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Lane Abshire
Lane Abshire

Media/Marketing at @krs_idaho Freelance Auto Photographer DM for rates/scheduling 🚘: 2008 FJ Cruiser

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If this thing could start building itself, that’d be great 👍 #laneabshiremedia

Spooky season also means rat rod season ☠️ #laneabshiremedia Built by @krs_idaho

Little bit of everything in this car collection! Photographed for @korygaona’s family before they retired their body shop after over 4 decades in business #laneabshiremedia

A force to be reckoned with 😈 @andyb96 X @cassidy.june #laneabshiremedia

I hope you’re not getting sick of this truck cause I’m not Owner: @andyb96 #laneabshiremedia

I’d like to think that this is what Batman will drive in retirement 🦇 Built by: @krs_idaho #laneabshiremedia

Three of my favorite things: 1. Mountains 2. Cloudy skies 3. Classic pickups Owner: @super_six_8 #laneabshiremedia

3 shoots this weekend 🙌🏻 gonna be a busy few days #laneabshiremedia

If I had to guess, I’d say my shocks blew somewhere around the first picture 😅 but thanks to @d.kong23 and @bilsteinus it’s up and moving again! Got some cool stuff coming up 🙌🏻 #laneabshiremedia

Starting your Monday right with this beast of a GT500 owned by @brockholmes22 #laneabshiremedia - - - Thanks to @davidoronshelton for coming out and lending a hand capturing these rad shots! - - - Want some rollers? Dm me and we’ll get your shoots setup 👌🏼

It still hasn’t set in that my passion is now my full time job. HUGE thanks to everyone who’s followed the @krs_idaho page already. Creating daily content of wicked rides has been a dream of mine, and now I’m living it 🤘🏻 #lifeisgold #ChaseYourDream #laneabshiremedia - - - I’ll most likely post very little from @krs_idaho on my personal page, so to keep up with all that goes on here, follow the KRS account - - - I am still doing private and commercial auto shoots, so I still got everyone covered 😉 I’m not going anywhere.

Little bit of recognition to @vooduuchild. This man is more eager to learn and progress his skills than just about anyone I’ve come across. Keep pushin bud! #laneabshiremedia - - - Twilight hour works so well with the deep blacks of the GT350 - - - Dm me and let’s get your next shoot scheduled!

Something about big ass cars with big ass V8’s 😈 w / @d.kong23 #laneabshiremedia

I was going to wait to finish the rest of the set but I couldn’t resist posting this shot of @tougeknightschristian 🤘🏻 #laneabshiremedia

#moparmonday with this beast of a Hellcat at @firebirdraceway #laneabshiremedia - - - Can’t wait to get back in the burnout box to get these shots 📸 - - - Booking summer shoots now! Let’s create some fire 🔥

Some of you may already know, but I’ll be beginning my journey as the media producer and marketer for @krs_idaho! So excited to do what I do best in such an amazing shop! Be on the lookout for lots of hot rods coming your way! - - - This does not put a stop to LA Media by any means! Just a change in availability 👌🏼 - - - Looking for your bedroom poster? Why not make it your ride!?

Another bucket list shoot crossed off! So rad to finally shoot in an airplane hanger ✈️ #laneabshiremedia - - - A SUPER huge thanks to @cxldwrld_s4 for letting @landyach7 @vooduuchild and I mess around! Vlog coming from this shoot very soon! - - - Want your own hanger shoot? Message me and let’s get it setup!