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Список додатків для створення Stories. StoryArt Unfoild SparkPost Over CANVA DesignLab ColorStory Nabi Сервіси мають готові шаблони на різні теми, які можна відредагувати для своїх історіц. Я поки що використовую тільки CANVA, але цвкаво заглянути і в інші додатки. Залишаю список тут, може комусь також згодиться. Якщо, корисно тоді не пошкодуйте поставити ❤ #сммукраїна #сммспециалист #сммчернівці #чернівці

Топ інструментіа для роботи в Інстаграм. Коротко розкажу про сервіси, які я використовую для своїх публікацій 1. Canva – популярний і зручний ресурс для роботи з картинками. Дає можливість без особливих знань зробити креатив на будь-яку тему. Дуже багато корисних інструментів та готових взірців для різних соцмереж. Можна створювати банери, резюме, візитки, логотипи, публікації для соцмереж і т. д. Працювати в канві можна, як з комп’ютера так і з мобільного телефону. 2. Snapseed – додаток, який дозволяє обробляти фото. Висвітлювати, обрізати, додавати насиченості чи коригувати вибілювання. 3. InShot – додаток для редагування відео. Наприклад, із звичайного широкоформатного відео, можна зробити вертикальне для IGTV. Створення колажів та обробка фото. 4. TagsFinder – додаток для пошуку тегів. Дуже простий у використанні. Наразі це все. Якщо цікаво, підписуйтесь та слідкуйте за публікаціями. Дізнавайтесь більше про соцмережі та просування у них свого бізнесу. 😀👍❤

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AYDIN UNIVERSITY: FALL INTAKE ADMISSION Admission for Fall 2019 Intake open now! Apply now to get 50 % scholarship offered to International students! Aydın University (IAU) is the largest foundation university in Turkey and also pioneered vocational school of higher education accredited and regulated by the Council of Higher Education (YOK). At present IAU has 11 faculties, 3 Graduate Schools, 3 Vocational Schools with more than 200 different educational programs at associate, undergraduate and graduate levels. Istanbul Aydin University in numbers: Diploma Accreditation by European Union & European Higher Education Area Istanbul Aydin University is Turkey's most preferred foundation university since 2007; It has the biggest Technology Center of Turkey, established on a single area that consists of 32 different laboratories; Cooperation for education with more than 450 universities worldwide; Istanbul Aydin University is the only Turkish University that offers applied education in cooperation with thousands of solution partners; 40.000 + Students in 2017-2018 Academic Year; 3500 + International students from 102 countries; IAU Health Science Faculty is comprised of 21 laboratories; 28.000 Alumni in 2017-2018 Academic Year 1600 Academic Staff; 28 Applied Research Centers 250.000 m2 of open area & 190.000 m2 of Indoor area; 83.6% recruitment and placement rate thanks to our established Career Placement Center. LIST OF FACULTIES: Faculty of Dentistry; Faculty of Education; Faculty of Science and Literature; Faculty of Fine Arts; Faculty of Law; Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences; Faculty of Communication; Faculty of Architecture and Design; Faculty of Engineering; Faculty of Health Sciences; Faculty of Medicine; If you need more information about IAU Contact us +90 543 533 63 32‬ (Phone,WhatsApp,Viber)

INTERESTING TURKISH LANGUAGE FACTS If you’re thinking about learning Turkish it’s always good to know a little about the origins and history of the language you are learning. 1. The Origins The Turkish language is part of the Turkic languages, and was first spoken in Mongolia, before being strongly influenced by Arabic and Persian. Turkish was then reformed in the 20th century. 2. The Speakers Turkish has around 75 million native speakers, mainly in Turkey and the surrounding countries. Thanks to a large Turkish diaspora, Turkish is spoken in more than 30 countries where it is not an official language, including Germany with two million Turkish speakers. 3. The Alphabet Before 1928, Turkish was written using a specific form of Arabic writing. In order to modernize Turkey, the administration adopted an adapted form of the Latin alphabet in the 20th century to replace the Arabic writing. 4. The Loanwords Some Turkish words made it into English, such as divan, kayak, kebab, kiosk, pilaf and yogurt. 5. The Tongue Twisters Tongue twisters are present in most languages and Turkish is no exception. For example: Bir berber bir berbere gel berber beraber Berberistan’da bir berber dükkanı açalım demiş. – A barber told another barber “come barber, let’s start up a joint barbershop in Barberistan”. Do you want to learn Turkish?

🎓Our student from Kazakhstan sent us a video from the YÖS exam. During the year she was intensively preparing for the exam with our teacher.Wish her good luck! YÖS(yabancı öğrenci sınavı) is an exam for foreign students,consisting of mathematical and logical tasks.The exam requires good preparation. If you a need private consultation,contact us ‪+90 543 533 63 32‬ (Phone,WhatsApp,Viber)

🎓ONDOKUZ MAYIS UNIVERSITY: GENERAL INFORMATION AND FACULTIES Samsun Ondokuz Mayıs University (OMÜ) is an established State University founded in 1975 in order to make a contribution and bring a new breath to the Black Sea region of economic, cultural and social life. Founded as a regional university and leaving behind 42 years in line with its mission; adopting universal values to bring about innovation to the benefit of individuals and society, working with intellectual rigor, it is one of the strongest research and teaching institutions in the country. Ondokuz Mayıs University (OMÜ), named as "May 19, 1919" on which Mustafa Kemal Atatürk set foot on Samsun, has 20 faculties, 23 colleges, 13 vocational schools, 5 institutes, 1 conservatory and 24 applications-research center. OMÜ with 3 422 international students from 104 countries is advancing with firm steps towards becoming an international university. FACULTIES Ali Fuad Başgil Faculty of Law Bafra School of Business Çarşamba Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences Faculty of Dentistry Faculty of Education Faculty of Science and Letters Faculty of Fine Arts Faculty of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering Faculty of Aeronautics and Astronautics Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences Faculty of Divinity Faculty of Communication Faculty of Architecture Faculty of Engineering Faculty of Health Sciences Faculty of Medicine Faculty of Tourism Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Yaşar Doğu Faculty of Sport Sciences Faculty of Agriculture If you need more information about OMÜ Contact us +90 543 533 63 32‬ (Phone,WhatsApp,Viber)

🇹🇷LABOR AND SOLIDARITY DAY IN TURKEY Labor and Solidarity Day in Turkey is an occasion for some people to demand better conditions for skilled laborers and union workers. Many others use the day to relax and see their friends and relatives. 1st of May is a public holiday. It is a day off for the general population, and schools and most businesses are closed. In 1923, May 1st was officially recognized as Workers Day. Over the years and decades this day has had several labor and political gatherings where it resulted in violence. So this day has mixed meaning to those that live in Turkey today.

🇹🇷SAKARYA UNIVERSITY: GENERAL INFORMATION AND FACULTIES Sakarya University (Sakarya Üniversitesi) can be found in the city of Adapazari, the capital of the Turkish province Sakarya. Usually known simply as SAU, the public research university is considered one of the largest universities in Turkey. Founded as Sakarya Engineering and Architecture in 1970, it was renamed as Sakarya State Engineering and Architecture Academy in 1971, then on July 3, 1992, Sakarya University was established by Law. Sakarya University is a research-led institution with comprehensive graduate doctoral degree programs in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Humanities, as well as professional degrees in business, medicine, law, nursing, social work and dentistry. The university consists of five different institutes: Educational Sciences, Natural Sciences, Health Sciences, Social Sciences, and Middle East Institute. In Turkey, Sakarya University is the first and only state university to receive the ISO-2002 Quality Certificate and "the EFQM Excellence Quality Certificate of Competency Level" SAU FACULTIES: Faculty of Computer and Information Sciences; Faculty of Dentistry; Faculty of Education; Faculty of Arts and Sciences; Faculty of Law; Faculty of Theology; Faculty of Communication; Sakarya Business School; Faculty of Engineering; Faculty Of Health Sciences; Faculty Of Art Desıgn And Architecture; Faculty of Political Sciences; Faculty of Technical Education; Faculty of Medicine. If you need more information about SAU Contact us +90 543 533 63 32‬ (Phone,WhatsApp,Viber)

🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷ALTERNATIVE WAYS TO LEARN TURKISH Let's talk today about alternative ways to learn Turkish.In addition to language courses, there are several not boring options. For example, watching movies and series can be useful for the perception of spoken language.📹 Nowadays there are a lot of interesting shows that could help you perceive everyday speech. Here is a list of popular Turkish series: Çilek kokusu. Erkenci kuş. Çukur. Gecenin kraliçesi. Öteki taraf. It’s also helpful to listen to Turkish songs.We definitely recommend you to listen Hayki - B1R.This song is about how beautiful Turkey is. The fact that people should live in peace and harmony.The track lists many geographic regions and their distinctive features.This can be useful for those who are just starting to get acquainted with Turkey and its diverse culture. And of course, don’t forget about books.We recommend you to start with adapted fairy tales and children's stories.📔For example, “Anatolian tales” by T. Yudzhel (Anadolu masaları).The book consists of several stories, from which you could also learn useful vocabularies. Which of these ways do you prefer?

PREPARATION TO MOVING TO CHINA. To make sure our students have enough information before moving to China we share with them the knowledge book “Move to China” where they get all the necessary information they need to know at their first visit. There are many necessary topics in the book, for example: How the three teachings still define Chinese society Preparations Basics of the language How to apply for visa Study visa in China And other important topics Also, you will get a list of survival words and phrases in Chinese. And the last but not least you will get 2 free online lessons with the Chinese teacher to prepare you for the trip 100%.

FACTS ABOUT BURSA PROVINCE Today we’re going to tell you about Bursa Province.Bursa Province (Turkish: Bursa ili) is a province in Turkey, along the Sea of Marmara coast in northwestern Anatolia. Standing alongside Turkey's 'Great Mountain' (Mount Uludag), the city of Bursa may offer a rather modern appearance, but was actually the 14th-century capital of the historic Ottoman Empire. Therefore, for many locals, Bursa really does serve as the origin of Turkish culture and remains a city with an extremely important past, which dates back more than 2,200 years. Bursa is currently Turkey's fourth-biggest city, after Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir. INTERESTING FACTS ABOUT THE CITY. To the south of the city center is Uludağ, Grand Mountain, a national park and ski resort. To the north are a range of hills and the Marmara Sea. The three urban districts lie in an oblong bowl surrounded by hills and mountains. Bursa has a population of more than 2 million, with the vast majority living in the urban center. The city is historically famous for its weaving craft. Even during the Ottoman period, the city remained the main producer and supplier of silk for the upper classes. The city is also the center of the automotive industry in Turkey. Also there is the one of famous public universities – Uludağ University. If you are interested to learn more information about this university, we‘ll tell you about it in the following publications.

DO YOU KNOW ABOUT THE OPENING OF THE NEW AIRPORT IN İSTANBUL? Istanbul New Airport is located northwest of the city.The airport is the second largest in the world after Al Maktoum International Airport in Dubai. In the future, Istanbul New Airport will be able to handle 200 million passengers per year. Eventually, there will be four terminals at the airport. At this moment the airport has two terminals. The other two terminals are still under construction and will be fully completed in 2028. Unfortunately,it’s time to say goodbye to old Atatürk Airport,which has operated for many years.However, can't wait to see the new air hub,which will start working completely on April 5 at 2.00 p.m. local time. Would you see a New airport?

SHANGHAI MEDICAL UNIVERSITY Registration for bachelor. Free education and accommodation. Monthly stipend: 2500 CNY. Deadline:25.04. For more information +90 543 533 63 32 (Phone,WhatsApp,Viber)

ULUDAĞ UNIVERSITY Uludag University is a state funded public university, located in Bursa province. The aim of the University is to bring up contemporary students who identify themselves with the cultural and historical values of the country by being respectable to the national values, have a high personal responsibility, and free thought on the contemporary, secular, and democratic way led by reason and science, and drawn by Atatürk. Uludağ University, established in 1975 under the name of Bursa University and took its current name in 1982, has been successfully continuing its educational services ever since with its 13 faculties, 2 schools, 15 vocational schools, 1 conservatory, 4 institutes, 21 applied research centers and 5 departments under rectorate. Apart from these units; there are also Faculty of Dentistry and Gemlik Necati Kurtuluş School of Maritime founded by law but not functioning currently. FACULTIES: Faculty of Medicine Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences Faculty of Engineering Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Faculty of Agriculture Faculty of Education Faculty of Theology Faculty of Arts and Sciences Faculty of Law Faculty of Fine Arts İnegöl Faculty of Business Administration Faculty of Architecture Faculty of Sports Sciences If you need more info about Uludag university Contact us +90 543 533 63 32 (Phone,WhatsApp,Viber)

Today we’re going to tell you about useful platform for practicing Chinese writing. HANLEXON HOMEWORK AND WORKSHEET GENERATOR. Hanlexon is an internet program that provides the necessary tools designed to help students efficiently master the Chinese language. It is specifically for Parents and Teachers who are seek a better way to help their student learn the difficult language. KEY FEATURES INCLUDE: The ability to create and save worksheets out of any Chinese text. Annotate your text with pinyin and/or stroke orders. Share and search Chinese learning material. Create homework program of your own. Input CHINESE text you want your kids or students to practice writing. Save the worksheets you created with more options. Search and use worksheets already created by other users. Generate interactive reading sheets with pinyin toggle and stroke order animations. Combine worksheets together as homework. For more information and to sign up, click on the following link:

🌷🌷🌷ISTANBUL TULIP FESTIVAL. Every April since 2006, Turks celebrate their love for Tulip by turning their city into a paradise full of flowers. Millions of colored tulips are planted in Istanbul’s parks and basically everywhere echoing their very attachment with this flower and its connection with Turkey. Through the history, tulips have been a symbol of Istanbul. These flowers have a major role in Turkish arts and culture. Originally grew wild on the Asian steppes, unlike the common believes, the cultivation of tulips began in the Ottoman Empire. Called “lale” in Turkish, tulips even gave its name to a period in Ottoman Era. Lale devri, the Tulip Era, was the wealthiest period of Ottoman Empire. This year the 14th International Istanbul Tulip Festival l will be held from 9 to 30 April. Have you ever attended this festival before?

HUMAN UNIVERSITY OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY Xiangtan city. Master’s degree. Free education and accommodation. HSK required. Deadline: 25.04. For more information +90 543 533 63 32

5 THINGS TO DO IN BURSA The city of Bursa was once the former capital of the Ottoman Turks and is the fourth-largest city in Turkey, filled with many beautiful mosques, shrines, and parks. SOME THINGS TO DO IN BURSA: VISIT THE GREEN MOSQUE. Built for Mehmet I, the Yeşil (Green) Camii was completed in 1422 and represents a departure from the previous, Persian-influenced Seljuk architecture that dominated Bursa. Exemplifying Ottoman stylings, it contains a harmonious facade and beautiful carved marble work around the central doorway. VISIT ULU CAMII. This enormous Seljuk-style shrine (1399) is Bursa's most dominant and durable mosque. VISIT KARABAŞ-i VELİ KÜLTÜR MERKEZİ. Take a seat in this 200-year-old tekke (dervish lodge) to watch the şeyh (master dervish) lead his students through a sema (whirling dervish ceremony) for 35 minutes every evening. Saturday night is a major event, with various dervish groups participating. BURSA CITADEL. Some ramparts and walls still survive on the steep cliff that is the site of Bursa's citadel and its oldest neighbourhood, Tophane. Visit it to enjoy the great atmosphere. A MAGNIFICENT MARKETPLACE. Bursa's covered market is souvenir shopping paradise. Check out the "hans" (luxury goods bazaars) as well, where gorgeous silk products take center stage.

LANZHOU POLITICS AND LAW UNIVERSITY. Lanzhou city. Master’s degree. Free education and accommodation. HSK required. Deadline:25.04

ÇANAKKALE ON SEKİZ MART UNIVERSITY. Established in 1992, Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University (COMU) is one of the leading universities in Turkey with its nearly 44.000 students and qualified academic and administrative staff. In the diversity of its students, its global outlook, and its outstanding research, the COMU is also a university of compelling change. Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University’s remarkable global appeal continues to grow with 13 faculties, 4 institutes, 8 colleges, 12 vocational high schools, 26 research and application centers and a Research Hospital. Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University is an international university with the values of academic freedom, dynamism, transparency, flexibility and innovation. The main objective of university is to increase their impact from a local to a global level. In order to achieve this, the COMU is increasing its academic and social activities by hosting national and international congresses, trying to meet international academic standards and developing high quality international strategic partnerships. FACULTIES: Faculty of Agriculture. Faculty of Architecture & Design. Faculty of Arts And Sciences. Faculty of Communication. Faculty Of Economics And Administrative Science at Biga. Faculty Of Economics And Administrative Science at Çanakkale. Faculty of Education. Faculty of Fine Arts. Faculty of Marine Sciences and Technology. Faculty of Medicine. Faculty of Theology. If u need more information about the COMU university Contact us +90 543 533 63 32 (Phone,WhatsApp,Viber)

📚Educational fair in Kazakstan. @dreamstudy.krg presents our company. We are proud of all our team!

SOUTHWEST JIAOTONG UNIVERSITY. Chengdu city. Registration for bachelor. Free accommodation and education. Monthly stipend 1400 CNY. Deadline 15.04. For more information +90 543 533 63 32 (Phone,Whatsapp,Viber)

FUZHOU UNIVERSITY Fuzhou city. Registration for bachelor. Free education and accommodation. Monthly stipend 800 CNY. Deadline 15.04. For more information +90 543 533 63 32

Our students of B2 level after lessons!🤩Do you want to join us? Write us! ‪+90 543 533 63 32‬ (Phone,WhatsApp,Viber)

ATATÜRK ÜNİVERSİTY: GENERAL INFORMATION AND FACULTIES. Atatürk University is located in Erzurum, Turkey. It is locally known as Atatürk Üniversitesi. The university was established in 1957. It is accredited by Milli Egitim Bakanligi, Türkiye, and affiliated to European University Association (EUA) The history of Atatürk University is a story of the realization of one of the most significant projects of the Turkish Republic. In his opening speech for the legislative year at the Grand National Assembly of Turkey on November. 1, 1937, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the founder of Turkish Republic, stressed the need to found a big university in the eastern Anatolia region of Turkey, ordering the required initiatives to be taken to this end. Atatürk University had a total of 135 students, 12 of whom were girls, when it started teaching with the Faculty of Agriculture and Science and Letters on November 17, 1958. Now there are 35,000-39,999 students studying in various courses offered by Atatürk University. ATATÜRK ÜNİVERSİTY FACULTIES ✅Faculty of Agriculture ✅Faculty of Architecture and Design ✅Faculty of Communication ✅Faculty of Dentistry ✅Faculty of Economics and Administrative sciences ✅Faculty of Engineering ✅Faculty of Fine Arts ✅Faculty of Fisheries ✅Faculty of Health Sciences ✅Faculty of Law ✅Faculty of Letters ✅Faculty of Medicine ✅Faculty of Nursing ✅Faculty of Open Education ✅Faculty of Pharmacy ✅Faculty of Science ✅Faculty of Sport Sciences ✅Faculty of Theology ✅Faculty of Tourism ✅Faculty of Veterinary Medicine If you need more information about Atatürk university Contact us +90 543 533 63 32 (Phone,WhatsApp,Viber)

Ridley Scott, a well-known British director, shot a short movie for Turkish Airlines, entitled “The Journey.” The action takes place in Istanbul, where the East and the West are connected to each other. The 30-second trailer for “The Journey”, which takes place at the New Airport, was firstly presented as part of the final match of the US National Football League. The story is a cat and mouse chase around the city, bringing thrilling action to the screens with the historic charm of Istanbul as the backdrop. The movie shows such sights of Istanbul as the Chiragan Palace, Basilica Cistern and Ortakoy Square.

❄️❄️❄️ICE CLIMBING FESTIVAL IN ERZRUM The 5th International Emrach Ozbey Ice Climbing Festival was held in Erzurum this year. The festival, which is being held with the support of the administration of province and the South-Eastern Anatolian Project (DAP), was attended by 128 athletes from various countries, including Russia, France, Italy, Spain and Azerbaijan. During the festival, the participants climbed the icy rocks formed as a result of the freezing of waterfalls. The event was named for Emrah Ozbey, a climber who did much to popularize the festival. Ice climbing is a dynamic sport, combining determination, technique, speed, precision and excitement.Ice climbing is a lot like rock climbing – on ice.Rather than climbing on rocky surfaces, ice climbers use crampons, picks, ropes and other equipment to climb on ice. What kinds of extreme sports do you like?

🌷Spring is the most beautiful time in İstanbul! Come to İstanbul to enjoy the magnificent tulips in Emirgan park.