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Be You. Love What You Do. Make a Living Doing it. 🎶 ~never stop learning~ ~get better and better~

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‘Cause I love the way he looks at me, no matter the years ♥️ Happy Birthday to My Cat, who turns 41 today! #bdayboy

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It amazes me…. The interesting and different conversations with people… There are people that understand the value of education and learning from each other and OPENLY networking with like-minded people…and heck - different-minded too…. And then there’s the people that are completely closed and refuse to look around…. That say everyone else is BS…. Oh - if they only knew. HAHA Well. There are people to love….. <3 And there are people to pity….. :-* .... that remain in their “comfy coffins”. (I’ll attribute that little phrase to Darren Hardy) Newsletter:

Someone asked me - what my routine is. My “fat blasting” routine. So - here’s a general thing - that happens almost daily. *Giant glass of water first thing. *filling breakfast. (oatmeal with an egg whisked in and PB / chocolate or an omelette) *2 Capsules and coffee (being a caffeine addict - I drink a lot. I’m down to half a pot - yay me LOL) *Morning snack - protein cake, protein popcorn, or shake *Lunch - meal replacement shake or some healthy lunch *Afernoon snack - apples, Grape or Grapefruit H&H for hydration, and 2 more Capsules *Giant glass of water. *Dinner with the fam…. On my kiddie plate because my appetite is under control <3 thank you capsules *2-5 mile run (I’ve worked up to 5 - yay me!) - this isn’t everyday. It’s me adding whatever steps I didn’t get in during my sedentary job…. #10kpledge *Giant glass of water. *Tea and meditation (self-hypnosis) There are things that vary - especially on the weekends. Sometimes my snack is the shake and I eat a more substantial lunch. But - the constants are the supplements, the H&H, the meal replacement shake, and the steps. Bottom line? Eat less. Move more. Want to know some more tricks and hacks I’ve used over the years? Join me Sunday at 8am for a live coffee and chat. Just let me know you want an invite and I’ll get you in. XOXO #visiongroup

Yes it got cold today. Still pretty. Except the white pellets. 👀 Got double my pledge in steps in today. And. My feet don&#039;t hurt. ❣️ I know you&#039;re probably sick if hearing that. But I love that my feet don&#039;t hurt. 😘 #10kpledge #visiongroup

Guys. It&#039;s Monday. Let&#039;s get pumped up. Give me some first bumps. Let&#039;s rock this day. Love you 😘 XOXO You got this.

My turn to run. 😉 Only had time for 3 miles. You can see it&#039;s getting dark. You know those Halloween movies? Jason is totally walking while his victims are running and screaming... And he still catches them? I wonder if the deer Are thinking... This two legged slow running thing is gonna catch us? I guess they&#039;re not that worried. 😂👀🤦 #10kpledge #visiongroup #countrygirl

I have one for you - if you wish. If you have a little weight to lose and want to learn the secrets of a 20 year veteran in the industry. You’ll want one of these golden tickets. Email me - to find out how to get one. Basically - 1k worth of training at a 10th of the price. Bonus - you’ll lose a little weight too. No memberships - no autoships - just some product and maybe - just maybe YOUR golden ticket to success. Golden Tickets are rare - I wouldn’t miss this if I were you. Offer expires at midnight. #success #training

Guys. This comes from within. You have to fix what’s going on. People love you. It’s painful to watch you suffer. What’s ONE THING you CAN do? One - itsy bitsy thing? Walk 100 feet a day? Climb a set of stairs everyday? Drink lots and lots of water everyday? Make ONE small change - right NOW. Don’t say - “I’ll start Monday” When you’ve successfully made that one small change? And it feels easy now? Add something else. I KNOW it takes a LONG-a** time. But - celebrate taking a baby step. Don’t look at the giant goal. Should you have a giant goal? Yeah - probably. But - you should have baby goals to celebrate - or you’ll NEVER stick with it. Love ya. If you need a little help? Reach out. Newsletter here...

My baby is 15 today. She loves hugs. Makes sure you hug her today. 😂😘 We love her more than words can say.

“Don’t expect to be motivated every day, to get out there and make things happen. You won’t be. Don’t count on motivation. Count on DISCIPLINE.” ~Jocko Willink~ #thursdaythoughts

Good morning. 😘 Give every day the chance to become the most beautiful day of your life. ~Mark Twain

DO something. Best cure to what ails you. Stuck? Do what you&#039;re avoiding. Unmotivated? Do something - anything - that gets you closer to your goal. Feeling sad? Get moving. Go for a walk - Do something. See a theme? Yeah - cause it works. Want more nuggets? I have a lot to share :-) Link in the comments.

Enjoy the sun.... While it shines.... 😘 #puremichigan #fall More rain tomorrow. 😳

Congrats to my NHS inductee. ❣️😘

I heard - but don’t know for a fact - that our body doesn’t produce that sleep hormone as well as we get older. I figure it’s true - cause I’ve ALWAYS been a good sleeper. Never had a problem. I could sleep in a car anytime, anywhere. I could sleep in a chair anytime, anywhere. Head hits the pillow and I&#039;m out. (My hubby would get so jealous)... Until - sometime in the last year or so. Falling asleep - and getting up…. I started having a beer, a cup of tea, or a glass of wine. (the tea is probably the better choice ya think? LOL) Now - I have something better. I sleep soundly without waking up even once…. And wake up feeling rested. If you wanna try it out for a week - let me know XOXO ~Ginny~ Rested-and-alert Pic - one of my sleeping sweeties after a hard day of baseball. <3

“Ginny, you’ve lost weight. You look good!” Not gonna lie - I like hearing that. <3 I didn’t have a LOT to lose - not comparitively. About 40 lbs or so. 25 gone so far. The last 10-15 come off real slow - and that’s fine cause I’m keeping it off this time. I should wear a belt or get new pants - and this is weird - but I like reminding myself of how far I’ve come. Hike up the pants with a smile ;-) The best parts are - 🔥the energy, my 👣 feet don’t hurt, I can 🏃 run again, and I don’t feel 🌱 deprived at all <3 Best thing that ever happened to me (after hubs and kids) - was trying this stuff for 7 days. Ready to try it out? Give me a shout out. XOXO #facetofacefriday

So - I was going to do a video - but decided to write about the Bearded Lady instead. Wanna know what that has to do with home biz / parenting / whatever-ginnys-thinkin-now? LOL Go here:

~”No one ever made a difference by being like everyone else...” ~ PT Barnum

Enjoying this view and the sun while it&#039;s here. 😘 A flower cannot blossom without sunshine, and man cannot live without love. ~Max Muller Grateful for the loving people in my life. If you don&#039;t have enough if those... Seriously... Go find them. 😘 #SundayThoughts #visiongroup

A little more than Frost on the pumpkins this morning. 🥶🥶 Good morning old man winter.

Sometimes - my sense of humor is inappropriate. Love me or leave me.  LOL I laughed out loud at some scenes in “the Joker”. Couldn’t help myself. Anyway - today’s newsletter - I tell a slightly embarassing story.

Selfies still feel weird to me - but a beautiful friend of mine reminded me - that you gotta love yourself before anything else. I’m extremely thankful for friends like her that remind me of stuff like this. Loving yourself makes it possible to love others. Loving others makes it possible to live more powerful, influential, and meaningful lives. And ladies with daughters? I know we worry about them when they say things like “I’m ugly” “I’m fat” “no one likes me”.... “I’m stupid”..... We gotta look at ourselves before we can teach our daughters to show their beautiful selves to the world.  Do we catch ourselves thinking those very things? Probably the hardest thing.  I know. But - look - you are a beautiful being that was meant to be here on this earth and you have fantastic talents and abilities.  You are limitless… XOXO

This is disconcerting. The baby. Behind the wheel. 💞😱

The Queen&#039;s Endogenous Wonder Emporium That&#039;s what happened last night. 😉😉 Yeah. I had to look up those two words. To write about them this morning. The pink clouds this morning brought even more wonder to my soul. “Think and wonder, wonder and think.” Dr. Seuss Newsletter...

Feeding the fish. Whatcha got for me? #hungryfrog