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Jordi Alba| FCB
Jordi Alba| FCB

Visça Barça 💙❤️ Anti-Madridista EST. 2013 👋🏽

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The best Brazilian player and the greatest of all time

sorry for not posting for the last 2 matches school and practice is getting the way :(

shhh 🤫🇧🇷 Follow @justcoutinho

Half Time: Bra 1-0 Sui Amazing goal from the best brazilian;)

Brazil 2-0 Costa Rica Who else but phil to clutch up the game 🤷🏽‍♂️ He had an Okay performance but Megged and scored on keylor navas so i’m happy 😂🔥

Brazil Vs Mexico Coutinho against my nation hmmm Always gonna be backing my nation hoping for the best 😰

Mexico vs Brazil! Score predictions?

Stressful day as a mexico fan. But i hope @phil.coutinho and @roberto_firmino the best but no one else really

Treble incoming 🔥🔥

we’re sorry that you couldn’t carry the little kid who cries on the ground i’m still supporting you @phil.coutinho ❤️

Don’t worry he’s gonna get some trophies this year with us 💙❤️

can’t wait to see you back in our colors 💙❤️

enough will all this psg nonsense never gonna happen !

Already enjoying vacation pc @coutinho14philippe


good vibe guys ❤️

Can’t wait for the season

who else is excited? @arthurhmelo one for the future 💙❤️



ugh here go the board again sure willian is a okay player but 70 mil for a 30 year old man inconsistent player is not barca quality we do not need him this will be another waste of money like paulinho.

Glad to see phil enjoying vacation 🌎❤️

love ❤️

He should be back in training soon :) follow @justcoutinho

Supercopa tommorow

Number 7 looks way better