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Layla Kasrmelli, E.A.
Layla Kasrmelli, E.A.

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You know that phrase "small leaks sink great ships?" It's absolutely true, especially when it comes to your finances.💸

If the IRS determines that your behavior was intentional and criminal, you may find yourself paying a fine or, in the worse case, spending time in jail.🚔🚔🚔

"Know Your Value and Add The Tax" ~ Jennifer Halinda✨ #happythursday 😎

What is Tax Evasion?🔍

Freedom vs. Stability!💡Do you agree? Leave me a comment below👇

#advicequotes ”Keep track of your expenses and spend wisely!”💡

From a Tax Practitioner standpoint😅 “Taxes. Can’t live with them. Can’t live without them.🤣 @thecoolcpa” who else can relate?✋ leave me a comment👇

Taxpayers are urged to file their tax returns ASAP! ~ A second government shutdown is looming on Friday, February 15th and it could complicate tax season and delay tax refunds. ~ The best suggestion is for people to file their tax return as soon as they gather all the information they need to file. ~ The recent 35-day shutdown created a backlog for the IRS, working only at a 50% capacity and the agency is still feeling the effects. ~ Call us today to schedule an appointment. I’m here to help you. 😊 Phone: (702) 209-9192 Email:

Tax time! Need help? Let this be the One Stop for all your business needs. We offer a wise variety of Services to help you suit your needs onilne and in person. We provide Tax, Accounting, Bookkeeping, Payroll and other business services to individuals and Businesses. Contact us to schedule a free consultation!✨

While many popular deductions went away, there are still plenty of money-saving deductions that you can claim on taxes filed in 2019. As you gather your receipts and prepare to file your taxes this year, be sure to keep these eight tax deductions in mind. ~ * Mortgage-loan interest * Property tax * Self-employment deductions * Educator expense * Student loan interest * Relocation deductions * Charitable donations * Medical expenses ~ Call us today to schedule an appointment. I’m here to help you. 😊 Phone: (702) 209-9192 Email:

Truth vs. Myth!

According to the IRS, The earliest tax refunds claiming #EITC or ACTC should be available in bank accounts or debit cards starting Feb. 27. Remember that by law #irs can’t issue refunds claiming either #tax credit before mid-Feb. click the link on my bio to check your refund status.

Share to help a broke college kid!!!!👩‍🎓👨‍🎓📚 That’s a guaranteed $1000 credit. Not a deduction.

Save gas receipts or keep track of your mileage. Keep your cell phone receipts. Save receipts for anything you buy for your riders (candy, water, etc), maintenance receipts for your car, parking fees, tolls, AAA membership or other similar roadside assistance etc. BONUS TIP ~ Environment friendly tax credit if you have purchased a certain electric or hybrid vehicle. ~ Call us today to schedule an appointment. I’m here to help you. 😊 Phone: (702) 209-9192 Email:

We hope you’re having a wonderful Easter with all your family, friends, and 🥚’s! ✨🐣 💛Happy Easter!💛