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My super tasty Brunch. Jalapeño poppersand scrambled eggs cooked in butter. #ketobeginner

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Last night in my ISTYLEBYSONIA ✨Mica Fur Boa✨ x ✨Cupcake Clutch✨ both available on

Who else with me? Let’s finish the year off strong 💪🏽!

ISTYLEBYSONIA ✨Sarina Cropped Jacket✨ lambskin leather with genuine fox fur. Available upto 8XL (49inch bust).

ISTYLEBYSONIA ✨Highness Bracelet✨ absolutely loving the oversized Cuban link design. Can be worn as a bracelet or necklace/choker (different sizes available)

Walking into fur season like... ISTYLEBYSONIA ✨Custom Fox Fur Coat✨ oversized fur Collar and fur lined hood...available in any solid colour.

ISTYLEBYSONIA ✨Fox Fur Sleeve✨ available on

New colours added to our ISTYLEBYSONIA ✨Leather x Fur Trench✨ available on

ISTYLEBYSONIA ✨Lumi Fur Boa✨ double sided genuine fox fur. Wrap around your neck or throw it over your shoulder. Available on

ISTYLEBYSONIA ✨Farrah Bomber✨ genuine red fox fur, cropped style with a hood. Available to order on

ISTYLEBYSONIA ✨Roma Gloves✨ genuine leather gloves with an oversized fox fur trim. Available on

Side view of our ✨Farrah Cropped Bomber✨ available on

The truth #karma 🤞🏽

ISTYLEBYSONIA ✨Nadia Fur Bomber✨ available on a long version and short version on

ISTYLEBYSONIA ✨Cuban Ring✨ x ✨Marcia Band✨ x ✨Cupcake Clutch✨ Available on

This really touched me! Tag someone who needs to hear this‼️ #selfworth

ISTYLEBYSONIA ✨Majesty Cuff✨ available on styled by my boo @stylebyteajaye on @_richyoungcali ——————————————————— . 📸 @royaleyez 💇🏽‍♀️ @iamrelentless__ Stylist @stylebyteajaye 🖤 💄 @itshotchiick

ISTYLEBYSONIA ✨Fox Fur Sleeve✨ available on

ISTYLEBYSONIA ✨Roma Gloves✨ available on

New colour way added for our ✨Agra Bag✨ add emerald green stone option. SO REGAL 😍

ISTYLEBYSONIA ✨Nadia Fur Coat✨ available in a cropped bomber as well on

ISTYLEBYSONIA ✨Starlette Ring✨ x ✨Destiny Ring✨ x ✨Trina Band✨ x ✨Cairo Band✨ available on

ISTYLEBYSONIA ✨Victoria Fur Vest✨ available in red fox and silver fox fur!

ISTYLEBYSONIA ✨Olivia Fur Boa✨ double sided plush genuine fox fur. Tails are detachable. Available on

We sure can ❤️😩😍

ISTYLEBYSONIA ✨Chandelier Box Clutch✨ available on

ISTYLEBYSONIA ✨Sarina Cropped Jacket✨ also available black on black. Buttery lamb skin leather with genuine fox fur arms. Available on

Last night in my ISTYLEBYSONIA ✨Mica Fur Boa✨ x ✨Cupcake Clutch✨ both available on

Lately I have been having a hard time deciding whether I want to look like a snack or eat one. ✨Fries Before Guys Bag✨ available on

What other colours do you want to see in our ✨Sarina Cropped Jacket✨ I’m thinking blue on blue or pink on pink.

New colours added for our ✨Delhi Bag✨ & ✨Agra Bag✨ available on

Shop . ✨Bria Tennis Chain✨ ✨Megan Bands✨ ✨Milan Band✨ ✨Alexa Band✨

ISTYLEBYSONIA ✨Chennai Bag✨ x ✨Diamanté Pants✨ available on

My type of Happy Meal 🤑🤤

ISTYLEBYSONIA ✨Aston Fox Fur Bomber✨ genuine hand dyed silver fox fur. Available on

ISTYLEBYSONIA ✨Luma Fur Boa✨ double sided plush fox fur! Use it as a shawl or wrap it around your neck!

I thinks it’s safe to say my niece loves her ✨Cupcake Bag✨ available on

Ok I’m Fur Season ready‼️ ISTYLEBYSONIA ✨Colleen Fur Bomber✨ available on

Guess what’s baking in my oven... Our ISTYLEBYSONIA 🧁Cupcake Clutch🧁 all 3 colours in stock and ready to ship.

Nights Out ❤️❤️❤️

ISTYLEBYSONIA ✨Victoria Fur Vest✨ genuine red fox fur (length can be customized) Available on