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Kick-ass Mama, blogging about tips and tricks on parenting with anxiety Lover of all things written, crafting, and sarcasm ✉ Manicmama.ca@gmail.com

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Pancakes by using Ragi Sattva #Repost @mommy_and_birdie • • • • • Love at first bite! Naimah tried organic pancakes today. We are so grateful for Fructus Terra organic food delivered right to our door step! Planning for first beach trip with little one and coming across this one is saviour. It doesn’t get much better than this. This ready to eat is so delicious and rich for babies that I thought of trying something different for her. And Honestly,she loved it. Travels are way more easy now. My girl did not take to the “typical” baby food well. It was more of a l put it in and she spill it out of her mouth kind of situation! Thanx to organic. Will be sharing more happy moments during our trip😀 ————————- Highly recommended! They have wide range of certified ORGANIC baby food. ☑️ no preservatives ☑️ no artificial ingredients ☑️ certified organic Organic is something misunderstood these days. Non certified products are being labelled as organic products and parents are being misguided. Fructus Terra is certified organic company. And are rich in calcium, iron and proteins. Will be trying some more recipes 🔜 —————————————————————- @fructus_terra #organicbabyfood #organicfood #babypancakes #bloggersofinstagram #babygirl #myfoodybaby #healthyfood #babyfood #babyfoodrecipes #organiclife #mominfluencer #momspresso #kidsmodel #kidsphotography #babygirlmodel #bestorganicfood #certifiedorganicfood #yummypancakes #punjab #babystore #healthy #Insta #instapic

#Repost @themagicplatter • • • • • We all moms know the importance of ragi/nachni in our diet. It is one of the rich sources of calcium, iron, minerals, fibre and proteins. And i have been giving my child this ingredient since he was 7 months old. .. But unfortunately i never checked whether the brand i was using was certified organic or not untill recently i came across @fructus_terra which claimed the fact they were certified organic company.. .. What does that mean ? It means ✔️ they dont use preservatives of any kind to extend their shelf life ✔️ they have certification of india organic or jaivik bharat ✔️also their vendors and farmers have an organic certification .. Wow, now thats a piece of information i never knew.. As kiaan is found of ragi products i bought ✔️ragi sattva ( porridge mix which is a great breakfast alternative) ✔️ ragi flour to make some yummy recipes .. In my recent visit to deolali, i offere kiaan ragi sattva which he ate happily during the breakfast time. I personal tasted to check the sweetness and it was perfect since it has ragi, jaggery and cardamom which enhances its taste and you do not feel the need to add anything in it .. At home i made use of ragi flour to make some yummy uthhapas. The above one is onion cheese ragi mini uthaapa .. In case u interested in the recipe check below .. Ingredients ✨ @fructus_terra ragi flour 3/4 cup ✨ urad dal 1/4 cup ✨ 1/4 cup rice flour ✨ 1 tbsp ginger chilly paste ✨ 1 onion chopped ✨ 1 tbsp oil ✨ cheese as per taste ✨ salt as per taste .. Method ✨ soak urad dal for 2 hours and grind it into smooth consistency ✨ mix Ragi flour, rice flour, ginger garlic paste, salt and set aside ✨ heat a pan, pur in the above mixture ✨ add onions and cheese and let it cook ✨ turn upside down and let the utthapa cook for less then a min ✨ take care the cheese and onions dont burn in the process and serve immediately .. Well this was a yummy simply recipe kiaan loves.. Hopefully i plan to make a ragi cake/ ragi muffin next week as its my bday week .. @smartfood_india @kidsstoppress @mumbaifood #indianfood #mumbaimom #indianmomblogger #indianfoodblogger #picoftheday #foodforkids #healthyeating

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GOAT anyone?

When the photographer catches you looking like a monkey. Own it.

This kid and his Ocean Eyes 😍😍😍

We're in so much trouble with this one.

Bronchitis had me flat on my ass this past month. Your usual annoying programming shall be resuming shortly.

Big boy reading corner for this big boy's room!

Little micro sushi from the chef for the kids 😍. #unomisushi

Still so relevant 😭

🎶Parents leave them kids alone All in all it's just another hole in the wall🎶 . Cause strep throat wasnt enough... he just HAD to fall head first into drywall. 🤦‍♀️

Holly Golightly and her unicorn named Cat. Happy Halloweekend!

How To Train Your Dragon, I mean toddler. Halloweekend continues!

Little cosplay never killed nobody 💁‍♀️

In keeping with creepy, my kid has been saying hella disturbing things all week 🤣

Handing out candy like a boss. This unicorn onesie has gotten me through 5 Halloweens 🤘🏻, still the comfiest thing I own.

Woke up like this 💅. Happy first snow ❄❄❄!

I mean, he's creative, I'll give him that. He's also ruthless and hella scary 😬

I suntan in the shade and chant "don't burn, don't burn, don't burn" as I do. 0/5 stars, do not recommend. Sunscreen works better.

Secret Garden kind of playdate. . It's amazing to watch his mind develop and a wild imagination take form 😍

Grungy, flowy, forgot my makeup, half done, kind of day.

Morning cuddles that just aren't so cuddly anymore. I mean, this counts as an ab workout right?!

Frills for days. When I'm feeling down I dress up. It's kind of a giant F U to my blues.

End of a work day, out on my parent's patio, with my sister snapping photos 😂. 📸 @simonatrosman

One of the many joys of parenting 😱🙈

God, how did I get this lucky? End of a long day, heavy head and heart so light.

Kitty on a windowsill 😹

The joys of parenting include watching your kid grow and learn new ways to keep you humble AF

Love is holding her hand at the water's edge.

Nature walks, with beauty born of sunshine streaming through a thick canopy of leaves.

He even parks like his father 🤦‍♀️

These two have been inseparable all weekend. I dont know if my son is more obsessed or the dog 😂.

Seriously, I swear they're not that small 😭

Superman that moose!

Me: THIS is how you made me Tea? Hubs: well... you never drink more than that Me: you do know the boiled water is free right?

You heard the boss. Back to bed!

Our Lady Peace bound 🤘🏻

Skateboarding minus the skateboard. But still winning with helmet safety.

We're so ready. Is it halloween yet??