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Had to take her out of the stable. Riding - training - riding once more. Cant beat it. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #gethealthy #healthylife #TrainHard #NoExcuses #motivation💯 #motivated #getfit #cardioworkout #Nashville #FitLifestyle #fitness #fitnessmotivation #FitnessAddict #getstrong #liftheavy #GymLife #GymTime #nopainnogain #personaltrainer #sweatlife #weightlifting #workout #jymarmy #motorcycles #motorcyclesofinstagram #harleysofinstagram #harleydavidson #harleylife #dyna #fxdb @dynamite_crew @dyna_disciples

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The @catholicuniversity a capella group @cuatakenote made last night's #lighttheway Campaign kick-off very special. A wonderful event for a very special organization, I was honored to attend. This shot was taken after an impromptu rendition of Cherry Baby on the steps of the Andrew W Mellon Auditorium. It was #AccaAwesome

Happy belated Anniversary my love. The best two years of my life.

I'm packed and I'm holding I'm smiling, she's living, she's golden And she lives for me She says she lives for me Ovation She's got her own motivation She comes round and she goes down on me And I make her smile It's like a drug for you Do ever what you want to do Coming over you

Mumford and butts

Isn't he a dream boat?

Hot never looked so good

There is a 95% chance that every Greek Male you encounter is named Panos, Costas, or Demetri. I find the Panos pour healthy shots of tequila.

Getting on a plane and leaving #paros was the biggest mistake of my life. Take me home country roads has a whole new meaning.

#TBT to my Italian grandparents Forese and Marisa. They married in 1952 and had two beautiful children and my father (just kidding, Poppy)! Who went on to give them six grandchildren and one great grandchild. As the oldest of their grandchildren, I was blessed with more time with them and stronger memories of those wonderful experiences. My Nonno was so charismatic with a booming, larger-than-life presence (if you wonder where I get it from). He fought in the resistance in WWII, drove race cars for fun, was an amazing Captain, and the patriarch/architect of a strong discerning family. According to him, only an Italian Prince was worthy of my hand! He was kind and out going but lost his memories and voice in his last ten years of life. I try hard to remember him as he was, wild and vibrant! Nonna Marisa Luisa Primavera was beyond elegant, a true Italian woman. He maiden name, "Spring" in Italian was perfectly suited to her. Every weekday her husband would return for lunch from downtown Florence to their beautiful house on the Hill. She would have the table set with beautiful linens and fine china. We would sit as a family for a four course meal, after we retired to the living room to gather by a fire. The hearth always cleaned, logs and newspapers perfectly placed, ready for Nonno to strike a match from the old silver box on the coffee table. It was an old world ritual that I never tired of. In the summers we spent our time with them in Porto Santo Stefano. Boating trips, fish market outings, lounging at the Yacht Club, and always ending the day with a less formal family dinner overlooking the sea. Though they are gone and I miss them everyday, I know they would be proud of their children, grandchildren, and great great grandchild that carry on their legacy today. On special days, I pull out an old bottle of her perfume and give myself the tiniest of spritz, so all those memories come rushing back. #DonatiFamilyValues

Since its Uncle @pucciodonati 66th, I'm posting this picture of the Italians interpreting what Texan celebration attire entailed. Auguri Puccio, love you! Though I was still a twinkle in my parents eye, I title this one "Donati's Look Good with a Mustache"

Dibs on the heads

Our greatest human adventure is the evolution of consciousness. We are in this life to enlarge the soul, liberate the spirit, and light up the brain. -TR

Greek breakfast with a gorgeous view and fantastic company. Beautiful wedding in Mykonos, on to Paros for calm romance.

Heaven on earth

The importance of a sunset

These honey-colored pine cones are mesmerizing! My dear @shannfran what is this magical species?

I love you forever and always. Even more when we fight. Kisses Poppy. You're the best.

When you turn 60, you celebrate the whole month and your husband can't say no to espresso martinis for dessert! Isn't she gorgeous? I hope I look just like my momma at 60! #DonatiFamilyValues

Me: Hey Jenny, let's play Troop Beverly Hills Jenny: I'm down

Baby Shea is without a doubt @thewoodleydc favorite resident. She runs this place.

We kind of love each other

We missed you Friday. Le tired after an adventurously festive afternoon.

We're BACK! Christmas in Park City isn't for the faint of heart. Brunch, main street hikes, window shopping, beers on heated stone benches overlooking the mountains, plotting ski routes with new friends, jacuzzi soak....and nap before dinner because we are le tired.

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care.

White Christmas dreams came true while walking home on Main

Top of the Wasatch Mountain range makes for beautiful scenery and amazing skiing but don't expect any feeling in your fingers or toes! #ParkCity #canyons #christmas #ski

Plan your off days right

After dinner treat