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John Yüth

Vocalist of @parabolasofficial San Francisco Graphic Designer

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~ Ask me if I'm happy 😃

~ Due esami da dare e zero voglia di fare. 😂

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Yesterday, I believed in my band and couldn't be more proud. Without a drummer and many obstacles we played our hearts out. Thank you @pinuppresents for the opportunity, and thank you @mortalashes_official @embryocide_band_official @l_william_wallace_l and @myimmortalenemy for being awesome people and for playing with us, truly amazing night.

Met an influential artist of mine, his music has so much meaning and creativity to it that I'm able to relate to what he says, much love to you Joe ❤ nothing, nowhere

Parabolas will go on as a 3 piece, Alonzo (Guitar) Josh (Bass) and John (Vocals and synthesizers) Thank you to @dopestractions for the killer photos, if anyone needs photos or needs someone shoot for an event, She's the one photographer you need.

More Parabolas music in the works, preparing to share a lot of stuff with you guys, maybe a hometown show in the talks?

Killer show with @sleepbombsf thank you Marahall Farms for your hospitality

Much love to Ghostemane for a killer show

Brings me joy that Peter Murphy is okay, a huge influence and inspiration for me. Will never forget the times we've met and talked, and how much you appreciated my art. Much love you immortal Prince

Demo for my band Parabolas is out now! Check it out if you haven't, and I wanna thank my pal @clozvre for mastering it for us, it turned out freakin amazing! Thank everyone for the support!

Well be playing our first show in September, hope to see you there!

Cant wait to see this talented queen Chelsea Wolfe & Russian Circles in San Francisco (Regency Ballroom) 9/23/18

Guitar finished.

The very thought of you makes me want to rip this shell, feeling disgusted to breathe the same air as you.

Throwback when I met one of my biggest heroes, the main man who got me into Metal and to scream in the genre. The man himself Jacob Bannon of Converge and Wear Your Wounds.


A year ago around this time, I went through perhaps the most difficult time of my life. My world crashed down like a bomb on me and nearly took my own life. I almost did it without thinking. I'm glad I'm here, I'm glad things are beginning to go my way and will release my anger, depression and hatred in a way that I know that I was meant to do: in music and on stage. Thank you to those who reached out to me in my time of need, I know who you are and I'll never ever forget what you've done. I wish and I will make it up to you guys, somehow and someday. Love you all

Me and @alonzo_araofficial ran into Anderson Paak!! Such a down to earth dude, one of my favorite rapper/r&b artists

Yesterday with the metal god, Rob Halford of Judas Priest, a legend and a true gentleman

Ive designed the official logo for metal band Parabolas. DM me for some work or inquiries, proud of this!

Yesterday with the talented Adam Warrington, guitar player for Yungblud, it was a pleasure to hang with him

Yesterday with the talented Emma Ruth Rundle

Parabolas. 2019.

Legendary image here, Iggy Pop with Peter Murphy (Bauhaus)

#TBT meeting one of my heroes from my teenage years, whether it was American Nightmare or Cold Cave, his music got through the difficult times and has shaped me into the artist I am today. Never forgot this night, even after the show he took the time to chat and meet with me. Amazing human being.

Yesterday had the absolute honor of meeting one of my biggest musical idols, an inspirational dude, Jacob Bannon of Converge/Wear Your Wounds, btw your song did made me cry yesterday

Gotta give a shout out, A lot of love to my dude Tristan aka Author and Punisher. I'm saying this now, @uniform_nyc @youthcodeforever @adultperiod and this guy, are the future of the genre. Keep killing it my dude!

Happy mother's day to my mom. No words can describe how grateful I am for you . . . . . . . . #mothersday #mom