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And then this happened #yum

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Whenever I’m back in my hometown of San Antonio I like to visit the Missions where Spaniards ventured into the remote frontier to convert the diverse tribes of indigenous Americans. Today we joined an amazing guided tour at the Mission San Jose led by a young woman and it made me so proud to see such a knowledgeable young person sharing our history. #SanAntonioMissionsNationalHistoricalPark #missionsanjose #SanAntonio #texas

If I could just hold your hand again, I imagine that somehow you would understand how much you mean to me without thinking I’m exaggerating. If somehow during my brief flash of life I can pass on the same mark you left with me it would all be worth it. Today you moved on to subtler planes, giving us your torch, and we yearn to hold your warm hand once more. Love you grandma.

I ❤️ the outdoors. I ❤️ smokey flavors. Portobello burgers cooked over a wood fire 🔥.

Happy Independence Day!

A river runs through it.

Happy Fathers Day, dad! I’ve always known I was pretty fortunate to have great parents. Always supporting me despite my crazy dreams and aspirations. Love you!

Thanks Gary. You’ve had a positive impact on many lives, especially mine. Thank you for honoring me with the privilege of your friendship and doing your magic on my lime green 1959 El Camino. Your art lives on my friend. #rip #garyhoward #vintageair #legend #customcar

Thanks for everything mom! Seriously, everything!

Hand crafted and tested #organic #yerbamate blends straight out of Harlem NYC! Is there a market for this? 🤔🤷‍♂️

This snow stuff is pretty cool once you are in the mountains.

Que me reciba bien mi querida Buenos Aires. Con su calor infernal, que me quema la cara congelada por los vientos helados de New York. Y guardáme un helado de frutos del bosque y un café cortado. Gracias! #argentina🇦🇷 #buenosaires #nyc

#ouioui ⚡️ a #bsas OG, a before and after in the brunch scene of this incredible city. Pay your respects.

#TBT 8th grade Elementary and middle school were by far the most difficult periods of my life (for clarification: I’ve had a good and privileged life all around. By difficult, I’m referring to self-confidence and self-acceptance). Made me a survivor, a warrior. Never looked back and never lost focus on the journey to make my life enjoyable.

Wishing everyone a wonderful 2019! I can’t imagine anyone better to spend it with than you @camilacarbone ❤️ and I can’t wait to put these balloons up in our house 🤣

My favorite Hilma af Klint piece from the Guggenheim expo Paintings for the Future. I am particularly drawn to her scientifically inspired abstract interpretations of nature and the universe. Definitely my kind of art. #hilmaafklint

WANT TO TRY A 21-DAY MEDITATION CHALLENGE? It’s a three week meditation routine I prepared, with guided meditation audios to progress you from a 3 minute to a 20 minute practice. Whether you’re brand new to meditation or experienced and ready to grow, this challenge is designed to turn your meditation into a force for intuitive clarity that fuels higher performance in daily life and connects you to your higher purpose. Meditation is a game changing habit and I want to share my experience to help you get started now. HOW DOES THE CHALLENGE WORK? I’ve crafted 20 different no-nonsense ancient meditation practices so you can discover what uniquely resonates with you. What you get: ☑️ 20 guided meditation audio practices with DeROSE Method’s own John Chisenhall, Jacqueline Thompson and Stef Chuecos. After experiencing 20 different guided meditations, on the last day you'll choose to continue with the practice you had the deepest practice with. ☑️ A copy of our book, Meditation and Self-Knowledge written by Professor DeRose, who demystifies this ancestral state of mind and shares the most important lessons from his 59 years of experience learning, applying and teaching meditation. *(international shipping not included) ☑️ 5 Morning Rituals to Upgrade Yourself. Meditation didn't develop in an isolated manner. There are time-tested ways to boost its effectiveness and I’ll share a few in this guide. You still have time to join the group meditation challenge starting March 4. You can participate from anywhere in the world. The program is also available for you to start at your own convenience. Link to sign up is in the bio! #derosemethod #meditation #minfulness #braingym #intuition #nyc #westvillage

I ❤️NY

Volando con mi nueva bombilla directa de Buenos Aires! Gracias @adri.c.panizza y familia! #yerbamate #mate #argentina🇦🇷 Hecha por @natalieduncan.accesorios

Bringing pasta to the humans of NY.

Milan is a beautiful city, imagine a clean New York without poverty. Our friends @montagna_alex & @saryborges were the best hosts ever. It rained the entire time in Milan but we were able to enjoy the city fully. We took a day trip to Lake Como to visit the town where Camila’s great-grandparents came from. Lake Como is by far the most beautiful mountain + Lake combo I’ve ever seen! Pictures were all with my iPhone so it doesn’t capture the beauty.

“A Christmas Story” is officially my favorite Christmas season movie and tradition. I thought nothing would match National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, but I personally identify so strongly with this movie that the tables have turned. Just so brilliant is so many subtle ways. #achristmasstory

#Repost @derosemethodgreenwich with @get_repost ・・・ In memory of one of the most influential figures in my life. May his life inspire yours. “If you can’t fly them run, if you can’t run them walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.” #mlk #bethechange change #makekindmen #TheBestMenCanBe #martinlutherkingjr

What’s the #neuroscience of #gratitude? ⚜️Gratitude has shown to: 1- Improve brain 🧠 chemistry 2-Strengths social connections 👥 3-Elevates stress resilience 4- Improves physical health ⚜️How can we practice gratitude in our daily life? 1- DeROSE Method concepts & techniques 2- Celebrate the present moment 3- Express gratitude to people (i.e. write a thank you letter, say thank you, clean up a mess you didn’t make) 4- Keep a gratitude journal 5- Appreciate the lessons a challenge offers Let’s be grateful everyday! Happy Thanksgiving 🍁 To see the full explanation of this post check out the @derosemethodgreenwich blog on our website (Google search “DeRose Method Greenwich gratitude” 😉) #DeROSE #Mindset #humanengineering Thanks to @iachuecos for creating and sharing this post based on my talk at @derosemethodgreenwich.

Three specialists join together for a workshop about behavioral innovation in Paris! Read below for more info ⬇️ . . On November 17, three experts will debate this important theme, which is so important for the 21st Century. In a fast transforming world, the ability to adapt and to innovate is more important than ever for your professional development. During this event, DeROSE Changemakers brings together an associate professor of innovation and entrepreneurship from the Sorbonne, a DeROSE Method professor, specialized in innovation and strategy and a neuroscientist, who for years has been studying behavioral change in this area. This is a dynamic format, the speakers will present their points of view on the subject in 20 minutes each, and afterwards they will open to a round table debate, with the opportunity for participants to ask questions. The event will be in English, with a simultaneous translation into French and Portuguese and will be transmitted online. For more information and to enroll, follow the link: About the speakers: Professor Jean-Cristophe PIC is an associate professor from the Sorbonne University in Paris, with a specialization in business models and planning, innovation and entrepreneurship. He is also the director for the Celsa Sorbonne Masters program in innovation and entrepreneurship. Professor Fabiano Gomes holds a MBA in management, strategy and innovation from the University of Poitiers e UNISINOS. He is the founder of a school for personal development in Porto Alegre, Brasil. @fabianogomes_professor Doctor Renata Coura has lived in Paris since 2008. She is a post-doctoral fellow in Neuroscience and is the founder of “Neurotélos”. She has been a DeROSE Method entrepreneur for more than 10 years. This has led her to in-depth studies of themes such as the neurobiology of decision making, cognition, human behavior and social interaction. We are proud that she teaches to various faculties and has been a TED speaker. 🗣Repost from @derosemethodla