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Luna 😻, Zelda😻 & Oryx🐍
Luna 😻, Zelda😻 & Oryx🐍

Just two rescue cats and a ball python tolerating our mom's love of photography... Our owner: @my_vicious_visions

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Happy birthday to my Luna Tuna Fat Girl ❤ I cannot believe she's two already. Luna has had a challenging life so far - early on after adopting her as a kitten, I found out she has retinal degeneration and mild cerebellar hyperplasia, meaning shes slowly going blind (at this point, I'm confident that shes almost completely blind based on how often she runs into things) and that her brain isnt fully developed. She also had entropion, though thanks to the amazing @sthubertsanimal, she was able to get the surgery she needed and recovered amazingly. Luna is very far from your stereotypical 'independent' cat. She lives to be next to me or on my lap/shoulder and shows a level of affection that many cats won't show. Even though her situation seems to get more challenging as she gets older, I am so grateful to be the owner of such a sweet, loving girl ❤ . . . #cat #kitten #whitecat #prettykitty #adoptdontshop #rescuecats #blindcat #cerebellarhypoplasia #catsofinstagram #catsofworld

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Wow it only took mom 5 months to remember her password for this account... #wereback #catsofinstagram