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Feat In: Fast Company, Woman’s Day, Black Enterprise Christian, Mom, Wife, Love Coach & Matchmaker for Successful Women Over 40. I Love ✈️ 🏖 💃🏻

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I'll flip shit😍😫

@sav._.243 y'all let me tell u I love this girl so much, she's so freaking amazing and I'm so glad she's my best friend/ sister, she's my partner in crime I always got her back and she always has mine, although we may not be blood sisters or anything but idc she's my favorite little sis I've ever had I love her to death she's always there for me and I'm always gonna be there for her I'm never leaving her side I got your back forever Savannah your always gonna be my "little sister", my partner in crime and I'm always gonna be here for you never forget that Savannah🤞🙏💘

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What a fabulous weekend! Swipe right.👉🏽👉🏽👉🏽 @jenniferharrisnc thank you for allowing me to pour into the relationships of all attendees! You also showed me the power of serving! Continue to be a blessing to women all across the world! #Ideclaregreatnessconference An even bigger blessing was having Ava witness it all.

Sometimes you just have to shake things up! #zumba !

Hey fam! Tomorrow kicks off my event the #SuccessinLoveSummit !!! Woohoo! Pray that every person apart of this event travels safely, their lives are changed radically, they have fun, and all goes according to God’s plan. The Success in Love Summit is specifically for women who want more in their love lives. Realizing that love at the core is fundamental. Discovering what it takes to command self love to real love. Creating a space for two days to step away and concentrate on an area of our lives that we so often overlook. Ladies I recognize your courage, your strength, your transparency. Hugs.-Coach Cass

Listen ladies, unless you are seeking to marry the UberEats or Amazon Prime Guy. Netflix on your couch won’t create or attract the relationship of your dreams. It’s time to take your power back and realizing that faith without works is dead. When’s the last time you’ve been on a date? Where did you meet? Comment below 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽

To everyone that attended the Success in Love Summit. Thank you. Thank you for trusting me with your most intimate thoughts, thank you for your vulnerability and willingness to expand. I honor you and your journey. May you be blessed abundantly in all that you set out to do! We laughed, we cried, we danced... we Broke Through. Congrats to all my WANTED Women. #InspireMany #CoachCass 📸 @shiitookit

Beside every good woman is an amazing man! To imagine just 5 years ago we were partying on the beaches in Mexico with almost 100 of our closest friends and family. Vowing to love, cherish and abide... Recently I held an event for professional women over 40... Babe I want to recognize you for making sure to be present at the Success in Love Summit and for pouring into all the women in attendance. I choose you to speak from the male perspective because you get it, you’ve studied full, and you have an undercover passion for relationships like me. Thank you for serving, pouring, and supporting. You make a difference. I love you! Cheers to the impact we continue to make together. Cheers to the fun... the dancing... the late nights working. Cheers to what’s not on our highlight reel and what is. I honor you for who God has called you to be and you bravely walking in your purpose. Let’s take a small walk down memory lane. Hugs. Swipe. 👉🏽👉🏽👉🏽👉🏽 5 lessons in 5 years: 1. You choose your attitude. 2. Schedule vacations. 3. Listen for the words unsaid 4. Support is an individualized language. 5. Sex is a vital way of connecting in your marriage

Walking into Monday ... Take it slow Decide it’s going to be a fabulous week Put on something that makes you smile Say a prayer. God is good. #issamood @renttherunway

Today was one of those pensive days. Big up to my husband @showupforyourlife who shared a powerful word at tonight’s @calvarychapelhollywoodfl on Before and After. It made me really think how has my life been different before and after my decision to follow Christ. Time to Clean up a bit. Always room for improvement. #workinprogress 📸 @qdotsupreme

😂😂😂😂 How I felt after today’s #realloveworkshop ! Thanks for attending ladies!

Our annual getaway to @blackenterprise ‘s #blackmenxcel ! Awesome connections, good vibes, good times. To all my professional women who want to enhance your love lives, Join is Oct 11th-12th! Link in bio to apply.

Check out what business owner, Shamonia had to say about the impact of the Success in Love Summit. Join us Oct 11-12th in Fort Lauderdale, FL Apply to attend here Link in bio. . . . . . #CoachCass #lovecoach #InspireMany #singlegirlproblems #queenthings #relationships101 #queening #Godlydating #datingover50 #datingtips #datingafterdivorce #DatingCoach #datinglife #femaleentrepreneurs #relationshiptalk #relationship101 #loveadvice #datingover30 #believeinlove #womanceo #LoveVisionChallenge #datingover40 #theglowup #levelup #bossladymindset #lessons4ladies

Watching the news and hearing from friends in the Bahamas and family of friends has been tough. What feels good is that so many orgs are coming together to make impact happen! @unitedwayofbroward is organizing massive donations from the cities, major corporations, the broward schools, bright star credit unions to get to Carnival Cruise lines to the Bahamasssss! 100% of donations going to the need as a result of Dorian. Wondering who else you can give to? Choose United Way of Broward. Text uwbcdorian to 41444 These are a couple pics and videos of some awesome yacht owners making it happen to get items to the Bahamas now. #donations #bahamasstrong #unitedway

Have you ever had a dream... A wish... A desire ... To have the relationship of your dreams? To get over your ex? To love again? To date? To elevate your self-love? Through over a decade of coaching professional women I’ve realized that it all starts with you. Your Choices, Your Blueprint, Your Environment, All affects Your Love Lens. Here’s what Rhonda has to say : “Ladies, just do it! If you have had a dry spell in the relationship area of your life. The Success in Love Summit is where you need to be. I was skeptical and was going to cancel at the last minute, but I'm so glad I didn't believe and act on the thoughts I was thinking. The thoughts of " My time has past for love" or "I will never find that ONE great guy to spend the rest of my life with, because they are all taken" (sound familiar?). The Success in Love Summit taught me that I get exactly what I expect and I expect to be loved and in a fabulous relationship. Make the investment in yourself and get to The Summit. It is an experience you'll never forget. ♥️” Join us

Cuteness overload. Ava teaching her class to pray. Ava making her class take a nap. Dr Ava doing check ups.@Avathetraveller #specialmoments Be cool like Ava Connect with her mama.

Help me wish My Husband Andy a very happy birthday! Say a special prayer that God continues to bless him with a pure heart and intentions. Let me tell y’all about this man we met maybe 15 years ago and he could always be someone you could count on. He is generous and kind. Faithful and family loving. Business minded with a Jesus heart. I give thanks for you everyday that you wake this earth and I am grateful! Happy birthday my love!

Check out new Podcast where I share the top mistakes women make when choosing men on @karenhuntershow ! Karen Hunter is a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist,professor, and publisher. She coauthored New York Times Bestselling books with Janet Jackson, La la Anthony and more! Link in bio. Something about my New York peeps! #goodvibes #KarenHunter #karenhuntershow #InspireMany #CoachCass #relationshipgoals #nyc #writer

Sometimes you just wake up feeling good! A cute dress also helps 🥰😜 . . . . . . 👗 @gwynniebee Hair : @patternbeauty

Ava wanted to show you her play dough elephant. Drop a heart to show love. ❤️

Reminiscing on how powerful last weekend was. Let me tell you it has been on my bucket list to speak at The Women of Color @nationalwomenofcolor Conference. When I received the call my heart leapt! To join the ranks of @janeenu @ginapaigedna @iamreginabelle @thekimhawthorne @karenhuntershow @ngumsuh @samanthareports @seedotjerome and more it was an honor! It was enlightening and encouraging to be in a room of women who genuinely celebrated and sought ways to support each other. So happy to be officially apart of the family. What was also beautiful was the opportunity I received to touch on the wait that Andy and I committed to on the road to marriage. #notforthefaintofheart #powerful Up next Success in Love Summit! October 11th-12th What’s one of your favorite women’s events? #womensupportingwomen #womenhelpingwomen #InspireMany #CoachCass #relationshipcoach #successfulsinglewomen

😂🤣😀😊😜🥰 Why did this have me laugh so hardddd?! For those of you who are late to the party... you can still catch the replay. . Link in bio

You ever stop and just smile. I’m here thinking about how far I’ve come. From Confused to Clarity. Walking in my purpose. Looking forward to tomorrow night. Hanging out with fabulous women like you in my FREE Relationship Masterclass! Did you get your ticket? Grab your spot now. Tag a girlfriend! Link in bio Jewelry: @dazzlingdivasdelights Hair: @patternbeauty day 2: intensive conditioner Face: Jesus

“Do I have to meet a guy online?” When you spend all of your time working and watching television at home, it will be very hard to meet somebody in real life. Why don’t you try giving online dating a chance? With online dating, you may see information about men and from there you can have a chance to see if they are who you are looking for and connecting with. You, as a successful driven woman knows what you really want. Pay a little something in online dating just like what you are doing with business and fitness coaching. I have a free Challenge for you. Visit . . . #CoachCass #lovecoach #InspireMany #singlegirlproblems #queenthings #relationships101 #queening #Godlydating #datingover50 #datingtips #datingafterdivorce #DatingCoach #datinglife #femaleentrepreneurs #relationshiptalk #relationship101 #loveadvice #datingover30 #believeinlove #womanceo #issavibe #datingover40 #theglowup #levelup #bossladymindset #lessons4ladies

Are you trusting your man about your finances? Trusting the man who with money may be a little hard. Especially because of past experiences that you have had before. Let’s connect! I have a free gift for you. Visit . . . . #CoachCass #lovecoach #InspireMany #singlegirlproblems #queenthings #relationships101 #queening #Godlydating #datingover50 #datingtips #datingafterdivorce #DatingCoach #datinglife #femaleentrepreneurs #relationshiptalk #relationship101 #loveadvice #datingover30 #believeinlove #womanceo #LoveVisionChallenge #datingover40 #theglowup #levelup #bossladymindset #lessons4ladies

Join over 100 women tomorrow night at this awesome event in Miami! I will be sharing real deal Holyfield dating and love advice. Head over to Eventbrite and put in Cocktails & Couch conversations!

Who else is happy for the weekend! Rain or shine we are going to have a good time! Join me and over 800 in the #LoveVisionChallenge !!! Designed for Women who Want a Happy and Fulfilling Relationship! Drop a ❤️! Dance on over to link in bio! I don’t own rights to the music

After much prayer and requests ...many late nights and contemplation... it’s finally here. I’ve heard you. “Coach Cass I want to work with you... I want to be connected... I want to enhance my relationships...I want community “ It’s here. A community for driven Women to be supported, encouraged and empowered to attract and maintain the love they fully deserve in their lives. The Real Love Network! Fun. Focused. Fabulousss Just imagine support along your love journey, a place you can vent, be authentically you, accepted and valued, celebrated , uplifted and challenged, check it out. Yassssss #RealLoveNetwork #InspireMany #giantleap #communityovercompetition #WANTEDWomen Prices will go up. Join us now Link in bio Special Bonuses expire tomorrow at midnight. Learn more

What are the things that men really love to hear? It is so important to hear from a man what he thinks of about this topic “what do men love to hear”. That is why Andy, my beloved and supportive husband open-up about this. Watch out for the affirmations that you can tell a man to make him feel like a man and get the love you have always wanted. Ps have you joined the Real Love Network yet? . . . . #CoachCass #lovecoach #InspireMany #singlegirlproblems #queenthings #relationships101 #queening #Godlydating #datingover50 #datingtips #datingafterdivorce #DatingCoach #datinglife #femaleentrepreneurs #relationshiptalk #relationship101 #loveadvice #datingover30 #believeinlove #womanceo #LoveVisionChallenge #datingover40 #theglowup #levelup #bossladymindset #lessons4ladies

When you hold on to your ex, in thought or action, you are messing things up for your next. Don’t block your blessing! It doesn’t matter how many kids you have or don’t have... It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been single... It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve been married or not... All that matters in who you are and the space you’ve created for Love to enter your life. #RealLoveNetwork

Always wanted to meet me in person?? Me tooo! Come this Saturday to the #realloveworkshop !! Specifically for Professional women who want to be in an atmosphere of support, no judgement, and love! Talking all things love and relationships! Register here Link in bio ❤️

Caption this . . . . This is during our last #SuccessinLoveSummit Locker Room conversation with Andy Henriquez. Let me tell you this man is anointed! Get your questions answered... #realtalk From a Man's perspective. . Oct 11th-12th . Apply Today . Intimate Event and spots are going quickly . . . . #CoachCass #lovecoach #InspireMany #singlegirlproblems #queenthings #relationships101 #queening #Godlydating #datingover50 #datingtips #womenunite #DatingCoach #datinglife #femaleentrepreneurs #relationshiptalk #relationship101 #loveadvice #datingover30 #believeinlove #womanceo #issavibe #datingover40 #theglowup #levelup #bossladymindset #lessons4ladies #MatchMaker #LoveVisionChallenge

Please join me on Thursday July 25th where I will be the special guest speaker! Please note that we have moved!! Our new venue is located at Improv U 105 NW 5th Ave Delray Beach, FL 33444 RSVP now. Link in bio