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Hot Bath Bonus panel on (link in bio). You can get this comic on a mug in my shop. It’s a great gift for tea lovers :) #tea #teabag #teatime #comics

Galaxy Fold vs Flip Phone Bonus Panel on (link in bio)

Patient Mario - Bonus panel on my website (link in bio) Super Mario Maker 2 (more like Super Misery Maker amirite?) released today! I wish everyone who’s getting the game a lot of fun with it. I’ll probably get it too at some point (when I’m not broke anymore) because I loved the first game. Can’t wait to play your creations and build some levels myself. Have a wonderful weekend :) #SuperMarioMaker2 #supermariomaker #nintendo #gaming #switch #nintendoswitch #comics #mario #lakitu #koopa #goomba #supermario

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