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I'll soar the endless skies for only one sight of your starlight ❤️

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Starlight @starsetonline "I'll soar the endless skies for only one sight Of your starlight"

The Future Is Now @starsetonline "With the full force of a dying star I will find you, if you're near or far Wherever you are"

Helvetesfönster @thebandghost

[07.07.2019] @handslikehouses + @captives_band + @modern.tears

[07.07.2019] @handslikehouses + @captives_band + @modern.tears

Shadow Days @johnmayer "I’m a good man with a good heart Had a tough time, got a rough start But I finally learned to let it go Now I’m right here, and I’m right now And I’m hoping, knowing somehow That my shadows days are over My shadow days are over now"

I Guess I Just Feel Like @johnmayer "This love's gonna save us From a world that's gone mad"

Heartburn @architects "Hold out your hand and lean upon me I'll be the one to make you smile"

Visions @bringmethehorizon "Get up, get up, let's leave this mess I know a place that we can get away from all of this"

Love You To Death @starsetonline "Let me love you to death Am I good enough for you?"

Quantum Flux @northlane "Feeling all the love I swear that its in the air Leaving me, floating forever into infinity"