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Big huge shout out to @jcd805jcd for trusting us with the new addition to his fleet that's gonna be sent out to #NewMexico with a new #nissan #titanwindow conversion #sunroof #alpine head unit #infinityspeakers component #jlaudio 5 ch amp, backup sensors, backup camera, ceiling back wall and doors #soundproof with #dynamat just a lil so13 dodge ram but he on his way to making it one clean truck. Thanks to @cochiloko323 for the referral. #konektedcustoms #konekted #staykonekted #konektedgang #losangeles #lax #inglewood #hawthorne #maywood #konektedlife #weonthemove #dreamingbig

Make sure to go and follow my main gay, I mean guy for my DYNO tuning needs @kpfabandtune dont be shy and #follow #share and #tag...you never know you can be the lucky Juan to win a tune from this famous genius guy, dont sleep on it...member only LS/LT powered whips @kpfabandtune @the_owl1923 @tommy_konektedobs

Oh my God oh my God...he's replying. I feel special now...you welcome any time brotha. I have a fridge full of beers...you can have more than juan.

Proud of this MOFO right here, he went from some gay that had no clue what he was doing. Now look at him with a humungous smile on his face looking at his build. Not my cup of tea but looks hard asf. He spent weeks, days, and a shit load of hrs the last 2 days making sure it got to its destination. Now he's not only my friend but my employee and glad I brought him on board to the #konektedcustomsteam...good shit ma boi @tommy_konektedobs much love. Later I'll see him with his own shop #TOMMYMODS lol #toyotafest #staticshit #lowlife #nowthatslow #suelomob #thatshitlow #hardwork #paysoff #konektedtommy #tommykonektedcustoms #lexus #convertible #ziptiethatshit #ziptieerrthing #sisabe #RightHandMan

Salute, as I stand at a pause to our fallen men n women. I thank you all for wat you stood and fell for. Happy memorial day. Do something great this week for any soldier that has worn the uniform or wears it. They deserve more than what is given to them after they serve #konektedcustoms appreciates you very much

Late post and since @714kustoms was posting it before us. We'll show them that we made it from scratch on this #2016gmcsierra that we completely redid ma bois interior. Their ain't no hard feelings, we were honored to go thru it but what they should've done was post the actual work they did. I wont post what they did but I do hope they at least tag who ever did the work next time they do something like that. #wedidit #konektedcustoms #konekted #staykonekted #konektedgang #losangeles #lax #inglewood #hawthorne #maywood #ipadpro #ipadinthedash #sierra #GMC #fullinterior #customshit #instagram #hashtags

Catch us here tomorrow to go feed the needy...hope to see all those that said that would be there. Thanks to all those that have been active on reposting and that will donate. Thanks to @original_obs for putting it together... @323customstickers @silenttobs @obs.era @tommy_konektedobs @jcmotorsports310 @sparky_nandillo___ @lsx_rios @flik_35 @modernstreettruckin @centenariosperformance @calidetailing @obs_truck_club @socal_trucks

Today's roll to feed the much needy thanks to @vero_xoxo02 @original_obs @flik_35 @sparky_nandillo___ @323customstickers @centenariosperformance @obstc_doughboy @team_unidos_la_official_

Wanna give a huge SHOUTOUT to @sundowninvasionla for coming thru completely last minute...told them this morning and made the biggest effort to come thru...they said they only brought a lil bit but that and the huge effort was huge. Thanks again guys means a lot. Please tag your members @original_obs @flik_35 @323customstickers πŸ–•πŸ˜ŽπŸ–• @obstc_doughboy @centenariosperformance @team_unidos_la_official_ Tag anyone else that was involved in making this happen

My tablet is almost done...just need to paint the surrounding areas and done deal...just a lil 11in #samsungtaba for the win on my #nissanfrontier Just had to replace my other #samsungtablet

The location has been set. Help us help @lsx_rios and his entire family on this sudden loss of his brother due to #cirrhosis. As you know not everyone is always ready for something like this and if we can help just a lil with the financial expenses that makes it just that much easier. If you cant make it out help them by making a small donation...link is my bio. Today for him tomorrow for you is the saying. So anything you can give helps, even if it is a dollar. If you're interested in helping out that day please hit the DM. Thank you each and everyone. @flik_35 @tommy_konektedobs @vero_xoxo02 @lsx_vero @rioschavoe @original_obs @silenttobs @centenariosperformance @obsnationofficial @purotroki @socal_trucks @truckin_around @kpfabandtune @el.chueks @sparky_nandillo___ @newyearcoatings @mannys_garage @team_unidos_la_official_ @cancunole @vipoffroadmotorsports @323customstickers @obs_truck_club @xtreme_detailing @kadafi_twcb @gm_felix_ @la_negratomasa11 @elgoose21 @the_owl1923 @sundowninvasionla @sundowninvasion @nlstreettrucks @singlecab_323_detailing @arreola_photos

So the date has been set for March 24th at 10am. We will be arriving at 8am to do as much as needed before hand. Should give us enough time to setup we will be closing March 23rd to gather everything that will be donated for the washes and making sure we have what we need for the #fundraiser. Our location still hasn't been determined as of yet but we'll keep everyone posted. Please show your respect and dont act out like kids. It's a time of mourning of a loved one. I really do hope it's a very successful event that we can make it as easy as possible for the family on this hard time. I greatly thank those that have stepped up and given your support. I'll say it again everything and anything helps. You may not know him but that dont mean you cant help. I dont even know the brother but @lsx_rios is ma boi and I would do it for you too. @flik_35 @original_obs @obs_truck_club @obs.era @tommy_konektedobs @socal_trucks @purotroki @obstc_doughboy @trokiando @truckin_around @gm_felix_ @silenttobs @kpfabandtune @sparky_nandillo___ @newyearcoatings @mortis_kreations @mariscoslinda4 @vipoffroadmotorsports @maxtracsuspension @suspension_specialists @cancunole @sundowninvasion @sundowninvasionla @centenariosperformance @team_unidos_la_official_ @singlecab_323_detailing @_single_cab_nation_ @singlecab_tc @arreola_photos @don_camaron_mariscos @truckscenestore @explosive_street_trucksla @__dsvgd__