player than Martial, but he’s better than Lingard and Lukaku so 🤷‍♂️. Didn’t think Matic was that bad against Everton, and that midfield trio were beasts earlier on in the season. Honestly that’s the only decent defence we have. Ggmu 🔴 #sanchez #pogba #rashford #PremierLeague #lingard #manchesterunited #ggmu #manunited

There are rumours that Rio Ferdinand could become director of football. In my opinion this is a poor idea as he has absolutely no experience. This is completely indicative of the poor recruitment strategy of the last 6 years. Just because you love the club or are a club legend, doesn’t mean you should instantly get access to an important position. We need experience and quality in this role to transform the club imo. #pogba #rashford #sanchez #PremierLeague #lindelof #ferdinand #manu #manchesterunited #manunited

We have apparently been linked with Ryan Fraser, a Scottish winger who can play on the left and right. Pros: Cheap Joint most assists this season Can fill our RW spot Only 25 Wouldn’t necessarily need a starting place, could be an effective sub Proven in the prem Cons: Inconsistent Better options I would love us to get him, but ONLY for less than 30M, as I believe that Lozano and Sancho are better. But he has been great for Bournemouth this season. What are your thoughts on this? #manchesterunited #manunited #manu #ggmu #pogba #rashford #sanchez #PremierLeague #lindelof #matic #ryanfraser

We are reportedly interested in making a move for these two players, Bruno Fernandes and Joao Felix who are both enjoying great seasons. Fernandes: Pros: Only 24 Good technically Great goalscorer Could potentially be convinced into joining the club quite easily Cons: Liga NOS isn’t as competitive Very expensive Take some time to settle into the Prem All in all I would love for us to get Fernandes. If we also had Neves, we would have a great Portuguese combo! Felix Pros: Very young Can play multiple positions Showing great potential Cons: Not out and out RW which we need Very expensive Could be one season wonder I think we should give Felix another year. If he’s still sick, then yeah, go for him, but no need to rush it imo. What do you guys think about these players? #pogba #rashford #sanchez #PremierLeague #lindelof #sanchez #manchesterunited #manutd #manu

Apparently Inter are interested in swapping Icardi for Lukaku. This is an awful deal which would severely damage the club financially which is why the board might go for it (cos they’re clueless) here are some reasons why it’s a bad deal: 1. We need money. In order to overhaul the squad like we need to, we need to spend money, and lots of it. Selling Lukaku for 80M can get us Wan-Bissaka and Lozano. 2. Trading him gets us an overrated striker who will stunt Rashfords development. 3. Icardi has no premier league experience. He could be a huge flop. 4. We don’t need another striker, other areas need strengthening. A swap deal for Skriniar would be better. 5. Icardi has an awful attitude, and we need people who will give 100% every week. There’s been so much drama surrounding Icardi this year, it just spells bad news. That’s why this is an awful idea imo. If you disagree with me, feel free to comment saying why, I’d like to hear your point of view. #pogba #rashford #PremierLeague #lingard #manu #lukaku #icardi #manchesterunited #matic #degea #sanchez

Dead team... why is young playing... I like the midfield tho, there’s some actual quality there but that attack consists of 1 out of form player (Rashford) and another bang average player who’s also out of form (Lingard). Martial or Alexis should be in over Lingard who has been absolutely atrocious recently. Martial isn’t in great form but at least he has some quality and he has been much better than Rashford recently. Also, any Man U ‘fan’ that wants City to win can go to hell. It doesn’t impact us if Liverpool win a title- but losing on purpose does if we can’t get top 4. Also, imagine paying huge prices to watch a derby at a great stadium only to watch your team throw a game. Any fan who doesn’t want us to win is betraying what both the sport and the club stand for. #pogba #rashford #PremierLeague #lingard #manu #manchesterunited #manchestercity #degea #ggmu #derby #manchesterderby

Really sorry 😂 , but I have to get this off my chest: I remember watching Man U- City last year. In the first half, no passion, no desire, nothing. But in the second, suddenly the players showed more heart than any of the city players and we won the game, fighting for every ball, every tackle. And, despite being a derby, the game wasn’t even that important. But yesterday, none of the players even bothered to try, except maybe Pogba and Dalot. It was lazy and inexcusable. They had no heart and just couldn’t be bothered, even after we went down. And this was in a game CRUCIAL to our season. Like it’s okay to concede and lose, but not in that matter, not in that way. That performance was beyond poor. I probably ran more when I went to the park yesterday than Rashford or Lukaku did 😂 We badly miss the leadership of Rooney and Zlatan, or even Herrera. And guys, please don’t blame Ole for this cause it’s the players. Credit for photo: Give him a follow if you haven’t already it’s a great page. Do you guys have anything to add? I’ll gladly listen, and sorry for ranting 😂 #manu #manutd #manchesterunited #matic #lingard #rashford #PremierLeague #pogba #alexis #degea #ggmu

We have been linked with the Ajax star Hatem Ziyech. He is 25 years old and has had an incredible season so far. As a player, he is a creative midfielder who has played RW a lot this season (A position we need to strengthen). His market value is 35M, but he would probably cost 50M. He would be a fantastic addition to United’s squad, as he could fill the RW spot and relieve some of the creative burden on pogba. If we could get him for less than 45M it would be a brilliant deal imo. What do you think about this potential transfer? #davesaves #pogba #rashford #RedDevils #martial #ggmu #transfers #ajax #Ziyech #manutd #manchesterunited #manu #matic #lingard #jlingz

Lineup. Why are Jones and smalling starting together? Bailly is much better (he might be injured tho) Sick midfield though, but we should start Chong instead of mata imo

I like this team... but I think Dalot should start RB instead of Young, and Martial at LW. Wolves are a sick side so should be a good game, but we need to win this one. Hoping for a big performance. 🔴🔴 #lukeshaw #pogba #rashford #RedDevils #ggmu #manchesterunited

This man... Benched most of last year, never fit, he has transformed himself into one of, if not the, best LB in the league. So solid defensively and dangerous in attack as well. Salah? Pocketed. Hazard? Pocketed. This man has it all. He has to get player of the season, because he is the only player in the team to have been solid all season. Lindelof turned into a beast after the Juve game, and he’s the only other real candidate. Keep up the great work, Luke. 👏👏🙌 #manchesterunited #pogba #rashford #RedDevils #ggmu #lukeshaw #football

First, positives: McTominnay. Aaand... wait no just mctominay. Negatives: I said before the game in my last post that Young was trash, because he’s a worthless cheating waste of money, not United quality. Pogba is waaay too inconsistent, Jesse is not Messi, and we have BARCELONA next. We’re gonna get banged 😞 also smalling and Jones can just go and leave. Just buy the beast Koulibaly already 😔 #pogba #rashford #RedDevils #lukeshaw #ggmu #manchesterunited

My thoughts on the Herrera stuff: it’s completely false, made up. If it’s not, the again, Woodward, the specialist in failure, is to blame. Yet again. The guy is useless. #woodwardout As for replacing him? Two words: Andreas Perieira. Young, a good tackler, works hard and intelligent. Also completely free.

Hirving Lozano. Has great stats this season and could solve our RW problems, and seems to be a dedicated, hard working player (unlike some other dabbers in the team lol) Was great in the WC too. So, given the choice, would I have him over Sancho? No. I believe Sancho has higher ceiling, BUT Lozano may work harder and be more consistent than him. Most importantly, Lozano will be LESS THAN HALF of what Sancho will cost. I dunno. What do you guys think about this possible transfer? I think it’s a great move 👍 #pogba #rashford #RedDevils #lukeshaw #transfers #manchesterunited

Huge game - Manchester United vs Barcelona, QF of the Champions League. Am I optimistic about our chances? No. In my opinion, this match goes 1 of 2 ways... 1. Messi plays a blinder, we get dominated and lose convincingly 2. Messi has an off game and we get a tight win. I’m hoping for the latter, and I’m just excited now tbh- weeks of speculation comes down to this. Let’s go! #ggmu • #pogba #rashford #RedDevils #barcelona #manchesterunited #messi #martial #ChampionsLeague