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#manjaro parmesan chicken 👌🍴

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Raspberry pi become hot during compiling OpenCV..solution? Just put 5v fan on top of the processor..😂

500D everyone?? 😅

Rod and Tube Cutter for dremel by Greasemonkey88. Printed with 25% infill. Stl can be downloaded from thingiverse. Use 9.5mm stainless steel rod to connect the lever and the base. It fit nicely. . . . #dremel #thingiverse #greasemonkey88 #lemongrasstech #3dprinting

Done the 1st part of Prop Gun | Revolver - Single Action. Modem was designed by Steiner 3D. stl can be downloaded via link below: www.thingiverse.com/thing:3004363

After 2 days of various setting, modification, we got almost perfect 1st layer..☺️

Parts for our client’s GoPro Hero 4 Silver. We’re using parts from iFixit, for their original and high quality parts. #ifixit #Gopro #goprohero4

This is what it looks like inside 2010-2011 Macbook Pro. Client complained her macbook got no power and not charging. Upon inspection, we found that the mag-safe dc-in board was dead. #ifixit #macbookpro #magsafe

Exchanging macbook air battery #macbookair

Headache..anybody knows how to fix this..?


2nd stage of my prototype, upgrade Particle Photon to Particle Electron to enable more mobility and easy internet connection. Using U Mobile sim for this project. 1W solar Panel, National Control Device Particle Electron I2C Shield and screw terminal, Seeed Studio Lipo Rider Pro and JSN-SR04T-2.0.. #particleelectron #nationalcontroldevice #seeedstudio #arduino #lemongrasstech #jsnsr04t

Working on E3D V6 Bowden Modular X Carriage for Anet A8, designed by Don1337. You can get the design from Thingiverse, or order you print with us.. . . #E3D #don1337 #bowden #thingiverse #lemongrasstech