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Coffee and a Kettlebell to start off my week. Happy Monday ☕🐂

Workout✔ Time to go work some ponies ❤ I definitely lost myself there for a hot minute in life, but as i have been thinking a lot today, besides being kinda fit, kinda funny, i am a gymnast, good dancer and actually quite the ranch hand! I might be a bit of a catch as far as my people go🤔 Might be time to get back out there. Just saying 😜😜


Light cleavage sesh and cardio✅✔🌊🦄

Time to work some wheels again🐂🍑 #HumpDay

Lost about 2 hours of my day due to the sh $t show that is Calistoga traffic 🙈🙈 sometimes you just have to roll with the current I guess🦄 Quick homework break then second push session for the week💃💪

Looks like I am the only one hitting legs today🤔😜💃

How my Clients show their love 😜 I would never say "It takes a village "Ugh! But it's definitely work🦄🌈 #40'sarentaseasy #sweetgifts #skincareallday

Late night.😴 Restaurant or home depot? Gotta love the aprons💪❤

Nice hot shower and a little Netflix before PG&E shuts this shit down.😴😴🦄

Working on that thick life💃 Making the most out of the power outage apocalypse 😜 Happy Humpday!

Always down for a quick selfie🦄❤

Gearing up for FRI Leg sesh☕ #quadlife💃🐂

When your friend finds your twin😜❤🐈 i believe we even have the same singles ad😜

Getting smashed after work, literally 🙈💆 Never pleasant. Always necessary 💪😴

Some at home finisher fun💃💪😴


Someone has been watching too much rodeo and gymnastics😉💃Time for some equinetherapy❤

Awesome day in the saddle yesterday. Just what I needed. Now back to the grind🌊💪🦄

Working on my hugging skillz today🐻🍑 #happyhumpday

12 years of my life holding up them ponies feet, I am grateful i somehow still have a strong back.🙈🐎❤


Spending the day on this handsome Boy💪🐎

Time to start my weekend😴😊😴

Now the ever so fun reminder I am actually quite allergic to 🐎🙈sets in😷 A little soak care and I am out for the night!

Lazy day goals☕🙏🐷🌞

Little ballerina work 🐂🦄🌈

Sweat therapy🦄😷🌈

🦄🙈🔥 Face Mask, allergy pill and Advil pm for the win😴😴

Not great at sitting still😑 I was able to get in a little movement. Anything helps 😷🔥🦄 #mentalhealth #moveeveryday

Coffee with the girls☕🦄 Exactly what I needed.

Sunday TRX🌞☕💪

Nothing too crazy but easing BACK in🐷🦄🐂

Clients sessions 💪✔ Chiropractic adjustment🙊✔ Time for some skincare and heating pad love🦄📚 Monday's in my 40's😜


Thursdays in the studio. ☕💪

SF bound to see Hamilton for the roomies Birthday ❤🌈