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I’m blue da ba dee da ba dye 🌞 Enjoying life & taking many pictures around the globe 🇩🇪🇨🇭🇧🇪🇨🇳🇦🇷 📍BXL 🌿🍃🌱 ✊

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🇮🇹 Italia_Roma 🇮🇹 Cuna de la civilización tal y como la conocemos hoy en día, Roma es una de las ciudades mas bonitas de Europa, su legado histórico es impresionante. Aunque no es muy grande, dado su excepcional patrimonio, necesitarás unos tres días para recorrerla. No puedes perderte el coliseo romano (vale la pena entrar), la fontana di Trevi, el foro romano, el panteón, la plaza españa, la plaza navona y por supuesto la ciudad del vaticano, con su capilla sixtina. #ROMA #italy #travelguides #instatravelling #instaviajes #instaviaje #travelislife #worldcapture #instaviajeros #AmoViajar #awesome_earth #awesome_earthpix #awesomeearth #travelawesome #travelphotography #bestvacations #createexplore #destinosimperdibles #vacations #travel #instatravel #instatraveller #Turismo #viajeros #turisteando #tuvoyages #viajar #viajando #mytravelgram

🇲🇲Myanmar_Lago Inle🇲🇲 Impresionante !! Es uno de los lugares mas mágicos en los que he estado! Un lago de 116Km2 llenos de vida, mercados, viviendas, monasterios ... simplemente maravilloso. Alquila una barca conducida por algún autóctono y pasa todo un día recorriendo sus aguas. #inlelake #lagoinle #travelguides #instatravelling #instaviajes #instaviaje #travelislife #worldcapture #instaviajeros #AmoViajar #awesome_earth #awesome_earthpix #awesomeearth #travelawesome #travelphotography #bestvacations #createexplore #vacations #travel #instatravel #instatraveller #Turismo #viajes #viaje #viajeros #turisteando #tuvoyages #viajando #mytravelgram

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I took my love, and I took it down, I climbed a mountain and I turned around

Traveling, she realized, was like a slow dismemberment of the body. It plucked the heart out of her and split it into pieces, leaving a bit behind wherever she went, never to be whole again.

Throwback to a sunnier Brussels ☀️

Cálmate y tomate un mate ✌🏻 Merci @metrodenuit pour la photo trop chouette!

Ach Berlin, ick vermiss dir.

squatting around the world ✌🏻

The place that made me wanna go all humu humu nuku muku apua'a maka heekee mala heenee who, but then I remembered I ain’t no Sharpay Evans 🎤🎶


I really don’t like Paris but I love the Paris of Latin America 🤷🏼‍♀️


El pasado es arcilla que el presente labra a su antojo. Interminablemente. - JL Borges

Synchronized 👣

🏙🏛 Old meets new 🏛🏙

#TBT the top of 峨眉山 🇨🇳 the view from up there was emeizing 😏

The Hill of Seven Colors 🌈 “Its unique color range is the product of a complex geological history including marine sediments, lake and river movements elevated with the movement of the tectonic plates.” #thankyouwikipedia . . #argentina #norteargentino #noa #nea #jujuy #Salta #quebradadehumahuaca #purmamarca #tilcara #llama #alpaca #quebrada #AmericaLatina #suramerica #latinamerica #southamerica #andes #cordilleradelosandes #puna #altiplano #pampa #salinasgrandes #landscape #travel

A glimpse of Bolivia 🇧🇴

Look who we bumped into on the side of the road 😍🦙

Being high on a mix of joy, gratitude, happiness, thankfulness, and the feeling that I am alive and exactly where I need to be. Living for those moments when I am feeling infinite, and Argentina has gifted me a few of them already! Being in the middle of around 200 km2 of salt at 4096 masl is one of them. Wish I could save those moments up in little jars for those days when I feel like nothing makes sense 🌞

Painting the sky 💙

Northern Argentina is home to the most beautiful villages and landscapes I’ve seen so far 🌞🇦🇷

Stopped the car on the side of the road because I thought I saw a lot of llamas 🦙 , it ended up being a herd of cows 🐮 😅🤷🏼‍♀️

Supermercado 🌞

Really ugly picture, but I’ve been missing this place lately, a lot.⠀ ⠀ “Traveling, she realized, was like a slow dismemberment of the body. It plucked the heart out of her and split it into pieces, leaving a bit behind wherever she went, never to be whole again.”⠀ ⠀ Left pieces of my heart in many countries and cities, but my heart still belongs to Berlin. Always has, always will.

Finally sent out my application for the masters of my dreams today 🙏 in case it doesn’t work out, who wants to join and travel across South America with a van next year? 🚌🌞🇦🇷⛰

The floor is working on the thesis and actually being productive 😅

Going through old pics and realizing that even if I’ll be back in Belgium in 3 (!!!) weeks, it doesn’t mean that my Latin America adventure will be over. Looking forward to be reunited with this chama re copada del caribe real soon! Por más arepas, buena onda y fotos tan chevere cómo esta 💃🏻

Cementario de Maimara, con vista sobre la Paleta del Pintor 👨‍🎨

As a kid I loved to draw houses & pretend I’m an architect and now I’m wondering what it would’ve been like if I had chosen that path. I don’t know much about architectural styles at all but I sure will never get tired of looking at impressive buildings like this one!⠀ ⠀ Also, anyone notices a similarity with a famous German monument? Little tip: it has something to do with horses🐴


The Teatro Colón is considered as one of the 5 finest opera houses in the world. The building of the Teatro Colón started in 1890, and it took 3 architects and 20 years to finish it. The building style is eclectic, which is typical for the end of the 19th/beginning of the 20th century. Eclecticism is a mash-up architectural style, where a single building incorporates a mixture of elements from previous historical styles to create something that is new and original. The theatre was influenced by German, French and Italian Renaissance styles. The more you know 😝

Wondering if I’ll be able to keep up all this blue in my feed once I’ll be leaving Argentina, this country definitely has a very fitting flag and it has been a very welcome change after not seing the color of the sky in China for a few months 🇦🇷💙🌞 #SunOfMay #SolDeMayo

People matching places, Uruguay version 🇺🇾

No make up, blond roots, and some leftovers from breakfast still between my teeth, but a very happy Gigi 😂 I started wearing make-up in middle school, more than 10 years ago, and except one month in 2014, I almost never dared to leave my house without at least some mascara because people would tell me stuff like “you look like you’re sick” or “what’s wrong with you today?”. Once, still in middle school, my mum took my make-up away as a punishment for something stupid I’ve done, but gave it back after a day “because I look better with it”. All those remarks and acne on top of it definitely had a negative impact on my self-confidence. For some reason, laziness probably being a part of it, Buenos Aires helped me overcome the bad feeling of not wearing any make-up, and it feels so liberating. I guess the reason why I’m sharing this is to tell you that no one needs make up to be pretty. It can definitely help to feel more confident, but it’s not a must. Regardless of what society is expecting from women. #thankyouforcomingtomytedtalk


Feels like summer 🏝

Ella es una mezcla de amor y tristeza, de algo que duele pero duele lindo. Buenos Aires es, sin duda, una ciudad difícil de entender. Horacio Ferrer

The cutest little house in my favorite pueblito, Tilcara, Jujuy province. Northern Argentina is a gem and without a doubt the most beautiful place I’ve ever been to 💎 I’m not even gone yet but am already looking forward to come back and discover all the other beautiful and diverse landscapes Argentina has to offer. Maybe I’m getting a bit nostalgic but this country definitely has my heart 🇦🇷 🌞

“Si estamos hechos de historias, que la mía sea por el mundo.” - Back in 2016 three people told me I would love it in Buenos Aires and I wanted to visit ever since. I’m so glad I went for it, without having any idea of what I was getting into, it didn’t take long to fall head over heels with this great city and country! Thank you Anna, Maite & Fede! Hasta luego Argentina, cada segundo fue un placer. Por más chipas y mate re pronto🖤

Argentines and their love for dogs almost got me as well 🐶