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It took me years to get to the place I am today with having and operating in emotional maturity when everything in you wants to lash out against injustice, BUT GOD! When you’ve witnessed the Hand of God move on your behalf due to your obedience and self control it’s one of the MOST POWERFUL experiences you’ll ever witness!!! I’ve learned the “WHY” behind the battle is NOT mines BUT belongs to the LORD☺️🙌🏾let me encourage any of you who are dealing with an injustice, DON’T RETALIATE! BE QUIET🙊🤫!! RELEASE THEM/THE SITUATION TO GOD and ALLOW HIM TO FIGHT YOUR BATTLES😉I guarantee He can fight it a lot better than we could😂💯 #facts #faith #thebattleisnotminesitsthelords #noweaponformedagainstmeshallprosper #vengeanceisminesaysthelord #touchnotmyleastannointedsuffermyprophetnoharm #Stand #selfcontrol #victorious #ialreadywon #anothertko🥊 #victoryinyoursilence #itsknotsoeasy

Don’t hate on the struggle😏it requires spiritual maturity to discern the lesson in every trial and tribulation! I have learned and discerned the message God is prepping me for and what it is He wants to convey from every struggle I overcome💯@bishopjakes STAY TUNED “ATMOSPHERIC PRESSURE” a prophetic message I’ve been sitting on for a couple of weeks will be coming soon THIS FALL ‼️ It is NOT a gerber and milk message! This is an END TIME WORD for this season we are in. YOU WILL NOT WANT TO MISS IT‼️ #faith #anointed #theanointing #MyAlabasterBox #ipaidforthis #expensiveisanunderstatement #success #propheticallyspeaking #prophet #EndTimes #unpopularopinion #madeforthis #crushedforthis #MyRedeemerLives #purpose #theStrugglemademe #mysuccessdiaries #itsknotsoeasy

Waiting for my next revelation liiiike👀where you at👀😂my FATHER has the BEST revelations☺️❤️💯‼️can we talk about the shine tho✨from that aloe vera juice😩😍can y’all see why it’s my staple💁🏾‍♀️anywho, one of my viewers asked the question in my last video, “how do we STOP speaking negative”? So I thought to myself🤔self☝🏾?Let’s put this in a video💁🏾‍♀️😂COMING SOON‼️ #faith #naturalhair #revelations #hairthatshines #naturallycurly #sleekponytails #purpose #filming #nodyes #noartificialcolors #beautyvlogger #faithvlogger #qanda #whereyouat #itsknotsoeasy

#TBT to that time I transformed myself into music and fashion ICON Donna Summer😝❤️anything music, fashion, poetic I am here for IT❤️this is transformation month where most artistic content creators are transforming themselves into their inspired characters, however, not feeling the challenge this year. I don’t like the Halloween season and can’t stand a trick😏BUT I will certainly indulge in a treat🍭🍬or two😂😋here’s to the disco era🕺🏾 #the70s #disco #discoera #That70sShow #transformationchallenge #donnasummer #halloweencostume #halloweenmakeup #immaartist #creativity #creativeminds #70sbaby #itsknotsoeasy

Is it starting to make sense now?! Good morning☕️THE REJECTION! THE BETRAYAL! THE INJUSTICE! THE SETTING APART was all apart of HIS DIVINE PLAN to prepare YOU to LEAD💃🏾🙌🏾💯🔥Have you ever tried to give or deliver an UNPOPULAR message to the ones you’re closest to??!! Your “emotional” attachment prevents you from being able to function in the fullest capacity of that which you were CALLED TO!!! Just ask any HR professional about the hardest part of the job?! Issuing the discipline and having that hard conversation! This is why upper management cannot be found socializing and fraternizing with the employees🤦🏾‍♀️💯you must LEAD from the front NOT with the crowd💯🔥 #standout #setapart #leaders #leadership #success #successdiaries #revelation #stoptryingtofitin #purpose #leadfromthefront #destiny #levelup #faith #itsknotsoeasy

#TBT My MINI ME🥰 MY DAY 1💯he’s been ridin and in my corner before I even knew anything about life! I guess you could say we figured it out togetha❤️he’s no baby, but will always be my baby💯❤️🥰I’m proud of the man he’s become and I’m looking forward to celebrating his 24th Birthday😭🎉this weekend💃🏾‼️ #mylovelife #proudmomma #motherandsons #minime #manofvalor #happybirthday

What can I say when God has gifted me with such a beautiful Gift? Where do I begin to insert my gratitude? Only God knows the love I carry for my son. That level of articulation cannot be captured fully in an Instagram post. But if a picture is worth a thousand words, then I say I LOVE YOU a thousand times❤️Cheers to another 24 my son🥂🥰 - - Brendon was styled by: Itsknotsoeasy Brendon’s Hair: styled by @anointinghands - - #happybirthday #24 #myson #motherandson #models #fashion #highfashion #motherandsonlove #myminime #myrideordie #love #levelup #heavenselite #birthdaycelebration #family #macys #macysmens #fashionnova #ifgodbeforuswhocanbeagainstus

When I was a babe in Christ I was easily moved by the adversary and responded with depression, bitterness and resentment. As I grew and learned the ways of my Father I move differently☺️I respond with a confidence that MANY lose during that trial and tribulation period. I respond with love and a joy unspeakable that MANY are robbed of due to overwhelming circumstances and the perpetuating corruption of others. I respond this way, not because I am strong in my own right...I am able to respond with such eloquence and stability because I walked and fellowshipped with my creator long enough to see the fruit of HIS WORD‼️GREATER IS HE THAT IS IN ME, THAN HE THAT IS IN THE WORLD. I respond like this because I’ve witnessed the manifested fruit of WHAT SATAN MEANT FOR EVIL GOD WILL USE FOR MY GOOD❤️I no longer desire or need to respond from my sin nature when my God nature is more POWERFUL AND PRODUCES MORE ABUNDANT FRUIT💯💃🏾‼️So when they scratch their heads wondering how you overcame🤔just smile and say MY GOD PERFECTS EVERYTHING THAT CONCERNS ME😎Psalms 138:8💯💪🏾 #faith #icandoallthingsthroughchrist #success #successdiaries #manifest #emotionalmaturity #levelup #joy #peace #bossmoves #leadershipdevelopment #emotionalintelligence #noweaponformedagainstmeshallprosper #treadonthem #dontbemad #itsabovemenow #perseverance #MoveDifferent #itsknotsoeasy

When you are growing spiritually, you live to SERVE! When you are living from what you can and should get from others, you have not yet reached spiritual maturity. Those who live and operate from such a selfless mentality understands the power in serving/giving erases a mentality of entitlement. If you’re worried about those who take from you unjustly, then you don’t understand God’s vengeance! Even in injustices, LET IT GO! There is no injustice that will go unpunished💯GIVE AND IT SHALL BE GIVEN UNTO YOU!!! A cheerful giver LACKS NO GOOD THING😉. The MORE you give, the MORE you receive💯the REAL POWER💪🏾💥comes when you LET GO and GIVE with no expectation💫 #faith #give #spiritualmaturity #emotionalmaturity #growup #letitgo #noexpectations #successdiaries #manifest #itsknotsoeasy

Good morning☕️Even at a young age, I never understood people’s obsession with money. When it was time for me to start considering careers to go into for college, my mother gave suggestions of lucrative fields, and my response was always...BUT will I enjoy it? FUN FACT: I am the kind of person to leave everything behind and live off the land as long as I’m reaching souls in the process. I am happiest when I am making a difference in the ways God PURPOSED me to do so❤️😊. I truly believe that for this reason God has kept me, mentally, physically and spiritually healthy💯I give no regard to this world or the things in it, for what can you take with you once you leave? I find true beauty and contentment in knowing God, fulfilling my GOD given purpose, impacting souls for His Glory and raising my beautiful GIFTS to do the same❤️😉my son told me yesterday, he has a vision for us to do world missions as a family🌎and every year we choose a place to serve and that will be our tradition😮❤️y’all, I almost fell to the floor😭God is constantly confirming my prayers and my impact on the lives of my children! I couldn’t be more proud and I told him let’s work on making that happen son🤗❤️he went on to say he hope to someday have a wife like me with my faith😩Though my faith is far from where I desire it to be, I am humbled and thankful that my son knows the importance of having a woman of faith alongside him on this journey called life. I said all this to say, when you put your focus on what’s important to God and nurture it accordingly, you’ll find nothing in this world matters and that you have everything you could ever want and need💯 #faith #blessings #manifestation #trainupachildinthewayheshouldgo #morethanenough #myfaithissufficient #goodmorning #morninginspiration #successdiaries #mycuprunnethover #itsknotsoeasy

The sad truth is in this “social/reality” culture a spirit of ENTITLEMENT, DISRESPECT & REPULSIVE behaviors are glorified and marveled over, while Godly character, such as HUMILITY, RESPECT OF AUTHORITY and DECENCY are NON-EXISTENT! What’s even more sad is children are learning such disrespectful, crude and haughty behaviors from parents🤦🏾‍♀️🤨!!! Children are a reflection of one or both parents, I believe in training a child in the way the they should go... NOT trying to be their best friend💯when you care more about being your child’s friend than their parent you will end up with an entitled, crude,disrespectful spoiled brat🤨💯we are here to parent NOT pacify egos ladies and gentlemen! Teach your child character and though they may stray, LIFE has a funny way of bringing them back to the truths you’ve imparted😉 #TrainUpAChild #nospoiledbrats #entitlementissues #issues #characterissues #godlycharacter #selfishness #poorattitudes #faith #truthhurts #parentingtips #successdiaries #itsknotsoeasy

Most people can’t except your destiny because they are stuck on where they met you, and when you choose to move from where “they” met you and on towards your destiny that’s when the criticisms and slander become the most prominent. ~TD Jakes Most people will try their best to keep you in old wine skins and whenever opposition comes and reminds you of your past, tell that devil... thank you! If it wasn’t for my past I wouldn’t be who I am today. I’m not coming down there, that’s too low for me! If I don’t have opposition, I can’t have VICTORY💃🏾🙌🏾❤️ #faith #thatstoolowforme #victorious #simple #period #noweaponformedagainstmeshallprosper #morethanaconqueror #itsknotsoeasy

@brokentopeace At this point in my life, I say to the devil...ARE YOU DUMB🤨did you NOT just see those trials and tribulations my FATHER got me through all of the previous years??!!! Like, what is it that you don’t see👀Satan??!! I was winning then against you and the way my Heavenly Father has me set up... I’ve already won your next battle you’ve set for me💪🏾💯😉🤣NOW GET IN YOUR LANE, which belongs under my👣and watch me carry on in my DOMINION & AUTHORITY because I guarantee this next STRATEGY God has planned for me, will leave You defeated and confused 🥴💯😂🤣💃🏾🙌🏾 #Repost #faith #victorious #redemption #morethanaconqueror #successful #thegloryofgod #watchmeslaymydemons #propheticdiaries #whoismymotherandbrethren #successdiaries #winning #MVP #itsknotsoeasy

I am often asked, HOW did I get so much Faith? If I would have gotten this question decades ago, I would have had a limited answer that spoke to merely overcoming circumstantial trials and tribulations. However, the other dynamic to my unshakable faith has a lot to do with my Prophetic gift and call which would have to be broken down in another video. In this video I give a synopsis to how I arrived at my level of faith. VIDEO AIRING ON MONDAY @6pm CST #faith #walkingbyfaithonpurpose

Yesterday the devil came face to face with me! I learned a lot about why he’s fighting me, my marriage and my reputation so hard. Fighting silently is painful. To have to listen to the slander, false rumors made by your own family member, being handled inappropriately is a very painful experience (ESPECIALLY when Satan does it behind closed doors😭). I remember a time, when I was under attack years ago and at that time all I wanted to do was tell a nearest relative and this family member turned to me and said who do you think they are going to believe? I knew immediately I was dealing with Satan. He will use intimidating tactics to try and silence you, but I found that often times we must be silent and STAND! Allow the enemy to think his plan worked, in order for God to work His plan-because every time Satan appears and challenges me, my desire is to EXPOSE HIM!!! But God has His appointed time. See...THE GAG IS, I am truly blessed to have a husband (filled with the HOLY SPIRIT) that will get in the ring with me and fight back💪🏾it’s a blessing to have a husband that sees satans devices and will pray and strategize with me. Sometimes God will bring you in the presence of your enemies in order to show you HOW BLESSED YOU REALLY ARE💯oh and, THE BATTLE IS NOT MINES! IT BELONGS TO MY HEAVENLY FATHER☝🏾😉 #faith #spiritualwarfare #smh #ourweaponsarenotcarnal #iamblessed #undefeated #youthought #itsknotsoeasy #purpose #propheticdiaries #thebestisyettocome #purposedrivenlife #athreestrandcordisnoteasilybroken #PrayerWarriors #gossip #slander #persecution #IWasBuiltForThis💪🏾

Good morning guys☕️I found that even on my worst day, God is extraordinary❤️🥰there’s never a bad day with God💯my #1 TIP when going through trials and tribulations, ALWAYS BE QUICK TO SEE THE GOOD☺️! God is always shining His light through something or someone✨P.S. this part of my life is going to make for a great storytime😂 #faith #todayimetanangel #grateful #successdiaries #thinkpositive #attitudeofgratitude

Waking up to another great review❤️☕️what an amazing way to start the day☺️! Thank you @alejandramora19 for your review🤗I’m so glad you enjoyed it! For those interested, my book “WALKING BY FAITH ON PURPOSE” is available on Amazon and can be downloaded on Kindle😊GRAB YOUR COPY by clicking the link in my description box‼️ #faith #walkingbyfaithonpurpose #loa #lawofattraction #biblicalprinciples #manifest #howtomanifest #howtowalkbyfaith #success #successdiaries #itsknotsoeasy

Often times people project their hurt, insecurities, malice, resentment and bitterness...on you as a result of the spiritual bondage they’ve been apart of for so long. The average person doesn’t even realize that they’ve been used as a vessel to accommodate such demonic forces and so when they act out, they see it as a normalcy instead of a problem that requires SPIRITUAL ATTENTION!!! NOT A PILL🤦🏾‍♀️‼️ The average church no longer speak about demonic possession let alone deal with it. Which is why we have a lot of FUNCTIONING DEMONS in our churches and in these streets! People have grown accustomed to entertaining their self indulging attitudes, actions and mindsets. Our culture has made mental illness and other demonic ailments and sickness a trend and it has positioned itself in such a way that people are proud to claim such demonic dysfunction as to be apart of the “me too” movement😡🤦🏾‍♀️what a disgrace. Are we not disciples of Christ?! And did he not give such a order🤷🏾‍♀️ 14 He appointed twelve[a] that they might be with him and that he might send them out to preach 15 and to have authority to drive out demons. So why are we medicating demons instead of casting them out🤨🧐it’s no wonder why people of this world has no respect for the church... the church has yielded its power over to familiar spirits and has chosen to roll over And pacify over indulging spirits in order to remain politically correct and popular!! #faith #spiritualdeliverance #deliverance #myunpopularopinion #thepowerlesschurch #deliveranceisnecessary

With each new level, comes greater opposition & struggle and a greater level of faith is required! The faith that got you through last years trials and tribulations is not the same faith that will get you through this years trials and tribulations! SO KNOW YOUR ADVERSARIES! When you know your enemies strategy , you have the answer to the test💯so FIGHT accordingly💪🏾the things that set you off BEFORE should go into👉🏾PRAYER and that’s where you SET IT OFF⚔️ #faith #warcry #noweaponformedagainstmeshallprosper #toolowforme #comeuphigher #ourweaponsarenotcarnal #spiritualwarfare #itsabovemenow #stopreacting #prayerismyweaponofchoice #itsknotsoeasy

Confession Time: It’s hard sometimes when you’ve had to be strong your whole life by force. You develop the ability to erect a supernatural strength and an unwavering faith caused from being isolated w/God alone! I use to be bitter and resentful towards unsupportive family members and friends because I didn’t understand what God was doing to me and I was ignorant of what was required in order for God to position me in His purpose and NOT mine😭😩. Refining and Redefining our purpose creates pain, brokenness, rejection, persecution and an inner discomfort from your spirit being called into Divine alignment with the Creators purpose for us!! I found that when I surrender and yield to His plan and understand that the persecution and rejection was necessary... it makes it all worth it💯I asked my husband one day, who do Prophets have for counsel?! Who do I go to when I’m weak? He looked at me and in a reassuring voice, said...GOD☝🏾. I don’t know why this made me cry, but when you are given certain gifts I found out the hard way, I can’t just go to anyone and pour my heart out, matter of fact, I found that most are anticipating my failure and rejoice in my trials and tribulations, then HATE the resilience and favor God shows me throughout it all💪🏾💃🏾ain’t that a trip😏. To this I say, God bless you❤️if it wasn’t for you, I would not have the faith that destroys the yoke! I wouldn’t be able to look this timeless when my trials should have aged me forward😉. My opposition is my strength training💪🏾the greater the opposition, the stronger I become, the greater my faith💯I use my enemies to bench press my faith😂💯I don’t know if any of you have had to endure hearing a false rumor about you spread by a close relative, but it’s hurtful! I was recently told a ridiculous rumor started by a close relative of mine, so detrimental and all I could do was not walk🚶🏾‍♀️but RUN🏃🏾‍♀️to👉🏾GOD✨I ask myself why? Why would this person do something so evil? And then I remember, it’s the REFINING AND REDEFINING😭God wants us to be able to hear the gossip and be unshakable! Be persecuted and still PRAISE HIM!!! I’m in training💪🏾. I can’t AFFORD to respond like I used to😭😩💯

So what y’all eatin for dinner🤷🏾‍♀️and yes I said eatIN😂😏are you feasting on the Word🍽or on doubt, anxiety, hopelessness, insecurity and inadequacy🤨okay, okay...let me help you out and give you some of what’s on my plate, START by chewing on this “I CAN DO ALL THINGS through CHRIST WHO STRENGTHENS ME” Philippians 4:13 chew on that by repeating it 🗣OUT LOUD every time that voice of discouragement comes to haunt you!!!! #faith #icandoallthingsthroughchrist #perseverance #ambition #nevergiveup #successdiaries #morethanaconqueror #itsknotsoeasy

Good morning☕️@jmarie1201 #Repost I can recall the time I was asked to share my testimony at SIU. Immediately following, I was stopped by 2 young girls (college students) who confessed to me that at first they were not going to stay to listen because they judged me based on my outer appearance. They went on to say that I don’t look anything like what I had been through. They would never had thought. They mentioned that they assumed I grew up privileged and couldn’t possibly understand a trial let alone a tribulation😂so after thanking me for sharing, surprisingly they shared they were able to relate to much of my struggles❤️I find that we often times forget, we are NOT meant to look like what we’ve been through💯remember the 3 Hebrew boys, they were put in the fire, intended to consume them, BUT GOD💃🏾🔥let us who BELIEVE come out UNTOUCHED✨ #faith #believe #overcome #perseverance #successdiaries #Proverbs31woman #noweaponformedagainstmeshallprosper #morethanaconqueror #clothedinstrengthanddignity #strength #wisdomisherbeauty #beauty #beautyvlogger #itsknotsoeasy

Alright guys, join me Monday @6pm CST on the campus of U of I at CHICAGO as I give away my secrets on how I can go through some of the most GUT WRENCHING😖trials and STILL SMILE😁and STILL LOVE AND TRUST my HEAVENLY FATHER❤️🥰🙌🏾and ALL THIS...w/o the bitterness and resentment😉(which ages you btw😏ijs)I also have lined up one of the most POWERFUL💥revelations GOD gave me on how to LET GO and TRUST HIM, TRUST ME you will NOT want to miss it!!! Guaranteed YOU’VE NEVER HEARD IT BROKEN DOWN LIKE THIS!! My prayer life is changed forever💯That Video will post a week after this one! COMING SOON😉 #faith #trialsandtribulations #onlythestrongsurvive #blessed😇 #nevergiveup #successdiaries #howtosurvive #beauty #faithisbeautiful #godlycharacteristics #overcome #howtoovercome #itsknotsoeasy

Once you find that “Secret Sauce” that uniqueness that sets you apart from the crowd, that sauce that Glorifies God and brings liberation to others, that sauce that sustains you no matter where you are in your journey...THAT SAUCE you must protect it! Too many hands in the pot will leave you confused, discouraged, grieved, hopeless and unfocused. Treat your sauce (your gifts, your uniqueness, your dreams and visions) like an investment and it will yield exponential blessings in return💯😉 @exquisitemo #Repost #faith #purpose #blessings #abundance #successdiaries #guardyourgifts #iam #itsknotsoeasy

When your husband shows up to support you and joins God and all of heaven as your studio audience😂🙌🏾I’m currently editing this video where I will be sharing another powerful revelation on “asking and letting go”. God gave me such a convicting revelatory experience concerning this aspect of our faith. I pray it blesses you as it did me❤️ AIRING SATURDAY @6pm CST. Also, guys the day of filming this video, my husband and I was stopped by an Angel‼️Not even kidding you! As we were heading to the train this woman who look to be of Turkish descent stopped us and she began speaking in a way as if she knew us for years. That’s when I knew this is no Chicago panhandler😂THIS IS GOD😭‼️Guys, I kid you not, these kind of encounters has been happening more and more frequently in my life. Even after I left the train and got on the bus...AGAIN😮‼️It left us SHOOK😩❤️If you guys want to hear this in a storytime with my husband let me know😊 #faith #noordinarywoman #propheticword #disciplesofchrist #supernatural #revelations #confirmation #angelsindisguise