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#exploremore of life's little luxuries! 📍🗽native, #expatlife in 🇸🇬, #familytravel ❤️design, 🌷,🍪,my mostly #glutenfree 👶👧🏻 3 things to do in Seoul:

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For some reason I’ve been thinking about London again. We lived there 10 years ago! It wasn’t always a great experience (my poor husband had such a crazy experience outside Selfridges). But I loved walking around and exploring the museums there. They are free to anyone and I loved strolling through them (special exhibits were extra charges)! Hopefully we visit and explore more of the U.K. someday. 📷: #fbf to Union Jack vibes at #nationalmuseumsingapore

Here are some serene vibes to start your week! I had some wonderful Vietnamese food this past weekend and was reminded of how much I liked our visit last year. Here’s to hoping we can visit again soon! 📷: the view of Lady Buddha (the tallest Buddha statue in Vietnam!) it was a gorgeous sight! #danangcity

I was scrolling through some pictures and came across some Kelly Doll bags I saw a few years ago. If I actually had one, my daughter would be ALL over this bag! Of course now some are reselling now for $100k so she won’t be playing with one anytime soon. I do love the whimsy of this bag though! #hermeslove

Happy hump day friends! What are your travel plans? We are likely going to a beach locale (Bali or Koh Phi Phi) and a city (Kuala Lumpur) this year. But I’m also thinking ahead to next year. I’d love to go somewhere new, like Lisbon or Cappadocia. Let’s see! 📷: #waybackwednesday to one of our trips to #paris - it’s always such a beautiful city to visit.

Is shabby chic your style? I adore the designs of these old Peranakan #shophouses - they’re just so pretty! We had a friend of a friend who owned one and had the coolest modern interiors inside. I’d definitely want to update it if we ever got one!

Happy #friyay friends and happy children’s day to the little ones! Today is a day off for the kids so it was full of swimming, play dates and a little more swimming. My little lady is actually getting too busy for swimming class but I’m hoping to practice with her so she can really get the strokes down. Tomorrow we’re taking the little guy to a swim class trial too - it should be fun! 📷: #fbf to seeing these wonderful blooms at the #taipeizoo ! We’re there again in February and I’m already excited about the eating possibilities 😬 Also does anyone know this flower? I thought it was a variety of orchid but now looks like a lily.

Who said you have to go to Holland just to see tulips in bloom? I was glancing through old pictures and these #tulipmania pictures popped up. It reminds me to check out #gardensbythebay more often for their special programs (right now it’s rhododendrons with over 80 varieties displayed!)

Stand tall and ready for the weekend! 📷: #TBT to fun at #lesdeuxplateaux - the little lady loved standing on these columns!Last year we met friends (who live in London) in Paris. Here’s to hoping we can meet friends for a few trips next year!

Happy #friyay friends! It’s been a long but productive week. Tomorrow I’m also off to facilitate a STEM camp for girls. I really enjoyed feeling the energy and excitement from the girls last time so hopefully this becomes a regular thing. What are you up to this weekend? 📷: #fbf to all the colors in Little India. I need to take more pictures of the Diwali decorations going up!

Happy Monday friends! Breezy vibes ahead! 📷: I visited the #ferrybuilding a few times with my little lady and it was always one of our favorite places. We haven’t been back in a while - time for another visit?

Black and white vibes in an otherwise bright and colorful neighborhood. 📷: #littleindia 💗

Why is adulting so exhausting sometimes? The list of things to do and consider seems endless - mortgages, recital tickets, menu planning, decluttering, (lack of) gym time - all while battling limited sleep because the little lady likes to awake a bit after 5 am. 🤣🙁😱 In the meantime #waybackwednesday to this lovely #johnfrench photo. Were things really simpler back then?

This is fall in Taiwan! I wish I could visit a pumpkin patch now but it’s not exactly a thing in Asia (maybe there are some cute places in Japan or Korea?) It has actually been hotter than normal! I’ll send some sun your way if you send some cooler temperatures ok? 📷: #TBT to pool vibes at the #westintashee

Kick up your heels because it’s #friyay friends! I’m exhausted because we’re trying a new class that meets at 7 am and I’m so not used to high impact exercise! I’m so down to Netflix and chill after supporting a friend’s launch party! 📷: #fbf to my little lady on one of our last visits to San Francisco. How lush is my cousin’s backyard?!

Monday mood - colorful foliage. I passed through Little India and was reminded of the lovely sites and buildings in the area. My #MondayMotivation is to explore more of Little India and other areas I haven’t seen lately.

Today may be cloudy, but I sense bright times ahead! Fall and winter in Singapore tends to be overcast and rainy. But I’ve had a productive week and and feeling good about the prospects ahead. 📷: a view #fromwhereistand of a lovely HDB (public housing) in Little India. I walked around and rediscovered my love for the area. #TravelTuesday

All the pink vibes! A #waybackwednesday to my friend’s gorgeous engagement party and allllll the🌸🌷🌹It was one of the most lush parties I’ve attended and I adored all the blooms.

Happy Thursday friends! It’s been a good week so far and also the second week I’ve been tweaking our meals to be no / low carb. It’s pretty hard sometimes but I find myself reaching for nuts and fruit more so that’s good! I’m also looking forward to cheat day 🍕 this weekend 📷: #TBT to open windows and bright times

Happy #friyay friends! So it’s another adulting moment - keeping expenses under control. Sometimes a few big costs hit all at once and it hurts! But we have to pay lawyers, mortgages, insurance, (multiple) school fees, so it is what it is right? So I’m just planning one more trip this year and thinking carefully about the trips for next year too. We will still travel but it doesn’t have to be at the same fast pace so we can enjoy a few other things comfortably too. But I’ll definitely be back for you sometime Seoul! 📷: #fbf to #namsangolhanokvillage and this lovely modern temple off the main path.

Bright starts and new beginnings. That’s my new way of approaching Mondays! It helps that today was a holiday - #happydiwali to those who celebrate! We had a full weekend and I’m ready for the week ahead!

Here’s a little reminder to take time for yourself. Take a long bath, steal away for a tea with yourself, or take a little nap. The little guy basically kept me up from midnight to 5 am so I’ll be doing all of the above 🤣 #selfcare 📷: #TravelTuesday at #finolhu and #amillafushi - hopefully we will get back to the Maldives soon!

Happy weekend friends! My little lady saw other tourists dressed in hanboks (these traditional Korean dresses) and had to wear one too. I was initially torn about whether this was some type of cultural appropriation. But many stores are happy to rent out hanboks for others to explore the cultural sites. It then becomes so interesting to wander about a palace like #gyeongbokgungpalace while dressed like this! We will take part in a little dress up when we visit another palace. Oh and my #traveltips for Seoul include renting a hanbok to coincide with a palace visit because you also don’t have to pay admission then. #seoulkorea

How do you make yourself productive? I’ve found that I need to clear tasks quickly or they get lost. I also create reminders and due dates to get things done in a timely manner. It’s only Tuesday and I have so much to do! 📷: #TravelTuesday at the beautiful #Jogyesa temple in Seoul. The lanterns and messages are simply lovely. #seoultravel

Happy hump day friends! Here’s to hoping you find that bright spot in your week! 📷: the loveliest 💗 arch at #Jogyesa - it was definitely a colorful spot in my week! #seoultravel

Appreciate #thelittlethings like frozen fruit on a hot day and beautiful designs everywhere you look. What are some of the little things you appreciate? 📷: the beautiful #Jogyesa temple - what a serene and beautiful place of worship #seoultravel

Happy #friyay friends! What are you up to this weekend? I’m hoping the little one and I catch up on sleep! He’s had a nasty cold and has been waking me up every night! 🤞he will sleep soundly tonight! 📷: #ihavethisthingwithdoors especially such brightly colored ones at #Jogyesa #seoultravel

Happy Monday friends! I’m still going over our pictures from Seoul like this one from #changdeokgung palace. It was rainy and miserable but the kids were still in decent spirits. We didn’t even really get to explore half the grounds but still marveled at the beautiful colors and designs in the areas we saw. My #MondayMotivation is to keep going even when things are dreary. Conditions may not always be perfect but we can appreciate the beauty of the moment and plan for wonderful ones down the road.

Sometimes I’ll do something I wouldn’t normally do like rent traditional Korean hanbok because my daughter wanted to wear it too. It’s a fun way to spend a few hours and then you can pretend you’re just having a grand time in your palace. 😉 But I mostly agreed because she felt so wonderful and wanted me to share in her experience. This was the bright spot of a rainy and dreary morning. 📷: shot at #changdeokgung palace on a cloudy day. You can rent hanboks for ~18k-20k won or $20 for 4 hours. We rented ours at one day hanbok which was walking distance of the palace. Google/stop by nearby shops if you want to have a hanbok experience too! They even give you accessories and do simple hair styling. #traveltips

Happy hump day friends! Is it me or is this week reallllyyyy long? At least we’re a little closer to Friday! 📷: #waybackwednesday to the beautiful bright details at #changdeokgung palace - #viewfromwhereistand is lovely. Stop and appreciate the details not only in the main palace but the surrounding buildings in the compound. #traveltips

Always look for the silver lining! We visited #changdeokgungpalace on a rainy day. The rain was constant but my little one wasn’t bothered and still enjoyed twirling in her hanbok. The small bonus though was the free admission for the two weeks surrounding National Liberation Day. We didn’t see as much of this UNESCO heritage site but I’d definitely recommend it. This favorite palace of the Joseon rulers is also only the remaining palace whose unobtrusive designs were meant to blend in with its topography. #TBT to one of the favorite parts of our trip. #seoultravel #traveltips

Happy #friyay friends! 📷: this doorway is just to the right of the entrance of #namsongolhanokvillage - I was struck by the color of the doorway and followed the path. I saw the most gorgeous and boldly colored traditional house being used for a local business. #exploremore and you may discover something beautiful!

I love to stop to #lookup or look down and just take in my surroundings. A lot of tourists were taking IG photos of themselves at the temple. But you know I adore architecture and just wanted to capture the 🌈 colors and gorgeous design details. #archidaily at #Jogyesa #seoultravel

Sending you a ray of ☀️ for Wednesday. 📷: #shophouse 💗in Little India. They have some of the most colorful shophouses in Singapore (most converted into small stores). #archdaily #visitsingapore

Happy #friyay friends! 📷: #fbf to a recent date night at #jewelchangiairport when I picked up my husband after his fourth consecutive week of travels! Remember to make time for your loved ones and it helps when the venue is pretty cool too. Catch the light show daily at the HSBC Rain vortex at 7:30 pm - 12:30 am at hourly intervals.

I’ll always be a city girl. 📷: the scene when I #lookup in #sohonyc All the architecture vibes!

Beach vacation or cultural vacation? I’m planning a vacation for fall and my husband and I have very different views of what makes a great vacation. Hopefully we can get somewhere that gives us a bit of both! 📷: #TravelTuesday shot on the way to #linhungpagoda - #danang is definitely a city where you can get to do so many different things!

Parisian vibes in Singapore! 📷: the loveliest cafe window at #nationalmuseumsg Also yay for it being another day closer to the weekend!

I’m really glad we take the kids to museums often. The current exhibit at the #singaporenationalmuseum “Packaging Matters” teaches everyone about food packaging from the 20th century. It’s also reminding me to try to produce less waste. Most of the garbage here is incinerated but landfills will overflow in no time. A small country like this produced 1.67 million tons of waste in 2017! I’m trying to bring my own bags while shopping and use our own bottles. It’s a start! What sustainable practices do you use at home?