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Repping the Niners with my love at the London games😍🏈💪🏻🐻🇬🇧

🐻💪🏻🏈 📸: @keziahtakesphotos


Hadn’t seen this one in forever. She dutifully squeezed me and attacked my face with kisses😂😍❤️

Happy birthday to this one, one of my favourite humans on this planet and one of the best friends ever😍May our lives forever be filled with loving hugs and secret apple sours shots😂🤷🏻‍♀️❤️🍹

Lovely chill Sunday morning with @niner_bun whilst @cassia_bloom has a well deserved lie in😍🐰

I don’t look great in this but absolutely loved playing football again yesterday at the third @cheshirebears rookie day😍Final rookie day next week and then so excited to get pads on and start training soon!!🐻💪🏻🏈 📷: @photosbyfurfie

Finally used the bamboo I bought nearly a year ago😍First attempt at dumplings! Made with pork, spring onions and sweetcorn🥟Definitely got to work on my crimping though😂

Not quite sure why I look so sad, I’m loving football being back!😂💪🏻🏈🐻 📸: @photosbyfurfie

Pre-laserquest arcades with some of my faves😍

Celebrating 5 years with my person today😍I will never know what I did to deserve you, the love and devotion you show me on a daily basis blows me away and I couldn’t get by without you anymore. I’m so excited to live the rest of our life together and continue this crazy adventure. We’ve gone from drunken knee slides in Asda to owning a house and having our bunny babies. 5 years down, forever to go💕😘

Absolutely loved balling out with my fellow Bears and new Blizzard teammates yesterday!! Can’t believe we won!! Such a great game and amazing experience💪🏻🏈🐻💎🏆

Mood🍺☀️Happy bank holiday weekend everyone💁🏻‍♀️😍📷: @cassia_bloom

When it’s 11:30pm and you’re getting up in 4 hours to drive down to Plymouth/Devon for your best friend’s wedding and you’re exhausted but oh so excited💕😍Got the essentials packed of course!🥂 #wedding #BestFriend #maidofhonour #Veuve #veuveclicquot #rosé #bridetribe

Getting some sideline coaching and support from my QB😍🏈💪🏻🐻💎

When a standard Sunday night of a bank holiday weekend turns into a drunken discovery of soft porn from 2001 in the loft of your friends’ house😂😂 📷: @b3autifulcrazy from the loft😂😂

When @cassia_bloom is feeling poorly it’s up to @niner_bun to comfort her😂😍

I cannot believe our first season as @cheshirebears is over! It’s been tough, emotional, full of banter and we absolutely balled out. I’m so proud of everyone on this team, we fought to the end and gave everything we had. 3rd place in our debut season? I’ll take that! 🏈💪🏻🐻Also credit to @photosbyfurfie for the amazing photos, hope to see you again next season! #bears #CheshireBears #football #family #team #Season2ComingSoon #StraightOuttaHibernation #Britball #BAFA

Had a fun Sunday with the bestie😍🍸Suffered for it yesterday😷😴😷😴

Best gameday ever at our home tournament yesterday!!💪🏻🏈Coming home with 2 wins and an absolutely stellar team performance! So proud to be part of the @cheshirebears 😍😍@photosbyfurfie

Gonna post a proper reaction to the season at some point (although I may have just cried that it’s over) but absolute shout out to @elliejxc for travelling all the way up from London to see us play today! She is just the cutest and one of the bestest friends ever😍😍😍😍Also @meyerssl is an absolute legend for coming too but I don’t think we got any photos! #bestfriendsforlife