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That's not what you think, but I like to think that it is. @arianelights thanks for that one~ #fall #sea #taiwan #lovemylife

He was my everything. My lion and my home. Wherever you are, love and miss you. Happy Birthday, dad.

I'm trying to get used for new functions in IG 😅🤦

Цой жив © It's such a great movie that for a while I back to my school days, night walks and guitar screaming his songs. @teoyoo was so amazing that I believe it was Tsoi. I'm not a big fun of Russian movies but this one reach the point. @romanbilyk was that good that I didn't recognized him at the beginning. Voice of my childhood too. And Liya Akhedzhakova like a best bonus in a best traditions. У нас тут авария © #leto #summer #viktortsoi #kino #maiknaumenko #zoopark #russianmovie #movie #taipei #lovemylife

My grandma asked me to show her my paintings so did I. She never say anything back then. So do I. Just a piece of time.