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📍Jakarta, Indonesia 🍈🇮🇩🎬🎤 Singer | Actress | Traveler | Social Media Enthusiast I hope you live a life you’re proud of

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Times were different 20 years ago &I fault no one for this. This is not a targeted post, but I grew up living in fear of feeling sexy &beautiful. I grew up learning that sex appeal was shameful. My entire life, I’ve felt insecure about my dark features &my curves, for the way they “taunted men” or I’ve felt deeply ashamed of myself for feeling good in a tight dress or even workout pants because it was “wrong”. I’ve been asked to delete photos of myself in a bathing suit or photos that showed the smallest parts of my midriff because my hands were in the air from having fun. I’ve heard “You’re a pretty girl, you should cover up” I’ve felt the need to hide if someone complimented any physical part of me &Ive struggled with feeling confident in my relationships. As I get older, I’m realizing how good it feels to let go of those fears, to force men to be responsible for their minds &their actions verses making it my responsibility to shield them from the potential to disrespect me or other women. I can feel sexy, smart, kind &powerful all at once &you can sit across from me and see all those things beyond the boobs, the hair &the curves. Sex appeal should not cancel out everything else I have to offer. Believe me, more often than not, I’m living in my dorky, nerdy, childlike side which I also love, but regardless of how I’m feeling each day, this is MY BODY &it’s even more than that. It’s the body that God himself gave me. The body that carries me each day through the highs &lows of this life. It’s carried me through the late nights spent earning a college degree, through all of my travels around the world, it’s housed all of my pain &all of my greatest joys in life &that’s also what makes it sexy and beautiful. You can disagree, but no matter what we do or what we look like, we can’t hide from the fact that other people are going to be attracted to us. We are humans!! It’s supposed to happen. What should follow attraction is respect. I’m choosing to own this body, to own my sex appeal &to own the fact that there is power in that ownership &beyond that, whether I am in lingerie, office attire or a potato sack, I am a GOOD, SEXY WOMAN that people will respect

Fair Hair 🎡🎢 ☀️😝 Oh yeah... and I just realized...I’ve conquered a full month out here! Keep it coming Jakarta. ♥️🇮🇩 #indonesia #adventure

What. I’ve never fallen so hard for a place in my life. I will never get over Bali.

Bali spam because today was easily one of my favorite days. #bali


I think blue is my new favorite color. Thankful for the good views and the good company this weekend 😘

Today is a day to lounge and feel good in the skin. 💪 #dayoff #sundayfunday

Today the homesick feels are creepin in a little. So happy here in Jakarta but I definitely do miss my city and my family and my friends and gay people sashaying around me every which way. 🌈🎉😋 #nyc #throwback #gaypride

Warning: Another long post alert... It’s not a huge secret that my mental health was plummeting in New York. Even if I didn’t say it out loud, my insecurities were starting to peak through, my anxiety attacks and melt downs were trickling into work. My dreams were fading. I felt ALL over the place. I started therapy and things were getting better but I still didn’t feel at home in the city or fully safe in my own mind. I started praying for a new job and a big change. I’m SOOO LUCKY and grateful this job came along when it did. The singing and traveling part of this job is cool and gives me something to look forward to, but I came for wAyyy more than that. I saw a chance and an amazing opportunity to break away for a minute. My therapist and I decided it was safe and okay for me to spend some time away. I came here for a reset. I came with a plan to get rid of everything that was weighing me down as a person and start from scratch. Read. Journal. Shift my perspective. Learn about myself. They say it’s never too late to start over and I was like mmkkk whatever but here we are, making FRIENDS with the gym again, with food again (even though sometimes it doesn’t wanna be friends with me😂), appreciating and honing my craft, looking deeper into my friendships, spending time feeling all the yuck in my head and getting through it, liking the girl I have to stare back at in the mornings and most importantly making my mind a safe and healthy place to be. I still have dark moments when I’m here, and meltdowns are just a part of life but they are lessening. I’m ways away from the top and there are of course times where I still have to stop and focus solely on the job I’m doing here and the stress that comes with that. But I’m having fun, heading in the right direction and hoping to only continue going up from here. I feel good. #indonesia


In good spirits today & heading into another Bali weekend which is much needed after this week 👹🎉

Just a girl in a nest. #bali

Forever wandering 🌴💚 #bali

She’s just a Baliiii Babyyyyy🛵☀️ #bali

I’m living in the future over here and it’s lookin pretty spooky. #happyhalloweenwitches 🎃

Baby face 👶

Mama. ♥️

Amsterdam here we comeeeee 🎉

Orange has unintentionally become the theme of this trip 🍊😂 #london #sundayfunday

Solo wander through Greenwich today. Got to learn a lot about stars, the development of our understanding of time anddddd I got to straddle the Prime Meridian. #twoplacesatonce #0degrees


Fresh faced and jet lagged but falling in love with this place already. This journey has been lotttt. I am a great mixture of dead and alive...is that confusing? Yes. I expect to feel very confused for the next couple days....But I made it here safe and sound! And no tears yet! 10,000 miles away from everything I know and love but super cozy and ready to get on this time zone and sing some songs. 🎤🎶🇮🇩 Thankful for the love and support I’ve received ♥️🙏 #indonesia #jakarta #adventure #islandgirl #ifeellikeaprincess

Jakarta is definitely a major adjustment, but I’m very happy to have the sun and the trees and this fancy pool 🥰 #jakarta #indonesia

Life is so wild rn. I really can’t believe it. 🇮🇩 Feelin like a lucky girl. 👏