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♓️ My life. Cars, food & home. 🚗🍴🏡 BMW M2 📷 @m2owners Lashes & Nails 💅🏼 @blinking.gorgeous Twitter: @Jess_Fulford Kent📍🇬🇧

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lemme drive da boat.

DNP mami 🌸

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Wishing I was back in St Ives...💭

Congratulations @georgiacreed_ & @jonnycreed ♥️


The last night 😢

Family of luuuurve.

The rain isn’t as fun when you’re in England. #reminiscing 🌴

I keep thinking, “this time last week...” 😩 📸 by @eddiejonescreative


Spain 🇪🇸 I took a few days off of Instagram to understand the importance of not always being on Instagram. I’m constantly looking at other peoples photos thinking “I want to go there”, “I want to eat that”, “I want to buy that”. I’ve hidden the app & it’s honestly worked. I’ve been on since but I haven’t caught up with posts and I only look at a few stories & I don’t feel like I’m missing out. I wonder how long it’ll take before I revert back... 🤔

Lovely evening in Eastbourne with my faves & I FINALLY got to go to @7boneburgerco. Omggg the burgers are insanely good 🤤

I got my hair cut & Eddie got a new camera 📷 💇🏻‍♀️ @benhards 📸 @eddiejonescreative

Just checkin’ her out 🍑

Pretty settings to end the weekend 🌳 📸 @eddiejonescreative

So take me back to London...

So fortunate to have this view. As a man once said, “I never tire of that view” @emmsiejf @splosh_box_ 🤣

Mexican Chicken Tender Tacos & Pulled Coq Fries in @beerandbird tonight. We love this place. 🌮 🍟 📸@eddiejonescreative #BeerAndBird

Eyeing up the Bruffins at @stivesbakery1 😍

Sponsored by @antisocialsocialclub #ad

I don’t want to go back to reality.

Brunch al fresco courtesy of @_ed 🍴🥓🥞

Sunny evenings 🌞

Perfect day for @gensandersonxx and @daniellay. Congratulations Mr and Mrs Lay 🎊

Summer Solstice 🌅 here’s a load of pics of me. Oh and there’s Eddie 👋🏼

Why so seeeerious? 🐆

Such a lovely morning meeting beautiful Barnaby & catching up with my wonderful sissy @the_modern_cottage_life 💕👭👶🏻

I was actually embarrassed to show this “before” photo, but then I thought “sod it, I don’t look like that anymore”. - I remember choosing this underwear because it was the most unflattering I had. It dug in and enhanced all my fat. - Today, I’m at the lowest weight I’ve been in YEARS, probably since I was born, who knows- I kinda stopped looking. I feel great; I’m fitter, I’m happier and although I know I’ve still got a bit more to lose, I can’t believe how far I’ve come! 2 stone down & it’s all thanks to @pmcoaching_ & his expertise that I’ve actually stuck to it and kept going these past 5 months. Also to all my friends & family who had to put up with me saying “no I can only go to Wagamama or Nando’s so I can track.” It paid off! There’s no going back now! 💪🏼

Lovely day in Folkestone at @rocksaltfolkestone with the family to celebrate my lovely parents 30th Wedding Anniversary 💕

Another plant for the collection 🌱

Cleaning my car is like doing a rain dance ☔️

Feeling like a princess for the day at my first Indian Wedding. Congratulations Bijal & Sagar 👫 (Time for a quick nap before the evening commences)💕

Love this unit from @ikeauk. Perfect addition to the lounge 🌿

Merry poutin’ Christmas 🎄 🎁 P.s my hair is LIFE thanks to @ego_xtensions 😘

Cute new @londonclock addition 🕰