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Hip hop 💃🏾, 2️⃣2️⃣ years old, want to be flight attendant 💺✈️🛫🛬, tarot reader🧘🏾‍♀️, in relationship 👭💑💏

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Yesss my cousin better come through with this picture. Love it cuz proud of you #model

Check out my YouTube channel and watch video in your sign. These reading were crazy good and interesting too. Don’t forget to like, comment and subscribe. My channel is spirituallexi. Can’t miss it. These readings are for the month of May, might do mid May readings I don’t know yet but we will see. #tarot #tarotreading #monthlytarotreading #horoscope #Youtuber #youtubechannel

Until I met my man. Omg words can’t describe how amazing he is. I’m so falling for him that we met two or three months ago and we have connection that is so real and fun. He makes me laugh and we talk about each other day or anything. We going to go out on weekends to water park and amusement parks too. I’m so excited for my new love life. I couldn’t ask for better man. Thank you god. All the bad relationships I went through, I am so happy that he is in my life. It’s crazy because last week I had dream and it was me and him at some place then he proposal to me. I’m so happy. I truly think he is one. He little bit older then me but it’s cool. Because he’s nothing like any of the guys I have dated. That picture is the truth about my last few relationships. #thankgod #mydreamguy #mylovelife #fallingforhim #everything #mybae

❤️❤️❤️😁😜 @cameronjhenderson #myfavoritesongs

Omg it’s almost that time of my anniversary of my miscarriage is coming up and it’s hard to for me. Because I wanted my child but I guess god had other plans with baby boy or girl. I been trying to be positive in my friends and family lives but it’s hard to smile when I’m seeing everybody else have their little ones with them. Don’t get me wrong I’m happy for them but it hurts bad. Then my love life is joke too. I want that special one but it’s hard to be positive to get them when they are jerks and assholes. I’m just going to step back from everything and stop telling guys that I want a serious relationship when I know they don’t. I’m just going to focus on work, school, living my life. I love you guys that’s been there for me and many more. #spiritualawakening #spiritual #spiritguides #missingmybaby #miscarriage #miscarriageawareness #miscarriagesupport #whyme #changeiscoming #myjourney #mylife

I feel like men hurt me more then anything. Every since my grandfather passed away, I felt like the world was died to me. I was so mean and depressed. I even was gaining weight around that time. I was mess so change that and pray. Everything was going great until I started go out with bunch of jerks and assholes men. I even was in emotional abuse relationship. It was so hard to walk away from this relationship. But I did. I was with older guy and all he did was use me for sex. I left so many horrible relationships that I felt like it was me that was the problem in the relationships but I realize it was them not me. Every time I listen to these love songs makes me want that one special guy. But I know they don’t want me. I been trying to be positive but it’s hard to do that because the men don’t show me that. So for now on I will be just being mingle with guys and not taking them serious. As much as I try to tell people in my life about my situations that I went through like my mom for example but she try to make it I’m lie, why did I take it, your so full of it. That shit hurts. They don’t understand. They don’t understand. And they will never understand. My relationship with my dad is the worst because of my grandma. She wanted to take my dad away form me physically, emotional, and financially. She is so evil. And now that I’m older I see who she really is. So fuck her. It already had a rough relationship with him when he didn’t barely see me when I was little. My mom told me when I was going to daycare, I would always cry for him so she decided to call him for him to come and get me when I was little. I’m saying all this because I feel like it’s time to release it and stop holding it. I feel better when i release stuff. #mylovelife #emotionalabuse #pain #hurt #nooneunderstands #mystory #mylife