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kai ✨ multi stan account we love EVERY member in this household, period stream boom by nctdream

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ngl i high fived him back and it made me sad lmao, i wanna be his best friend dawg

who’s gonna tell him, cus it ain’t me

aw i hope these babies get better and take all the time they need :(

fun fact: txt is the reason i made this account in the first place, and then i eventually made it into a multi stan account

kook has been practicing his english skills, something i didn’t do while learning english, oop

ngl for a second i thought the second pic was mark from nct 👁👄👁

the name choices associated with this group are astounding. We all know the meaning of TXT (rip soobin for having to explain it all the time) and now MOA, (moments of alwaysness) LIKE THEYRE SO PURE, i LUV them 🥺


feel like i’m your cat i’m your dog

fun fact: the first korean group i ever truly liked was super junior (i was like 9 so abt 5 years after their debut), but shinee was the first group i stanned, then it was bigbang, then exo, and so on

he looks hot, period, you can’t say he doesn’t, i need this to not be a wig

excuse me mr.lumberjack, i’d like to sit on your wood :)

i want a hoseok, but there is only one jung hoseok, and i can’t have him

he really built like he’s the only man.. cause he is

(I will be making multiple parts) i been wanting to make this thread since foreveR since i stan so many groups, eek - - follow @joonsbarbecuetiddies for more multistan and kpop content :)